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Free Patterns For Knitting Fingerless Gloves

What Are Fingerless Gloves?

What are fingerless gloves? Fingerless gloves are gloves that are made without fingers. If there is an opening, but no covering for each finger and thumb, then it is called a fingerless glove. What is the purpose of fingerless gloves? Hmm not sure exactly But they sure are cute. It is certain that they don't keep your fingers warm. Basically they keep your hands warm but your fingers are free to type or text.. Fingerless gloves are useful in cases where dexterity is needed. Have you ever tried to text or type with gloves on? I am not really sure if that is the purpose, but it makes sense to me.

Knitting fingerless gloves is a quick and fun knitting project. They are very stylish..And they are sure to make a great gift..

Sometimes when it's cold outside, it's also cold inside. If you live or work with people who like it cooler than you do, or if you have chronically cold hands, you need a good pair of fingerless gloves.

Fingerless gloves are great when driving as well, they keep your hands off of the freezing steering will, but because the thumb is free you are still able to hold on to it with out your hands slipping all over . In other words you are still able to keep a grip on the steering wheel.

These gloves allow you to use all your fingers with ease but still keep the palm of your hand and your thumb warm while you're working. Made from a soft, warm wool, these mitts will keep your hands cozy all day long.

Fingerless Gloves

Belle Ruffle FingerLess Gloves

Neo-Victorian inspired ruffled fingerless gloves. Each glove features three buttons and a delicate bell ruffle.

This is one of the most classic and elegant looking knit fingerless gloves patterns I have ever seen. The Belle Ruffle Gloves are knit mostly in the round and feature buttons and a delicate bell-shaped ruffle. You'll feel like royalty as soon as you try them on for the first time!

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How to knit close fitting fingerless gloves

The designer created this pattern for knit fingerless gloves after making many pairs using patterns different patterns that were out there, but finding none that "hug" your hand.

By adding a thumb wrap and using a seed stitch for the top portion of the pattern, these really fit like a glove.

The pattern is free from plzsendchocolate: How to knit close fitting gloves

Great For Beginners...Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves


Fingerless Gloves with matching Scarf

  • Montgomery Fingerless Mitts by Megan Goodacre
    These fingerless mitts are a good project for the beginner knitter who wants to try knitting in the round, or for the experienced knitter who needs a quick knit. The mitts are worked from the cuff up. The row of eyelets at the cuff, thumb, and palm a

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