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10 Great Locations to Take Photos Within One Hour of Milwaukee, WI

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As a photographer, finding new locations to shoot is an ongoing process. Whether you're scouting locations for professional shoots or simply looking for new places to take your camera in your free time, it can be difficult to keep coming up with exciting options. Since I bought a DSLR and started looking for places to take pictures around Milwaukee, I've read list after list with the same half a dozen suggestions. I know that many photographers are in the same boat. The following is a round up of 10 of my favorite places a little ways outside of Milwaukee proper that are definitely worth the trip for hobbyist and professional photographers alike.

1) Lion's Den Gorge

Lion's Den Gorge is one of the many gorgeous natural areas along the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan. If you've exhausted the natural areas within Milwaukee, Lion's Den Gorge is a great excuse to explore a little further afield. The 73-acre park spans more than half a mile along the lakefront north of the city, offering spectacular views over the 100-foot bluffs. The park includes trails, bridges, and boardwalks as well as stairs leading down to the lake.

2) Port Washington

Port Washington is right up the road from Lion's Den Gorge, which makes it easy to hit both destinations in a single day. There's plenty to see in Port Washington if you do opt to make it into a separate trip. Located right on the lake, it offers the best of a Lake Michigan waterfront village with a bit of New England charm. The town features a variety of boutiques, specialty food shops, and restaurants as well as two lighthouses.

3) Cedarburg

Cedarburg is well known in the greater Milwaukee area for its year round festival schedule, its unique mix of shops, and the Cedar Creek Winery. The town has worked hard to preserve its classic image. There are ample opportunities for capturing Americana at its best as well as taking long exposures of the multiple waterfalls that wind through the downtown.

Cedarburg - Strawberry Festival 2008

  • Old World Wisconsin
    Outdoor history museum that depicts the lives and times of rural 19th-century pioneers and immigrants with 65 historic buildings, engaging hands-on experiences.

4) Old World Wisconsin

If you live in southeast Wisconsin and you haven't been to Old World Wisconsin, it's worth making the trip at least once. Old World is a great way to learn about the history of the state while spending time outside and getting some great pictures. Experience farm life, artisan handicrafts, food preparation methods, and much more up close and personal in Old World's eight separate villages.

5) Grant Park

Located in South Milwaukee, Grant Park is another fabulous park expanse right on the edge of Lake Michigan. Arguably the park is best known for its Seven Bridges. It's well worth checking out the bridges, but the park has far more to offer beyond them. Among other things, you have to get over to the waterfall where the Oak Creek Parkway intersects with Mill Rd / 6th Ave. While you're down that way, you can explore the extensive southern trails as well.

Grab a few basic tips for long exposure photography before checking out the Grant Park waterfall.

6) Kenosha

Over the past decade, Kenosha has completely revitalized their downtown. From the museums to the restaurants to the shops to the condos, there is so much going on in their old downtown area now. You can check out the Kenosha Public Museum, Dinosaur Discovery Museum, and Civil War Museum. Make sure to head over to the lighthouse while you're down that way, too.

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7) Racine

Many people hear the word Racine and only think of how the lesser neighbor of Kenosha is known for its high crime rates, rough neighborhoods, and poor public schools. They have no idea that Racine offers great, safe places for taking pictures. Like many towns, you just have to be careful about where and when you go out and take pictures. Similar to Kenosha, over the past decade or so, Racine has completely revitalized their downtown. Right along the lake, it offers vibrant shops, restaurants, and beautiful views. While you're in Racine, it's also worth stopping at Wind Point Lighthouse and the Racine Zoo, both minutes from the downtown.

8) Lake Geneva

Many Wisconsinites frequent the Dells and Door County in the summer without considering a visit to Lake Geneva, which is the bigger draw for Chicagoans. While there is nothing wrong with either of these other destinations, Lake Geneva is a mere hour from Milwaukee, making it an easy day trip for taking pictures. Catch a boat ride, walk part of the trail around the lake, and explore the tourist trap downtown.

9) Frame Park / downtown Waukesha

Frame Park is tucked right in next to downtown Waukesha and offers many great options for photographers. From the stone foxes on the north end to the waterfall on the south end, you can easily spend several hours exploring all that Frame Park has to offer. It's great to go in the spring or summer when there are lots of flowers blooming, but the area is beautiful in the fall, too.