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Foil Quill Tips And Ideas

Paper crafting has been my passion since I was a child. I love sharing paper projects, ideas, and products. Get more from your paper.

The Foil Quill

Create With the Foil Quill. There are unlimited opportunities to create something both custom and unique

Create With the Foil Quill. There are unlimited opportunities to create something both custom and unique

Foil Quill Basics- What You Need To Know

The Foil Quill is a tool that will help you apply decorative foil to at least 11 different kinds of materials. The tool works with your electronic cutting machine. It simple language, it is a heat pen.

The Foil Quill is a heat activated foiling machine. It uses power which heats up the pen to make the impression on heat activated foil

It works with Brother Scan and Cut, Silhouette and Cricut electronic cutting machines. It comes with an adapter to each of these machines. Once the adapter is attached, you insert the pen into the accessory slot of your machine.

The imprints are permanent and do not peel off.

There are two ways to purchase the Foil Quill. You can buy it as an all in one kit, or as individual pens. The nice thing about that is, that if you need to replace a pen, you do not have to buy the entire kit.

Free Style Foil Quill Pens

These are the Free Style Foil Quill Pens that aaaaare available

These are the Free Style Foil Quill Pens that aaaaare available

The Freestyle Foil Quill Pens

Just like the Foil Quill pens, the Freestyle Foil Quill pens use heat to activate foil onto your projects. But The Freestyle Foil Quill does not require a cutting machine. You use it to literally draw freehand or write freehand on your project.

Like the regular Foil Quill, you can buy the pens as a single unit or as a set. Of course you get a better bargain when you buy the set, but if you just want to try it out, the individual pens are the way to go.

The pens come in three different tips, heavy, medium and fine.

When you are using the Freestyle Quill pen, the magnetic mat is a must. It will keep the materials from sliding while you are working. And you will find that you will have less ruined foil.

They also enable you to use heat resistant stencils to create magnificent projects. Think about creating your own stencils on your electronic cutting machines in paper and then being able to create a piece of foiled artwork with a stencil. How sweet would this be on greeting cards and tags!

Since you are not limited to what will fit between the bars of your electronic cutting machine, there are more surfaces and projects open to this tool.

  • You can write or print in your own hand-think about journaling, greeting cards scrapbook pages
  • Use heat resistant stencils
  • Print an image on your home printer, then some foil, then a second copy of the same image to add foiled accents
  • Stamp with permanent ink directly onto the shiny side of the foil, then trace over the stamped image onto your material. (I love how this option gives a whole new lease on life to my stamp collection.

Freestyle Quill Pens Tips

  • When working with stencils, use a magnetic mat to hold your project in place. Tape your paper onto the magnetic mat with low tack tape. Place your foil on top of the paper and secure with the magnets. Use one of the strips cut up into smaller magnets to keep your stencil in place on top of the foil
  • You can use both heat resistant and paper stencils with the Freestyle Paper Quill.
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Foil Quill All In One Kit

The Foil Quill All In One kit has everything you need to get started right out of the bix

The Foil Quill All In One kit has everything you need to get started right out of the bix

The Foil Quill All In One Kit

This kit gives you everything you need to get started in one kit.

In The Box

  • Standard Foil Quill Pen
  • Fine Foil Quill Pen
  • Bold Foil Quill Pen
  • A heat shield (protects your cutting machine )
  • 4 machine adapters
  • 3 colors of foil-rose, gold and silver
  • A roll of placement tape
  • An instruction manual

Individual Foil Quill Pen Packages


If You Purchase The Pens Individually

If you just want to give the Foil Quill a try , you always have the option of purchasing one pen of your choice.

  • The Foil Pen
  • 3 machine adapters
  • The heat shield

There is no foil included with the individual pens. So you would have to buy it as an extra item.

Foil Quill Pens

There are three different types of pens for the Foil Quill. They can be purchased individually or as a set of three. (make sure when you are purchasing these pens that you understand what is in the package)

Fine Tipped Foil Pen- recommended for detail images and fine fonts

Standard Tip Foil Pen-good for general use

Bold Foil Pen- recommended for images with thick lines

Foil Quill Adapters

All adapters are made to fit into the most popular electronic cutting machines

All adapters are made to fit into the most popular electronic cutting machines

Foil Quill Adapters

The Foil Quill Adapters allow you to use all the popular electronic cutting machines.

