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19 Free Valentine's Animals Crochet Patterns

I have a passion for anything crochet and love to collect, try out, and share the best free crochet patterns I discover!


Free Valentine's Animals Crochet Patterns!

Valentine's Day would not be Valentine's Day without a stuffed animal of some sort holding a heart! So let's get busy and make our own! These free crochet patterns will bring out your romantic side as you crochet them with love for your significant other. They really are perfect as Valentine's Day gifts. So big or small, cute or fun, get your crochet needle out and make this year's Valentine's perfect for you and your partner!


1 - Teddy bears with a heart

So cute and small! So very Valentiny! These little bears and their hearts will set the perfect tone for your Valentine's Day. Just look at their little faces and cute little bows! Make one for that special someone in your life and they'll be yours forever!

The pattern includes instructions for both the bear and the heart. Because of it's clarity this pattern is suitable for adventurous beginners. The photos with the pattern don't show how the legs look, or how they should be attached, so to see how they will turn out will be a wonderful surprise when crocheting this pattern!


2 - Thun-Style Valentine Bear

It is not a surprise that this article will feature a couple of bears. Bears, hearts and Valentine seem to be intrinsically linked and these Thun-style bears are certainly no exception! I love the contrast dark line on the snout and feet, it gives the amigurumi some character. Feel free to experiment with other colors for body, snout and feet, although the white body and colored appendages give this pattern its crisp modern feel. And give your bear some present to hold! I absolutely love the big sunflower, but perhaps the arms full of hearts feels a little bit more like Valentine's Day. Either way, you'll have a little friend for life!

The pattern is written in Italian, so get your Google Translate going! It includes instructions for the bear, the little flowers and the large sunflower. Instructions for the little hearts are not included, but you could search the web for an alternative or try this easy little heart pattern. When crocheting the bear pattern, make sure to use the right colors. Unfortunately these are not very clearly indicated in the pattern. The Thun-style is achieved by crocheting the last round or the snout and feet in a matching but darker color. This also is not clearly indicated in the pattern. So keep your eyes open and your wits about you when making this bear! The result will absolutely be worth it!


3 - Boofle Dog Valentine

These two dogs are so cute together! You can just feel the love radiating from their faces! The Boofle dog was originally designed by David Blake. This crochet pattern looks similar, it certainly has the same cuteness factor! I love the use of embroidery in this pattern, the little x's for the whiskers and belly button are just darling! And the eyebrows lift up their faces completely! Don't forget to embroider some long eyelashes for the girl dog!

The pattern does not have instructions for the crochet heart, so you can make your favorite pattern or check out this one. The crochet pattern for the dog is pretty straight forward. The doll really comes alive by the added embroidery for the face, toes and fingers. The shaping of the face around the eyes (two sewn on beads) could be a little tricky, but just read the instructions carefully and give it a go! There are two sets of instructions for the tail: one straight and one curly, lovely to have a choice!


4 - Tiny Heart Bears

These little bears are so cute! Just look how they are standing hand in hand with their hearts on their sleeves! I just love their little faces with the embroidered nose and pink cheeks! You can make these bears as a lovely set of Valentine's key chains, or as the bearer (yes, pun intended) for the love note of your significant other!

The pattern is simple and quick to make. The finished doll stands about 4 inches tall. This project is very suitabe for beginners. The pattern includes the instructions for the little heart.


5 - Cu-PIG Valentine

This designer is not only brilliant in coming up with fantastic puns, she also designed this lovely pattern to back them up! This cutie, with his little snout and wings is ready for Valentine's Day! Surprise your loved one with the gift of the impossible flying pig!

The pattern is available as a free download from the Red Heart website (free registration necessary). Instructions are included for special stitches and techniques used. What the photo above doesn't show very clearly is that this cupid pig comes not only with wings and a scarf, but also with bow and arrow! The instructions for all these parts are included in the pattern. Don't forget to add the little embroidery details on the snout and your CuPig is ready to spread the love!


6 - Kitty Saint Valentine's

Strong clean lines and simple elegance are what come to mind when I look at these gorgeous cats. Don't you just love the shape of their bodies and the tilt of their heads? That way they perfectly suit each other and sit close together! The simple understated embroidery of their faces is a perfect match for the modern sleek style of this pattern. Just lovely! These little beauties have been part of very romantic moments in their makers lives: they were part of a wedding and they were a gift with a beautiful ring attached in a super-romantic marriage proposal. So get crocheting and create your own memorable and precious moments!

