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Free Bead Loom Patterns: Geometric Square Designs

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Geometric Square Design Bead Loom Patterns

I have been bead weaving bracelets, necklaces, and many other items for over fifteen years now. Working with seed beads on a beading loom can be a lot of fun. With endless color choices and patterns, bead weaving can be a great creative outlet. Bead weaving allows you to create personal one-of-a-kind accessories and jewelry.

I put together a collection of geometric square design bead loom patterns that can be used for either square stitch or bead looms. Most patterns on this hubpage will create 5.5 - 7 inch length depending on the bead size you are using.


Bead Loom Project Ideas

Beaded choker necklaces are very easy to make. Chokers that are made with ribbon backing and end crimps are great projects for people new to using a bead loom. This method allows you to glue the wrap strings opposed to weaving them back into the project.

Bracelets are another great project for beginners. Depending on your level of comfort with bead weaving, bracelets can be finished by using ribbon crimp ends, slide tube ends, toggles, and claps.

Beaded tapestry and amulet bags are a fun project for the more advanced beader. The great thing about working with beads, what you create, and how you finish your piece is really up to you!

Below are two videos that show some simple methods for finishing necklace or bracelet loom projects. Special thanks to Beadaholique and beadshop1 for posting these helpful videos!

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Don't have a bead loom?

Night Writer has a great hubpage about how to build your own loom.

As always, please help support your fellow creative community by not reposting my loom patterns without providing proper credit with a link to this hubpage. Thank you and enjoy these free patterns!

If you liked my geometric square patterns, check out my free heart bead loom patterns.


NBD (author) from Diamond Bar, California on September 12, 2015:

Each pattern has the amount of beads required in length and width. For example, the Arrows in Squares pattern is 53 beads long by 21 beads wide. To complete this project you would need a total of 1,113 beads.

Jennifer Russell on January 04, 2012:

how Strings are there? and how many beads do i really need to make a good patterns like these are?

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