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20 Free Halloween Spider Crochet Patterns

I have a passion for anything crochet and love to collect, try out, and share the best free crochet patterns I discover!


Halloween surely is nót complete without its scary creepy crawly spiders! And the best kind of spider is a crocheted one! Crochet these FREE patterns for a super-spidery Halloween and creep out your family and friends! Use them as decoration or gifts. Or make the cute ones for yourself. They are certain to give great cuddles with all those eight arms!


1 - Mr. Creeper the Spider

Mister Creeper is a cute and also quite scary looking spider! I think it's the beady black eyes and the little fangs that make you look twice to make sure he's only made from yarn. All in all the perfect addition to your Halloween decor!

The pattern is very clear and works up quickly. Except perhaps for áll those legs!


2 - Realistic Spider

This project is a cross between crocheting and knitting (and construction, if you count using wire). The spider’s body is crocheted in one piece and the legs are knitted. If knitting really isn't your thing you can also use black pipe cleaners!

This challenging pattern requires a lot of patience and dedication, but is all worth it.


3 - Spider Finger Puppet

Why? Because we all need more finger puppets in our lives! And this spider finger puppet is very cute with its big eyes and floppy legs. Make one for every finger and have yourself a little spider finger puppet ballet!

The pattern has many photos and is very detailed and clear.


4 - Spider in Jar

For those of us who are really too scared of spiders to even let their crocheted cuteness go free, this pattern is a great solution! Not only is the spider really cute, but it is also safely secured in a glass jar. It's like having the best of both worlds!

The pattern is really simple and has some great decorating ideas.


5 - Fanged Spider

This little spider is extra scary with its red beady eyes and cool fangs. Make a whole spider family and let them crawl everywhere in your Halloween home!

The pattern is very clear. The finished spider is about 4.5 inches in diameter.


6 - Two Sizes of Spiders

No Halloween display is complete without a small army of fearsome (and yet adorably googly) Spiders! Make them in two sizes and decorate your Halloween home!

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This pattern includes two sizes of spiders for your crocheting pleasure.


7 - Spider Cupcake

This cupcake spider pattern is only for the bravest of Halloween cupcake fans! Despite the legs and the red eyes, this is still a pattern to sink your teeth into!

The pattern is very clear and can be downloaded from the Ravelry website. It has instructions for the spider cupcake and 7 other Halloween themed crochet cupcakes!


8 - Spiders Climbing Walls

Don't you just lóve spiders with long spindly legs?? No? How about a whole herd of them all over your walls? Create an atmosphere of creepiness with big spiders decorating your walls. They can be made quickly with crocheted bodies and long pipecleaner legs.

The pattern is clear and easy, you'll have a lot of them crawling around in no time!


9 - Aragog Spider

We all know that the hairy spiders with the hairy legs are the scariest! So make sure to crochet this awesome Aragog spider with a hairy yarn and have a truly spooky Halloween! Want it to be less spooky? Make it in pink!

The pattern works up very quickly, so you'll have these hairy Aragogs crawling around in no time!


10 - Curly Legged Spider

You can work up this crochet spider pattern in no time at all. They will add such a cute touch to your Halloween decor … prop them on a counter, place them around your table, or hang them in the doorway to delight your little ghouls and goblins!

The pattern is very clear and works up quickly. A link to a free spider web pattern is also provided.


11 - Frightening Spider Coasters

These DIY Crochet Halloween Spider Coasters are a great way to decorate your table or office space. Make some extras to share around the office or use them as neighbourly gifts.

The pattern is very easy and clear, ánd features glue on googly eyes - what more could we possibly want?


12 - Spooky String of Spiders

Usually Halloween is all orange and black, and perhaps some purple, but lets have some fun and be a little bit more colorful! Make these little adorable spiders in all the colors of the rainbow and hang them of your mantle (or of ánything) from their own little webs!

The pattern is spookily easy and very suited for beginners!


13 - Halloween Spider Candy Dish

This amazing spider candy dish is perfect for scaring the kids away from your candy! It will certainly be the talk of your party! The buggy eyes and big legs make this dish the centerpiece of your Halloween decorations!

The pattern is great for a beginner and is very clear.


14 - Cross Spider

Another very cute spider pattern! I really like the two tone approach. Ánd it features a cross on its body and a cute little face. And with all those legs it looks like it constantly wants to give you a big Halloween hug!

The pattern is available in both Danish and English, so no need for Google Translate!


15 - Tiny Crochet Spider

Look at this cute little spider with its beautiful blue eyes! How could you possibly resist making him for Halloween? He's more of the cuddly than scary variety, and will be your Halloween buddy for life!

The pattern is very clear. This spooky little spider is fast and easy to make.


16 - Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy bitsy spider is a cute and simple applique spider! It's a great way of putting more googly eyes on things - as if we need any excuse! Pop them on your fridge, on a card, gift tag or any thing else and enjoy the cuteness that ensues!

The pattern is very simple. Make them with a lot of eyes in a lot of colors!


17 - Spider In Web

Making this spider will take a lot of crocheting ánd crafting skills! All those legs can be fiddly to attach.

The pattern is easy to crochet. After the crocheting part the true crafting begins! The legs are curled and stiffened with glue so the spider actually will hang from the web by its paws!


18 - Halloween Spider Magnet

What is small, has a half crooked smile and will live on your fridge this Halloween? Right! This little cute guy! Make a lot of them and cover your fridge!

The pattern can be downloaded from the Lion Brand website after free registration.


19 - Wreath Spider

This cute little red eyed spider is really just a decoration on a fantastic Halloween wreath featuring a black cat. But even on its own it will bring the Halloween spirit like nothing else!

The pattern includes instructions for the wreath, the black cat ánd the spider!


20 - Chester the Spider

This spider looks way too happy to be scary! Put this cute little spider and his neat little web in any room to add to your holiday decorations! Finished decoration size: approximately 21 inches across.

The pattern is very clear and includes instructions for Chesters web!

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