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14 Free Easter Bunny Crochet Patterns

I have a passion for anything crochet and love to collect, try out, and share the best free crochet patterns I discover!


Free Easter Bunny Crochet Patterns

Crocheting for Easter is so much fun! I mean, how cute are Easter bunnies? An adorable crochet bunny will put a smile on anyone's face and stuffed animal bunnies of all sizes make great gifts for little ones. This article lists cute and special Easter bunny crochet patterns and the best part is that they are all completely free! So get out your crochet hooks and spruce up your Easter holiday decorations with a crocheted bunny!


1 - Harvey Thumper

I couldn't believe my eyes: this gorgeous crochet pattern is absolutely free! Harvey Thumper is the ultimate classic Easter bunny, complete with basket and eggs. I love his perfect little snout and his big rabbit feet! He is one classy bunny in that giant bow tie! He is made with jointed limbs, so he can sit ánd stand! With his little basket filled with colorful eggs (instructions included in the pattern) he will spread some Easter cheer!

The finished bunny is approximately 8.5” (21.5cm) tall, ears included.


2 - Amigurumi Bunnies

Want to keep it simple this year? These little amigurumi Easter bunnies will be done in no time! The pattern is very simple and clearly explained, so this project is suitable for beginners. I love the sleek simplicity of this design and the subtle embroidery of the bunny's face! Since they work up so quickly, make one in every color!

Tip: Because of the size of these bunnies, they are perfect to make into keychains, bag hangers or rearview-mirror hangers!


3 - Bow Tie Bunny

This sweet bunny will steal your heart this Easter. His stylish bow tie and fabric add-ons make for truly elegant festivities. This bunny is ready to hide those chocolate eggs using his little basket (instructions included). He is made of classic amigurumi shapes, making this a perfect project for beginners. You can choose to leave out the fabric pieces of his ears and heart, or perhaps crochet them instead. The pattern is originally written in Dutch, but an English translation is provided, along with helpful photos of the creation process.


4 - Easy Crochet Bunny

I love these colorful bunnies. They are really easy to make, so get your crochet hook out beginners! I really like their striped ears in coordinating colors with their bellies. Go for a bold and vibrant color scheme or for a more muted look. You can personalize these Easter bunnies in every way you want! And their little snouts are just darling!

Tip: These little Easter bunnies are a great way to destash your leftover yarn!


5 - Ragdoll Bunny

Sweet and elegant: this ragdoll Easter bunny has it all. I love she is crocheted in soft pastel colors. From the little flowers near her ear to the big daisy pattern on her dress she is sheer perfection! Spring and Easter have never looked so cute! The pattern is not complicated, but it has a lot of separate pieces, so there is a lot of sewing, attaching and assembling required. The finished bunny measures approximately 20.5 inches (53 centimeters) from top of the ears to the bottom of her legs and 16 inches (40 centimeters) from arm to arm.


6 - Minimalist Bunny

This Easter bunny will appeal to the modern minimalists among us. Sleek simple lines combined with effective design give a sophisticated look to this amigurumi! And a dash of playfulness is added by its cute pompom tail! The pattern is written in Dutch (remember: Google Translate is your friend). Fortunately it is not very complicated, so don't let the language barrier deter you from making this cool design!

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7 - Lily The Easter Doll

Perhaps it is a little cheeky of me to include this doll in this Easter bunny list, but I couldn't resist! Just look at her! Her name is Lily and she assists the Easter bunny by hopping from yard to yard to hide delicious Easter eggs. She looks so cute in her bunny outfit and sweet little egg basket (pattern included)! I just love the little egg on the front of her dress. Ánd: you can take off her bunny ears hat and have a regular doll, so this pattern is very versatile!


8 - Low Calorie Chocolate Bunny

I love those yummy chocolate bunnies, but I really shouldn't eat too much sugar. So why not crochet one! This chocolate Easter bunny is completely guilt- and calorie-free and still brings the Easter cheer to your home. Making this bunny is an exercise in shaping amigurumis. It can be quite a challenge to follow along with the increases and decreases given in the instructions, so this pattern is not really suitable for beginners. Depending on thickness of the yarn you use, your bunny will stand between 7 and 8 inches tall (18-20 centimeters).


9 - Boxy Easter Bunny

Cute, simple and boxy! This sweet little amigurumi Easter bunny is looking a bit sad, but I'm sure you'll be able to cheer her up! She's dressed for a classy Easter in her little green-trimmed skirt. Her little arms are just waiting to hold a tasty Easter egg!

These cute bunnies are great for using up small amounts of yarn you have laying around and they work up quickly. When made with worsted weight yarn they will be about 6 inches tall (15 centimeters).


10 - Jelly Belly Bunny

Meet Jelly Belly Bunny! With her round pink belly is is ready to visit your home for Easter! Her designer describes her as "the Easter Bunny’s awkward sister" and warns us that despite her sweet and innocent looking face this little cutie will eat all the candy before anyone else gets a chance. Despite that she’s so much fun to have around, but you’ll probably need go out to get more chocolate eggs. All finished she stands about 8 inches tall (20 centimeters), including her ears!


11 - Spiral Easter Bunny

This bunny with his spiral arms and legs is the perfect addition to your Easter decorations. Hang him by a hook on the back of his head or sit him on a shelf or mantel: No matter how you display this Easter bunny, he will look adorable. This bow tied cutie will take about one skein of yarn to make. Even though it doesn't show well in the photo, but this little bunny has three dimensional cheeks and snout. Fold over his ears or keep them straight up: It's up to you!


12 - Baby Easter Bunny

Pink apple cheeked and with the perfect bow this little baby Easter bunny is a little shy. Designed in the adorable kawaii-style this amigurumi brings the cute to the Easter festivities! Give her an enormous Easter egg to stand next to or a teeny tiny little egg basket to hold and Easter will go into cutesness overload this year.

The pattern is very clear and includes a lot of photos making this project perfect for beginners. This bunny may be small in size, but she'll have a big place in your heart!


13 - Easter Bunny Family

This Easter bunny family are called the "Traveling Tu family", including PapaTu (daddy rabbit in purple), MamaTu (mommy rabbit in blue), Tutu (big brother bunny, in white) and Toto (baby sister bunny, in pink). They like to hop out of their carrot home and enjoy a nice sunny day, while munching on yummy carrots! Their carrot house actually consists of two pieces (inner and outer) that function as a box.

The pattern includes instructions for all the elements you see in the photo: the bunnies themselves (ofcourse), their carrot home with all the trimmings and even the little carrot lying on the ground.


14 - Snuggly Easter Bunny Pillows

These snuggly bunny pillows are part amigurumi, part home decor, and áll ready for Easter! They are the perfect size to cuddle and their cute faces will brighten up any room and add a whimsical touch to your Easter decorations! The bunny pillows are made in super chunky t-shirt yarn, so they work up quickly and are the perfect project for beginners. I love this yarn and have used it a lot for more chunky sized crochet pieces. It is easy to crochet with and comes in gorgeous vibrant colors.

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