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Crochet Man's Bills and Phone Purse Free Pattern


Table of Contents:

  • Required Skill
  • Measurements
  • Materials and Tools
  • Notes
  • Abbreviation
  • Written Pattern
  • Chart Pattern
  • How to Apply the Zipper
  • Blocking (Video)

With my husband always demanding crocheted accessories for himself, I am constantly faced with the challenge of discovering masculine stitch patterns.

This purse for his bills and phone is one of those stitch patterns I created to answer the challenge. I never thought that crisscrossing sc's would produce such manly texture.

Worked sideways in chocolate brown mercerized crochet cotton with a zipper for closure, my husband loves this purse so much!

I wanted to name this after my husband, but since he was named after a man that gave the world so much horror (husband's name: Hitler), I decided to just give it a generic name.

I am so loving this texture!

I am so loving this texture!


Using mercerized crochet cotton and #7 steel hook, these are the vital statistics of this purse.

Length: 3 in

Width: 5.5 in

Gauge: 12 stiches and 11 rows per in

Required Skills:

  • Working on both sides of the chain
  • Working in rows back and forth
  • Crisscrossing sc's
  • Slip-stitching adjacent back loops of a folded sc-row
  • Applying a zipper
  • Blocking


This stitch pattern tends to shorten the length of the foundation chain because of the crisscrossing way the sc's are worked.

If you plan to modify this pattern, make sure to crochet a swatch first.

Materials and Tools:

  • Mercerized crochet cotton
  • #7 (1.65mm) steel hook
  • 6-in YKK zipper (or longer)
  • Sewing pins, needle and thread


  • Ch - chain
  • Sc - single crochet
  • Sk - skip
  • Sl st - slip stitch

Written Pattern:

Foundation Chain: Ch 37.

Row 1: Sc on the second ch from hook, 34 sc, 2sc on the remaining ch, (begin work on the other side of the chain) 35 sc, ch 1, TURN. Stitch count: 72 sc

Row 2: Sk the first sc, sc, sc on the sc just skipped, (sk the next sc, sc, sc on the sc just skipped) 35x, ch 1, TURN. Stitch count: 72 sc or 36 pairs of criss-crossed sc's.

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Repeat Row 2 44 times.

Closing the other side: Sl st adjacent back loops of the sc's in the last row. Stitch count: 36 sl sts.

Break off and weave in ends.

The following chart pattern is NOT an actual representation of the written pattern.

It only serves as an illustration of the written pattern. However, it can also serve as a formula/recipe should you want to modify this pattern into something else, like an evening clutch.

How to Apply the Zipper

Applying a zipper used to be a mystery to me. Thanks to Carrie Wolf's photo tutorial, I learned that I only need to try to uncover the mystery.


This stitch pattern requires blocking. I'm not a fan of blocking myself but I had to learn from this video.

The video is a bit shaky but it will teach you the essentials of blocking.

I LOVE Comments!

Moira Durano-Abesmo (author) from Sagay, Camiguin, Philippines on September 24, 2012:

My husband just don't make the "tampo" look, he actually nags me to crochet things for him. LOL!

Alegria from Orion,Bataan on September 24, 2012:

Husband saw this and told me, with his "tampo" look ( hahahah ) that I haven't crocheted something for him in years since I started to pick up crochet.. so before this year ends, I have to be able to make one for him.. he wanted beanies and bags... and a crochet amigurumi frog.. I felt bad not able to make these for him considering his support with my agendas.. so way to go for making something for thy husband ahhhaha

Moira Durano-Abesmo (author) from Sagay, Camiguin, Philippines on September 16, 2012:

That's right! I thought to myself to "Why didn't I think of this sooner?"

I've also encountered the dc cross stitch, too. But I didn't quite like it because it's a bit hole-y.

I also did the hdc cross stitch before. It was great, but I like the sc cross stitch most.

Thank you for your positive feedback. I really appreciate it.

PWalker281 on September 16, 2012:

The double crochet cross stitch is used in my told-to-me sweater. Didn't realize there was a single crochet version, but why not, right? :-). This is a really cute (I know, a man wouldn't call it "cute") purse. And you make inserting the zipper look so easy. I'm going to give it a try soon.

Voted up, useful, interesting, and shared!

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