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Free Amigurumi Christmas Gingerbread Crochet Patterns

I have a passion for anything crochet and love to collect, try out, and share the best free crochet patterns I discover!


What a lovely Christmas classic the gingerbread man is! Just look at the rounded shapes, the traditional decorations and crisp icing details. It's enough to make you very hungry indeed! Let's get ready to rock a gingerbread Christmas with these cute, cuddly and allround awesome FREE patterns! The gingerbread theme is very visible throughout all the offered patterns: from amigurumi doll to snuggly afghans and from Christmas stockings to Christmas trees! There's plenty of choice, so go ahead and choose your favorite and get busy!

Happy crocheting!


1 - Traditional Gingerbread Man

This traditional cutie is just all sweetness! His lovely crooked smile will win over anyone and he's absolutely stylish with his red and green buttons. He stands about 5 1/2″ tall and is guaranteed calorie-free! Make one for all your friends: as a Christmas tree ornament, a magnetic fridgie, to add to a Christmas wreath or just as a fun quick gift. Sew several together to make a unique garland! Or make a larger one to use as a stuffed toy by using a larger hook.

The pattern is explained very clearly. It does take a bit of intensive reading as almost no two rows are the same. But even that doesn't have to hold you back and stop you from making a whole gingerbread army!


2 - Gingy!

If this little guy looks familiar it is probably because he's starred in the fabulous Shrek movies! Gingy is a true movie hero! This little superstar is probably the most famous gingerbread man in the world. And he's all ready to welcome you and your guests with open arms for a lovely Christmas. I love his open mouth smile, blue belly buttons and his turquoise eye brows are especially perfect! In his small version he'll make a fantastic Christmas tree ornament and as a larger version (or a SUPERLARGE version - remember the film?) he's ready for snuggles on the couch. Maybe to watch one of the Shrek movies together? Wouldn't that be just perfect!

The pattern is written in Russian. Even with Google translate the pattern can still be quite a challenge to understand. Gingy is crocheted in a continuous spiral from head to toe. His arms are made separately and sewn on. For the finishing touches (the face, blue buttons and icing details) you're probably best of just looking at the original photo or character.

Check out the video below for the "flat" version of this awesome character!


3 - Christmas Gingerbread Boy

Who's ready for Christmas? Well, this amigurumi gingerbread boy certainly is! If his sweet face doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, the cute little jaunty angled Santa hat probably will! I love the simplicity of white trim details on his hands and feet and the little white collar around his neck. The red buttons are particularly Christmassy and this little guy brings out his stylish side with the cute Santa hat!

The pattern is available as a free Ravelry download (after free registration). Specialistic crochet stitches are clearly explained and the pattern is worked in a continuous spiral. Instructions for both the doll and the Santa hat are included. The pattern contains many photos to help you along at potential difficult points in the process.


4 - Gingerbread Girl Towel Topper

There's a new girl in town! This lovely gingerbread lady is ready to spread some Christmas cheer! I love the details of her dress and especially the little apron she's wearing. And how cute is that little bow on her head? The design is originally meant as a towel topper (with a solid stuffed head) but can easily be converted into a "proper" amigurumi doll or even a hand puppet! So move over gingerbread men, because the gingerbread women are taking over!

The pattern is available as a free download (after free registration). Special crochet stitches are explained (especially the shell stitch needed for the awesome dress) as are the embroidery stitches needed for the finishing touches.


5 - Gingerbread Tree Ornaments

Presenting the gingerbread family! This cute set of ornaments will look very nice in your Christmas tree. The family consists of gingerpapa with his big red heart, gingermama in her her cute white dress, gingerbaby with a little heart bib and their gingerhouse, the place where they live happily together! There is a very cohesive look to all these ornaments. I love the fact they all share a heart! Feel free to add your own personalisation to the critters: a felt heart or beading or different decoration colors. Now you can represent all your family members in your Christmas tree. Or hang them as a garland from your shelf. Or put them in the Christmas wreath on your front door. Christmas will be more fun with this gingerfamily! Now if only we could find the pattern for a gingerdog or -cat!

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The pattern is very clear and the little ornaments work up fairly quickly. The decorations are explained in detail (very handy, especially for the house!). Instructions for the decorating embroidery stitches (French Knot and Daisy Stitch) are included.


