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Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

X-Stitch Dishcloth

X-Stitch Dishcloth

You'll find a list of patterns for free dishclothes on this page. They are a good project for both beginners and advanced crocheters. Dishcloths are quick to crochet and are a great way to try out new stitch patterns.

Use them as gifts or for yourself and they are easy to make projects for craft fairs and bazaars. Most are 8" to 9" squares. Just grab a hook and use your favorite stitch pattern and you can design your own or use the patterns provided.

The patterns can also be used as washcloths and for babies too. Some crocheters like a heavy dishcloth and others like light weight ones. You'll find patterns for both here. I suggest a heavier weight one if you are going to use it as a washcloth.

If you are looking for a project for charity, this is perfect. You can crochet these quickly and make lots of them.

The ball stitch is a lot like a puff stitch. If you enjoy crocheting puff stitches, you will like this one.

This is probably the easiest dishcloth you'll find to crochet. You don't need pattern reading skills and the project is completed with just the double crochet stitch. You'll need worsted weight yarn and a size G hook.

For this pattern you'll only need 1 ounce of worsted weight cotton yarn and a size H crochet hook. The pattern is a nice one. You'll also need to know how to make a treble crochet stitch.

These are pretty if crocheted in the right colors. They are designed in stripes, so you can use your scrap yarn and make lots of them.

This is a simple project that would be great for a beginner. You'll need worsted weight cotton yarn and a size F crochet hook.

Crochet Diagonal Dishcloth

Crochet Diagonal Dishcloth

To make this design you'll learn the cro-hook method. You'll need a size H double ended hook and 3 colors of Aunt Lydia's Denim yarn. I like the unique design in this pattern.

Crochet Diamonds Dishcloth

Crochet Diamonds Dishcloth

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You'll need just one ball of any worsted weight cotton and a size I hook to complete this easy project. This design can be completed quickly.

This dishcloth was crocheted with variegated yarn which gives it a nice look. This is a good beginner project.

She used a medium weight yarn and a size J hook. The ridges are created by crocheting in the back loop only. This pattern is rated for the beginner.

If you'd like a colorful dishcloth, this is the pattern for you. The pattern is completed in a colorful collection of stripes. If you don't mind color changes, this is an easy pattern to complete. You'll need worsted weight yarn in 5 colors and a size H crochet hook.

The dishcloth was created with variegated yarn in earthtone colors. Of course you could crochet it with other variegated yarn. It is crocheted with the afghan stitch. The finished dishcloth is an 8 1/2" square. It was completed with Peaches and Cream yarn and a size J crochet hook.

Crochet X-Stitch Dishcloth

Crochet X-Stitch Dishcloth

This pattern is quick and easy. Use any 4-ply worsted weight cotton yarn and an H hook and you'll be finished in no time flat.

At this site you will find 10 patterns for crochet dishcloths. All of the patterns are crocheted with Peaches and Creme yarns. Some very pretty patterns are included.

Crochet Floppy Scrubbie

Crochet Floppy Scrubbie

The designer used Bernat Handicrafter yarn and a hook. The scrubbie is easy to crochet.

These pretty flowers make a small dishcloth to keep near the sink for quick clean-ups. They are crocheted with Lily Sugar'n Cream. A size H hook was used.

You'll need 5 oz of kitchen cotton to complete the project. She does not specify the size hook that should be used, but since it is worked as granny square, you could just finish it when you reach the desired size.

3 colors of cotton worsted weight yarn were used in the project. You'll also need a size G hook. This dishcloth could also be crocheted in a solid pattern. Be prepared for music. When I visited she had some beautiful Christmas music playing.

The free crochet pineapple pattern is offered by Inspired Crochet Designs. You have a choice of using an F or J hook with crochet cotton.

This pattern is formed with a granny square design with an edging of scallops. Two different colors were used. The design turned out extra pretty. Worsted weight cotton was used and a size hook.

The pattern uses worsted weight yarn. She used an F hook, but says to crochet loosely. It has a pretty ruffled edge.

You'll need worsted weight cotton ans a 4mm crochet hook to complete the project. The pattern is a shell in the round stitch in 3 shades of one color.

Worsted weight cotton yarn was used in this project and a size F crochet hook. The finished dishcloth will be a 9" square with a pretty ruffle.

Crochet Star Dishcloth

Crochet Star Dishcloth

For this project you will need about 1 oz of Bernat Handicrafter yarn and a size G crochet hook. The finished dishcloth measures 10" across and is worked in the round. You will end up with a circular dishcloth.

The pattern is worked in a square and pretty tulips are formed from the center. You'll need to download the pattern to your computer. You'll need worsted weight cotton yarn in 3 colors and a size G crochet hook.

Crochet Tunisian Dishcloth

Crochet Tunisian Dishcloth

This is a fun and easy stitch to try. The dishcloth was created with a size J afghan hook and Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn. Inrcluded is a link to a tutorial on how to do tunisian crochet.

Easy V-Stitch Dishcloth

Easy V-Stitch Dishcloth

This pretty pattern uses the V-stitch or Cross Stitch pattern. It is easy to crochet and a good beginner project. 4-ply cotton yarn was used in the project.


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