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Free Crochet Doll Dress Pattern for Micro Preemie & OOAK Clay Babies

I love to crochet and try to find time to crochet every day. I have written several patterns that I hope to share for free!


Size #10 Cotton Crochet thread (I would start with one color but if you are comfortable changing colors use 2 or 3 different colors or shades of one color)
Size #6 U.S. Steel Crochet hook - My favorite is Susan Bates. I like the shape of the hook.

Large needle like a tapestry needle with a large eye and sharp end for weaving in thread ends. Also, I use a large needle with a blunt tip to weave in ribbon.

Small button

8 to 9 inch doll


Rosettes are optional. (approx. 3/8" diam.)


st = stitch
ch = chain stitch
sl st = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
DC = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet

Special Stitch = *3DC in one st, slp st in next st, ch 3 repeat from *

Scallop stitch = *Chain 3 skip one stitch, slip stitch into next stitch and repeat from *


Chain 26.

Row 1: Sc across. (25 sc) Ch 1. Turn.

Row 2: 2 sc in each sc. (50 sc) Ch 1. Turn.

Row 3: Sc across. Ch 1. Turn. Rows 4-7, repeat row 3


Make Sleeve Openings

Row 8: Sleeve Row: 10 sc, skip 7 sts, ch 6, sc 16, skip 7, ch 6, sc to end. Ch 2. Turn.

This is a good time to try the dress on your doll to see if you need to add more rows to make it longer or add more chains so armholes fit. The doll I used has small arms, your doll may have a full limb or thicker width.

If you doll is a full clay or vinyl doll you can skip making the actual sleeves.

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Ribbon Row

Row 10 is the ribbon row. This is optional. If you choose not to use ribbon, skip to Row 11.

Also, this is a nice place to change color if you are using different colors. I will add a couple of pictures of dresses where I changed the color rather randomly with a good effect.

Row 10: Ribbon Row: Chain 3, Dc in next stitch and each stitch across to last stitch. Ch 3. Turn.


Row 11: *2 hdc, 1 hdc across. Repeat from * across. Ch 3, turn.

Row 12: *(3DC in same st, skip on st, sc in next st, Ch 3 skip one stitch, sc into next stitch and repeat from *) End with sc in last stitch. Ch 3 Turn.

Row 13: 3 Dc in beg sc, sc in Ch 3 space, ch 3, *(3 DC in next sc, sc in Ch 3 space, ch 3) Repeat from *.

Repeat Row 13 until desired length. You can make it short and add panties, shorts or a diaper. I stopped a little above the knees. Remember you still have your hem and optional trim to add. See photo below.


Hem Back and Neckline

I like to evenly hdc across the bottom to create an even looking hem. You can do as many rows as you like. I usually do one to three rows.

Once your hemline is complete, hdc 2 in the corner. Turn sideways and go up the back. Evenly hdc up back.

Place a button hole just below sleeve row Row 7, ch 4, skip two rows, slp st in next row. (1st buttonhole made)

Hdc to 3rd row of bodice. Chain 3 skip 2 rows and slp stitch at neck edge. (2nd button hole made) 2 sc in corner. Sc evenly across neck edge as done on hem. 2 sc in last stich. Turn to go down back. Hdc evenly to hemline and fasten off.

Here I decided to put a fancier edging on the dress. I switched a size 20 vintage ecru thread. This is totally optional but I wanted a Victorian type of hem.

Attach thread to end. Ch 3, skip next 2 st, sc in next st to end. Turn.

Sl St into ch 3 space, ch 1 sc in same space, *Ch 5, sc in next ch 3 space, 5 dc in next ch 3 space., sc in next ch 3 space until end.


Sleeves: Attach bodice color thread to center stitch of 7 skipped stitches on row 8, Evenly sc around sleeve opening. Approximately 20 - 22 sc. It's okay if you have a couple more or less. Mark the beginning of this round. Crochet in the round until you have six rows. Scallop around for last round. Fasten off. Repeat for other sleeve.


Finishing Tips

Finishing. Weave in ends. Sew on buttons to correspond to button holes. Run ribbon through ribbon row. Adorn with rosettes. All done!

Finishing Tips:

Weaving in ends. I use a very sharp needle because I like to go back and forth through the thread. You can not do this with a blunt ended needle.

When I sew the buttons on I like to use the crochet thread. Then when done, I put a bit of glue on the end of my finger and lightly dab over the ends so it is strong and will not unravel.

I also use a tiny bit of glue on my finger on the edges of the cut ribbon. I cut the ribbon at a diagonal because I think it looks pretty!

When attaching the rosettes. I use a very fine needle with sewing thread and just pass through about three or four times. Then I use a tiny dot of glue to help the rosette lay in place. They have a tendency to twist or stand up away from the dress.


This dress in three colors!!


© 2020 Veronica Lewis

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