6 - Gingerbread Christmas Stocking

Another way of using the gingerbread family members is as an applique on these sweet Christmas stockings! Let their little red hearts remind us what Christmas is all about. You can make his' and hers stockings, using different colors ánd different gingerbread family members! Want to make it even more personal? Put your family members initials on the stocking! I particularly love the edging of the stocking. How cute is the candy stripe with the scalloped edge! And remember: if you make your own stocking you can make it as big as you want, you might just get more presents that way!

The pattern is available as a free download from the Red Heart website (after free registration). Special techniques and special stitches (sc2tog and sc3tog) are clearly explained. It is labelled as a moderately easy pattern and includes the instructions for both the stockings and the two gingerbread figures as featured in the photo above. Let's get crocheting and hang something fantastic on your fire place this year! Santa will love it!


7 - Gingerbread Christmas Pudding

This little cutie is the ultimate combination of gingerbread man and English Christmas pudding. Don't you just love his little icing and berry hat? And with his little scarf he's all warm and snuggly for the long cold winter evenings. His small size makes him the perfect Christmas tree ornament. Or perhaps a small keychain as a gift for your friends and family? That way you can take the holiday season wherever you go! And whilst visiting the site, make sure to check out Dendennis' other free Christmassy crochet patterns, including Santa, a reindeer, a snowman and an elf! All these little guys make perfect Christmas tree decorations! Or keychains!

The pattern is available in both Dutch and English, as a free download or just as is on the website. The shapes are fairly basic, the fun of this pattern is clearly in the decorations! I love how the white stripe of the arm is incorporated in the arm pattern. All decorative elements are well explained, including the little leaves and cherries on his head!


8 - Gingerbread Pixel Square

This gingerbread pixel square is just one of several cute Christmas designs from this creator. She also made the pattern for Santa, his sleigh, an elf, a snowman and a Christmas tree. All these squares are eventually stitched together to make a very cute Christmas themed afghan. But even on his own this little square will spread the Christmas cheer! You can use him as the base of a nice cushion. Or just hang him from your shelf as is. Or make a couple of gingy's and stitch them together as a table runner! He has such a sweet smile and his red and green buttons are just adorable. Don't forget the white trim on his arms and legs! Should you go for the whole afghan (and how awesome would thát be!) make sure to get started early so it will be finished in time. Just imagine snuggling on the couch with your own Christmas blanket! Or, should you feel particularly generous, make this into a very special and unique present for a loved one!

The pattern includes clear instructions and a downloadable a pixel graph. There are different techniques you can use to create these kinds of "graphgan" squares. The designer outlines several alternatives. She herself uses half-double crochet stitches chaining only two. This way the overall afghan square turns out smaller, in this case approximately 15 x 15 inches. It is a great way to limit the total size of the finished blanket.


9 - Classy Gingerbread Fellow

This jolly fellow is all ready for Christmas! Just look at his heart shaped buttons, his perfectly trimmed arms and legs and his cute smile and his pink cheeks! He's sending Christmas cheer to all! And with his little white bow tie he's such a perfect ginger-gentleman! Ready to sit down with you for a tasty Christmas dinner. He sure puts the class back in classy Christmas fun! As a small little guy he'll feel right at home as an ornament in your Christmas tree. Make him a little bigger and he's the perfect gingerbread snuggly friend for your kids! Or, lets face it, for you!

The pattern is available as a free download from the Lion Brand site (after free registration). The instructions are very clear and the little doll will work up fairly quickly. This pattern is suitable for beginners, so lets get crocheting!


10 - Gingerbread Boy And Girl

Crochet patterns can be quite complicated and elaborate. Or, just like this one, fairly simple and quick. This little gingerbread boy and girl are easily made and can be used for so many things! Put a magnet on their back for a unique Christmas "fridgie". Glue them on some cardstock for the ultimate handmade Christmas card or invitation! Use them as name cards for friends and family at your Christmas dinner table. Make a whole army of them and stitch them together as a fun Christmas garland! I just love crochet appliques for the many things you're able to do with them, they are just awesome! And you can also make them a little bit more special if you put some extra decorations on them, for instance think of different colored beads for the buttons on the belly, googly eyes instead of the embroidered ones and bows of Christmas ribbon. The possibilities are endless!

