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Free Thread Crochet Patterns - Antique, Vintage and Contemporary

Crochet Rose Potholder

Crochet Rose Potholder done in size 10 crochet thread.

Crochet Rose Potholder done in size 10 crochet thread.

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Antique Patterns

Recently, I came across some lovely vintagepotholder patterns. I was absolutely amazed at how many free vintage potholder patterns there are posted all over the internet. It seems that pre-1960 potholders made from crochet thread were very popular. Not only are the patterns sought out but also actual vintage potholder seem to sell well online.

The vintage potholders featuring a rose in the center is one of my favorites. The photo I have here is from a site where the designer used the vintage potholders as inspiration for this modified design. This pattern can be found at at Best Free Crochet..

One of the things I noticed about vintage thread crochet is that there are tons of patterns available that are public domain. In other words, these patterns are no longer or never were under the protection of copyright laws. Sadly, there are some who sell copies of these patterns to people who don't realize the patterns can be found on free sites.

There are many crochet artists who specialize in finding vintage patterns. One wonderful site where you can find all types of vintage pattern collections is the Antique Pattern Library ( To use this site, you need Adobe Reader in order to download the individual or collection of patterns. There are patterns were originally published worldwide ranging from U.S. to Germany to France and more, Many are from late 1800's. The patterns here range from silk emboridery, to crochet, to knitting, to tatting. Just about any kind of needlework patterns can be found here. The site is dedicated to either rewriting them to make them more palatable for today's artists or restoring the yellowed booklets and making them available online. These ladies have compiled antique lace patterns that are absolutely exquisite.

Vintage Crochet Thread Patterns

Free Vintage Crochet is a site packed full with vintage crochet patterns. Here you can find is just about anything that can be made using the crochet. There are lovely doll patterns, mittens, pillows, potholders, skirts and more. The home page states that all copyrights have passed into public domain. So you have freedom to share these patterns with your friends, sell items made from them and make copies. This site also gives the option to purchase a digitally restored ebook for patterns listed here. Even if you don't want to use the patterns, you can use these ideas to create your own patterns

Old Fashioned Potholder


Contemporary Crochet Thread Patterns

I made the potholder in the photo above. It is based on a pattern found at my little kitchen . A blog where the creator tells how she was taught to crochet using a similar pattern. I love this pattern and changed it from clusters of two dc's to single dc's for my own convenience.

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I've got a lovely little crochet thread pattern for a doll dress here. This dress will fit a 5 inch tall Berenguer Itty Baby doll.

Crochet Memories has a wonderful selection of patterns though these are for sale. But she does have any beautiful free patterns available as well. I mention this website because the owner and creator, Cylinda Mathews has some of the most user friendly patterns I have come across. As many crocheters know, we often come upon patterns that are extremely frustrating to figure out. There is nothing worse than being well into a pattern only to find the instructions seem to make no sense. What I love about her patterns is they are very easy to follow. I've made several items from her patterns and never have a problem figuring out the directions. The heart doily in the photo below of the hearts doily is from one of Cylinda's crochet-a-long projects and can be found at, If you are into a more contemporary form of thread crochet, you should definitely check out her website. She writes most of the patterns featured there. I have made several items from her patterns.

Crochet-A-Long Hearts Doily


If you have found these sites interesting, you may want to continue searching for patterns in this vein. There are so manyof them, that you can find yourself doing more searching than crocheting!

Happy Crocheting!!

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Veronica Lewis (author) from Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania on February 23, 2012:

I have been doing so much thread crochet that it is now awkward for me to use worsted weight. It feels so large and bulky in my hands. But I'm going to try a thicker cotton so it doesn't take so long to make kitchen linen. Thanks for commenting!

Helena Reimer on February 23, 2012:

The potholder is very pretty. I keep telling myself that I want to do more thread crochet, but I just never get around to it. Thank you for the inspiration. :)

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