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The pattern is suitable for beginners, mainly due to it's simple, but elegant, shapes. The instructions for the little dangling hearts in the background are included. If you want to be able to shape the tail in any way you want, consider adding metal wires or pipe cleaners to the tail before sewing it to the body.


7 - Valentine's Bear

The cute expression on this bear's face is priceless. You can't help yourself: you just want to snuggle him! This bear and his big heart is a great gift for your significant other this Valentine's Day! Not quite ready to give your heart away? Maybe give the little bear some flowers to hold or a nice box of chocolate!

The pattern is available as a free Ravelry download (free registration required). The instructions for both the bear and the heart are included. This pattern is very clear and straightforward, making it suitable for beginners. Surprise your loved one with a lovely crocheted bear this Valentine's Day!


8 - Valentine Love Bunny

So cute and so fun! These little Valentine love bunnies are just adorable! Mix and match any colors of bunnies and hearts and make them for all your favorite people! I just love the little arms and hands holding out the heart. As a nice bonus for Easter the designer has also included instructions for an Easter egg (with bow!). This way you can use the bunny twice this year! Head on over to the website for color inspiration and, ofcourse, the pattern!

The pattern is available as a free Ravelry download (after free registration). Just click through to the Ravelry website from the French designers website. The instructions are very detailed and feature lots of photos. Even though the arms might be a little tricky, this pattern is very suitable for beginners! The bunny, including the arms and ears, is crocheted in one single piece: no sewing required! The pattern includes instructions for both the bunny, it's little heart ánd an Easter egg! So pick your favorite colors and get busy!


9 - Love Monkey

Ah, just look at this little face! What a cutie! This monkey is all ready to celebrate a very romantic Valentine's Day! His smile is as big as his heart and his ears are adorable! And don't forget his tail! If you put some metal wire in there (or something like a pipecleaner) you could shape it like a heart as well! Double the romance with the same cute amigurumi love monkey doll!

The pattern requires some special stitches and techniques (all of which are clearly explained). Instructions for both the monkey and the heart belly are included. You can make his smile as wide or as cheeky as you want. And maybe give the little rascal some flowers to hold!


10 - Funny Love Bunny

With it's arms stretched out wide and it's big smiley face, this bunny is ready to be your Valentine friend! I just love the idea of contrasting colors for the "hands", "feet" and ears. And the matching fabric heart just finishes this amigurumi doll of perfectly. You could also embellish your bunny with a lovely heart button (I particularly love to use these ones: they are a gorgeous shade of red and come in many sizes!!). Who's ready for some Valentine snuggles? This love bunny certainly is!

The pattern is available in several languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian. The finished bunny (depending on the size of your yarn) stands about 21 cm (4.75") tall and is assembled from nine crocheted pieces. The pattern uses most of the amigurumi basics (such as single crochet, increasing and decreasing) and is therefore suitable for beginners.


11 - Mishto The Valentine Cat!

So simple and elegant and yet so cute! Inspired by Pusheen the cat, the designer came up with this pattern that she named "Mishto". She says on her website that Mishto is só easy to crochet that it is impossible not to do it right away! Embellish these little cats with a felt heart and they are ready for Valentine's Day! And don't forget to embroider their lovely faces - I just love the pink noses and smiles!

The pattern is very suitable for beginners. The instructions are very clear and come with many photos for extra clarification. One of the great things about this pattern is that you don't have to sew on any limbs! You may want to weigh down the bottom with some rice, beans or plastic pellets (these latter are better because they don't rot! I always use these non-toxic, washable pellets, they work perfectly!) to weigh down your doll so it can stand up by itself. Should you have any difficulty with crocheting these cuties, check out the video below (in Spanish) of the designer herself!


12 - Hearty Giraffe

Now here's an animal you wouldn't automatically associate with Valentine's Day! Meet the hearty giraffe! I love this color scheme (white, pink, red), but on the website you can also admire the white, pink and purple giraffe that is equally cute! So pick your favorite colors (perhaps your school or team colors?) and make this cutie for your favorite person! I particularly love the fact that the heart is part of the crocheted body - a technique called "fair isle crochet". This technique might be a little daunting for beginners, so you can also choose to crochet the body all in white and attach a separately crochet heart applique to its belly. Or a flower! Or a butterfly! Or embroider the name of the recipient. The choice is yours!

The pattern is very clear and features many work-in-progress photos. In my opinion the stripey arms and legs would be even better if the color changes had been invisible. Don't know that technique? Check out the video below!