The pattern is clearly explained. Instructions for special stitches (2 tr cluster) are included. The embellishments (bow, skirt, beads etc) are glued to the surface. You can also choose to sew them on for extra sturdiness. The surface of the doll itself is starched. This way it keeps its shape better and remains flatter. You can skip this step if you intend to glue the gingerbread boy and girl on a card or other flat surface.


11 - Gingerbread Boy

I love this pattern. To me, this one encapsulates the perfect gingerbread amigurumi doll. With his sturdy limbs, this guy is ready for some serious Christmas lifting! The pattern is both simple in its shapes and coloring as fun and elaborate in the many cute little details. The buttons on his belly, the rosy cheeks, the zigzag shape of the ice trimming. And his sweet eyes and cute smile are just perfection. This pattern is perfect for making a large version as a toy amigurumi for your kids (or someone else's lucky kids!) to play with this Christmas. You can choose to make his arms and legs movable by inserting metal wiring or other methods (see link mentioned in next paragraph). This way the doll can sit down and wave to you and your guests. Don't forget to make the cutest miniature version to hang as an ornament in your Christmas tree. All these extra possibilities make him the perfect buddy for you and your loved ones this Christmas! Just try to keep yourself from tickling his gingerbread belly!

The pattern is pretty straightforward. The designer uses a lot of abbreviations, which might be confusing for beginners. But stick in there, it is absolutely worth your time and effort! As it is the pattern does not include instructions for adding moving limbs. I found a great tutorial HERE that explains several methods of attaching movable arms and legs. Need some more instruction? Check out the video below!


12 - Gingerbread Christmas Tree

This pattern is not really a gingerbread MAN, but more of a gingerbread TREE. I think it is totally awesome and therefore deserves its place in this gingerbread themed list. I just love the plentyful decorations with the candy cane, the striped sweets and the iced garlands! And don't forget the cool candy Christmas tree topper! This tree certainly looks good enough to eat! You can choose a more minimalistic look by toning down the amount of decorations, but I really like the over-the-top look. In this instance, more is better! Add beads or snowflake buttons. Make a spectacular tree topper - maybe a star or a miniature gingerbread man holding a star? This gorgeous creation will be the stunning centerpiece on your Christmas dinner table, but will also look equally fantastic on your self or mantel. Would you create one with superchunky yarn and make it actual Christmas tree size? I dare you!

The pattern of this magnificent tree includes instructions for the tree itself and all the colorful decorations: the candy canes, the gumdrops and peppermints, and the small candies. The tree is glued on a Styrofoam cone (in this case about 15 x 5 inches, the size needed depends on the thickness of the yarn you use). This gives the tree its gorgeous clean cut lines. You can choose to not use the Styrofoam and just stuff the tree like a regular amigurumi. Should you choose to do so you'll have to crochet a bottom to the cone shape. This is not included in the pattern instructions.


12 - Gingerbread House

Another "odd one out" in this gingerbread man pattern list. How awesome is this yarn gingerbread house? This creations will certainly make the recipient smile their biggest Christmas smiles! What a fantastic gift this would make! Or, and I couldn't really blame you, just make it for yourself and every now and then treat yourself to one of the goodies inside! As the photo shows you can use it to put treats in, surely a double whammy for awesomeness! Or use it as the ultimate in Christmas present wrapping and put a present in it for your favorite person. What a great idea for a very unique gift for friends, family or for a hostess gift! Building gingerbread houses has never been so snuggly. Just curl yourself on the couch with your hook and yarn and build away! The decorations on this pattern are fairly simple, but you can make them as elaborate as you want. Maybe even use real (wrapped) sweets! And perhaps you can make this mini house to actually look like your own home! Add some gingerbread residents or some cool yarn shrubs and trees or other greenery! And don't forget to fill it up with goodies once finished!

The pattern requires crochet and other assorted crafting skills! Since the house is not stuffed, the walls have to be able to stand up by themselves. This is done by coating the wall crochet pieces (áfter stitching them together!) with a mixture of pva glue and water. You can then make the roof with its iced trimming while the glue dries. After attaching the roof (follow instructions carefully!) the whole house is coated in the same glue mixture before adding the decorations. The instructions (with lots of photos!) for all the decorations are explained very clearly. They are hot glued onto the roof and walls of the house. So lets get crafting and make this cute gingerbread house box of sweets!

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