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Free Cross Stitch Patterns Online

I have been stitching for most of my life and have created many patterns for this form of needle art.

Beautiful examples of the variety of patterns you can find free online.

Beautiful examples of the variety of patterns you can find free online.

Cross Stitch

Cross stitching has been around for ages and there is a very good reason why. It is a relaxing and rewarding hobby. There are many uses for the cross stitching finished product. you can embellish clothing for a one of a kind outfit. It can also be used for decorating pillows, bedding, towels, curtains, wall hangings, pictures and so many more items.

That said, it is also an inexpensive craft. The supplies required are few and purchased over a period of time the cost is very low. Think about it, the aida cloth or waste canvas you would use is reasonable. The cost of the floss and beads you use to embellish your piece can be very low if you spread the purchases over time. Patterns can be purchased and used over and over. Even better is when you are able to obtain these patterns free of charge.

That's why I am writing this piece. There are quite a few places on line where you can get beautiful patterns online for free. I have been doing this myself for years and have decided to pass on some of my favorite free patterns sites. I am including my top ten however there are many good websites out there.

Here are examples of some great border patterns.

Here are examples of some great border patterns.

My Top Ten Free Pattern Website Picks


This website has many beautiful free cross stitch patterns to choose from. The variety of selections is impressive. The person who hosts this website is doing a "Pay it Forward". My understanding is that she is doing this to thank all of those who have provided free patterns for cross stitching in the past. I think this is a great idea. Take a look at this website you will love the selection.


They have a great selection of holiday patterns on this website. These patterns can be used for onraments, wall hangings, pillows, decorative embellishments, clothing embellishments and more. They also offer an impressive number of alphabets (43), along with stenciled letters and the greek alphabet. There are many other selections, there is something for everyone.


This website tells you up front the level of expertise needed for each pattern along with the stitch size (ex. 48 x 97) and number of colors you need for each piece. They offer over 89 free cross stitch patterns including: animals, floral and mics., religious, kids designs, marine life and motif.


They have a large selection of free patterns ranging from beginners to advanced levels. One of my favorites is an adorable holiday number pattern that would make an eye-catching advent calander or wll hanging. There are over 170 free cross stitch patterns available to the members of EMS Cross Stitch Board. This is free to join and has many perks. It basically is a community membership which helps you with any questions or problems, ideas and more. Check it out.


They have a very large selection of free patterns available to their members. It is free to join and you will be glad you did. The selection is tremendous and the help you get is invaluable. Their main selections are:accessories, childrens corner, from the garden, home décor, special occasions and wearables. Under accessories they have:bookmarks, décor, and gifts. Under décor they offer:desk accessories, coasters, kitchen towels and many more items. This is truly a one stop free pattern website.


This site seems to tend towards the folk art look. It has some beautiful patterns in the style that you don't offer find offered for free. They have a great selection of letter pieces with the letter done in different script with a picture of an item starting with that particular letter. It's worth a look. They also have patterns for seasonal, holiday, flowers, hearts, months of the years and more.

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They have a nice selection of free patterns including sayings, snowflakes, cross stitch quilt block patterns, canceer awareness, holiday and more.


This site has a wonderful selection of birds, flowers, butterflies and southwest design in their free pattern section. The birds alone are worth a look.


They have many selections in their many catagories. They offer the following catagories of free patterns:alphabet, animals, borders, flags, food and kitchen, holidays, insects, lighthouses, motifs, people, plants and flowers, quilt blocks, samples, sayings, school, seasons, sports, state quarters and vehicles. They have one of the most complete selections of free patterns that I have ever seen.


I love this site. They have some free patterns available to the general public and an abundant collection available to members only. It is free to join the DMC club and well worth it. They have patterns for all levels from beginner to expert. They also have broken down their patterns selections into catagories according to floss type. They offer patterns for the following flosses:cotton embroidery floss, satin floss, light effects floss, color variation floss, linen floss, pearl floss and pearl floss variations.

So, gather up your supplies and get busy stitching.

So, gather up your supplies and get busy stitching.

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Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on July 18, 2011:

Jenny Rose, I love to cross stitch also. It's so relaxing. Thanks for reading.

Jenny Rose from Northeast USA on July 12, 2011:

Great sites, I LOVE to cross stitch, thanks for the info, a great addition to all my books

Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on February 08, 2011:

Patricia, cross stitching is one of those things that I could spent hours doing and feel like I could spend hours more at it. The patterns on these sights are terrific.

Patricia Rae from Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada on February 07, 2011:

I love doing cross-stitch. I'll definitely checking out these sites.

Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on January 03, 2011:

Thanks, craftybegonia. I love cross stitch and use many of these sites.

craftybegonia from Southwestern, United States on January 03, 2011:

Very nice hub, nicely researched.

Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on December 06, 2010:

Seeker7, there are some great patterns on these sites. I'm sure you will find some that are just perfect for you. I find cross stitching very relaxing.

Helen Murphy Howell from Fife, Scotland on December 06, 2010:


I love cross-stitch among other crafts. I am used to working with full kits. However I think the idea of a free pattern and then gathering your own materials, for me, might make the project more personal and even more interesting? I'd love to give it a try and your suggestions are superb.

Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on November 29, 2010:

Avamum, I think it's wonderful that you have cross stitched a stocking for each child. Congratulations on your new little baby girl. I am sure you will find a pattern that will be just perfect for her.

Sarita Harbour from Yellowknife, Canada on November 28, 2010:

I'm going to check these sites out - I have a new baby and she will need her own Christmas stocking - for next year...hmm..or the year after! I cross-stitched a stocking for each of my boys when they were babies - it took a long time but well worth it. Thanks for the great hub!

Susan Hazelton (author) from Northern New York on July 19, 2010:

I am sure you will be able to find a pattern on one of these sites that you just can resist. I love to cross stitch but sadly have a hard time finding time to do much of it. Thanks, Angela, for stopping in and for your comment.

Angela Harris from Around the USA on July 19, 2010:

Great information! I have always wanted to learn cross stitch, but there never seems to be enough time in the day. Maybe with these sites, I'll give it a go.

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