13 - Prince Charming Frog

We all have to kiss many frogs before we find our Prince Charming. Are you still looking for yours? Why not crochet your own! This little cutie is certainly not too ugly to kiss: you never know! This frog is so cute with its lovely smile, adorable crown and big heart. The perfect gift for that person that is still searching for their Prince!

The pattern is available as a free download (after free registration on the website). Instructions are included for the frog, the crown and the heart. It might be fun to add some metal wires (or pipecleaners) to the arms and legs so you can position the frog any way you want to!


14 - Sweetheart Bunny

Danger: Cuteness Overload! This bunny is adorable! From its perfect little bow to its dainty little feet this bunny is snuggle ready! This little sweetie with her dainty heart and pretty bow will warm your heart! I absolutely love the itty bitty snout - so delicately embroidered on a little piece of felt! And ofcourse her little outfit is just perfect! Who wouldn't want to wear a pink heart dress on Valentine's Day!

The pattern is very clear and offers links for further instructions should you have difficulty with certain parts. The dress is made as a solid piece (with a bottom, so you could choose to add plastic pellets to weigh it down). Instructions for the little heart (and a video!) and the little bow are included!


15 - Valentine Bears

Lovely little Valentine bears in an unusual color scheme! I love the stark contrast between the red head and the white snout and ears. And the finishing touches of the lacy bow, the delicately embroidered nose and, ofcourse, the felt heart are just perfect. What more could you possibly want from a Valentine bear? Perhaps a Valentine bear cupid? That is what this designer also thought, so check out the webpage to find that cutie!

The pattern is written in Russian, and on the designer's website twelve more bear patterns are provided (though most with schematics). You can choose to make your favorite!


16 - Love Puppy

We're headed into cuteness overload again. I just love these little amigurumi animals! They are so cute. And this little love puppy is no exception. Just look at its little face and adorable pink cheeks! I love that the color change of the face is incorporated in the pattern itself. It gives this little critter some character! The light blue color is very sweet and a great contrast with the red heart, but feel free to experiment with other color combinations! And head over to the designer's website for some even cuter photos of this little puppy doll sitting in all sorts of things. Adorbs!

The pattern is available in Spanish and English. The pattern is fairly simple, although you need to read it carefully to follow along with the color changes in the face. Many photos are provided for extra clarification, especially for the detailed work of the embroidery of the snout. Instructions for the little heart are also included.


17 - Valentine Teddy Bears

Such a cute idea! These little heart-shaped feet give that extra Valentine's Day feeling we're all looking for! And the combination with the teddy bear holding a heart pillow is precious. Can you feel the love? With this bear on Valentine's Day you certainly can!

The pattern is very clear. You do need to read the part about the legs carefully in order to get the heart-shaped feet to keep their shape well. When sitting, the bear is about 7 to 8 inches tall. The designer also provides links for the bunny and the (normal footed) bear this pattern was based on, as well as a spectacular wardrobe for both! She also provides video tutorials for the difficult parts. The head and body are worked in one piece. The instructions for the little heart pillow are provided.


18 - Palm-Sized Pachyderm

Like me, the designer just loves elephants. So why not make them for Valentine's Day? With their adorable little trunks they hold their heart-shaped balloons, ready to give to their loved ones. The embellishments on these little elephants are simple and effective: just embroidered eyes.

The pattern is clear and for an amigurumi doll of this small size works up quickly. Experiment with different colors for the elephant and with different color combinations for the balloon heart! Unfortunately the pattern doesn't include instructions to make those cute balloon hearts, but you can check out this website for further instructions and ideas! Just add a metal wire and hey presto!


19 - Puppy Heart

This cute amigurumi is more heart than dog, but that is just perfect for Valentine's Day! I love the little eye patch and the way he clings to the heart with his paws and head! He really really really want you to have a great Valentine's! You can choose to embroider his nose rather than use a safety nose, but there is something very cute about a shiny dog's nose! Check out these if you want to go the plastic nose way: I always use them when I want my dog's nose to shine! They have them in all sorts of colors (even pink and red: perfect for Valentine's Day!), so you can experiment to find the look you love best.

The pattern is written in Russian (you will need the Google Translate button!). It features many photos, so hopefully you will be able to figure it out. The crochet parts themselves are not very complicated. The hands and feet are mainly shaped by the black embroidery for the fingers and toes. And ofcourse you don't have to embroider your heart in Russian, well unless you want to... Pick a suitable sentiment, or maybe the name of your loved one and you'll have a Valentine's Day present they will not likely forget!

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