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Gond Painting

I love to do artwork and explore the story or theme behind the artwork.


The Gond painting was practiced by the Gond people of Dravidian people in the central part of India. It spreads over the states of Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, and Odisha.

The Gond art is an expression of the belief that "viewing a good image begets good luck." Owing to this belief, Gondi people painted their house walls and floors during festive seasons and marriage. They used to paint their houses with Gond art symbols because these symbols create an optimistic atmosphere in the houses.


In the early part of the '80s of the century, they create paintings on various themes such as traditional songs, oral histories, mythology, and the natural world. They use paper, ink, canvas, silkscreen, etc. to create beautiful paintings.

Themes of Gond Paintings

Gond art is a combination of the culturally unique ethos, ideas from mythology, and daily activities. The fictitious critters and the detailing of flora and fauna are the dominant themes of Gond painting.



Gond artworks are like a collage of dashes and dots. The collage is made of bright images of flora and fauna and folklores. Naturally, the artworks are in black and white but sometimes it is in color.

The Gond paintings don't begin and end with dash and dots. Different hues express the soul's language. The artist fills the ornamental motifs and pattern. This artwork styles define the self-identity and allusiveness of every Gond artist.

Color, Tools, and Techniques

Gond paintings were made of colors derived from natural sources like black from the soil, white from rocks, and yellow from the Narmada Riverbank. For ornamental paintings medium, charcoal, and like are used, and when it comes to painting walls they obtain colors from flowers leaves, and soil.

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For drawing symbols and filling colors in them, they used a handmade bamboo stick brush.

Gond Artworks

Several Gond artworks are widely appreciable. These artworks are made by traditional techniques, styles, and colors. These artworks are

1. Trees of Life

This Gond painting depicts the trees rising from deer's horns. It represents the presence and interdependence among living beings. Harmonious symbols have been used as it brings good luck and peace


2. Painting of Elephant

This artwork is painted by Gond artist Dilip Shyam. It consists of two elephants and seemed to be covered with feathers. It depicts an abstract and allegorical concept.


3. The Marriage of Desire and Intoxication

This painting is made by a traditional Gond painter Ram Singh Urveti. It is based on Gond folktales. It depicts the situation of two lovers who could not marry because of different castes. After death, they were born in the same spots where they died.


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