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Free Bead Loom Patterns: Hearts


Simple Heart Patterns for Bracelets and More

I have been creating beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and other items with bead looms for over fifteen years. I love working with seed beads. There are so many color choices, and you can create endless patterns. Bead looming is a great creative outlet, and allows you to create personal one-of-a-kind items for your wardrobe or jewelry collections.

I have created a number of simple heart patterns that are great for making bracelets and chokers. Any of these patterns would make a cute bracelet for a Valentine's Day gift or just a simple accessory. Most of the patterns on this hubpage will create a 5.5 - 7 inch length depending on the bead size you are using.

Ribbon crimp ends or slide end tubes with chain extenders (sometimes called bracelet or necklace extenders) are a great way to finish your piece. This combo will create a bracelet or choker with an adjustable length.

Below are some great videos provided by Beadaholique on how to use ribbon end crimps and slide end tubes on your projects.

Don't have a bead loom?

Night Writer has a great hubpage about how to build your own loom.


As always, please help support your fellow creative community by not reposting my loom patterns without providing proper credit with a link to this hubpage. Thank you and enjoy these free patterns!

If you liked my simple heart patterns, check out my free square design loom patterns here.

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