  • A Adapter -for use in Silhouette machines
  • B Adapter-for use in Brother machines
  • C Adapter-for use in Cricut nachines
  • D Adapter-for use in Sizzix machines

Colors Of The Foil Quill Foils

There are enough colors to keep every crafter happy

There are enough colors to keep every crafter happy

Types Of Foil Packs

The heat activated foil for the Foil Quill is available in three sizes.

  • 4" by 6" -30 sheets per pack
  • 12" by 12" -15 sheets per pack
  • Extra Large roll-12" by 96"

Which Machines Can Use The Foil Quill?

  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Cricut Explore Air
  • Cricut Explore One
  • Silhouette Cameo 3
  • Silhouette Cameo 2
  • Silhouette Cameo 1
  • Silhouette Portrait
  • Silhouette Curio
  • Brother ScanNCut DX
  • Brother ScanNCut
  • Sizzix Eclips 2
  • Sizzix Eclips 1

Types Of Foils That Work With The Foil Quill

The most important thing to remember about the Foil Quill is that it will only work with heat activated foil.

The foils come in 19 colors.

Other heat foils may or may not work. That is something that you would have to test. Be careful however-foils that are activated with toner or adhesive will not work with the Foil Quill,

Foil Quill On Wood Veneer

The Foil Quill has lots of options on materials that you can quill

The Foil Quill has lots of options on materials that you can quill

What Material Can You Foil Quill On?

Of course the first thing that would come to mind is paper. More than likely that would be your first thought.

But you can Foil Quill beyond paper. And after all, we all want to get the most we can out of our tools. One thing to remember, always do a test cut before you foil your projects, This one step will save you a lot of time, anxiety and loss of materials. Basically, it will work on any smooth material.

  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Paper Products
  • Leather
  • Very thin wood
  • Vellum

Foil Quill Magnetic Mat

Always make sure that your rollers are outside of your project. The rollers will not go over the magnets. They will see it as an obsruction.

Always make sure that your rollers are outside of your project. The rollers will not go over the magnets. They will see it as an obsruction.

Foil Quill Magnetic Mat

This is a special smooth mat that is made to be used with the Foil Quill. This mat is made so that the foil can be removed easily.

There are one inch marks on the mat similar to the standard mats you are used to using.

The magnetic mat is made to be used over the top of a standard mat. But it is not made for cutting. Do not cut on this mat ! Once you have foiled the project, remove it from the magnetic mat and place it on a regular mat to cut it. If you have orientated the mat to the upper left hand corner of the mat, the cut should come out perfectly. Remember to move your rollers, when you go to cut.

You can do multiple images at the same time, as long as they would fit on your mat.

The larger magnets are placed on both sides of the project, while the smaller ones would be placed on the bottom.

You do not use the magnets on the top of the project. That allows the foil pen to enter the area where the foiling will be done without obstruction.

Types Of Images That Work With The Foil Quill

Most images will work with the Foil Pen

We Are Memory Keepers has offered 6 Design Drives with 200 images per drive that have been designed to work with your Foil Quill.

You can use any image. In the Cricut you would change from cut to draw in the linetype. So almost any image could be used.

Battery Packs For The Foil Quill

Battery packs are an easy solution for the Foil Quill

Battery packs are an easy solution for the Foil Quill

Powering Up Your Foil Quill

As we said, the Foil Quill needs an external source of power to heat up the pen. The wire that is included does not have a specific long reach. We are Memory Keepers (the manuafactuer specifically says that the Foil Quill must be within 2 feet of the power source.

So, that means that your Foil Quill, attached to the machine needs to be either near an available USB port, an outlet or a power source.

Remember, just like when you are cutting, the Foil Quill pen will move as it is foiling the image. So the power source must have enough clearance to move with the pen.

You can opt to purchase a small portable battery unit- that works well. We Are Memory Keepers has a battery pack that was developed to work with the Foil Quill

Foil Quill Projects

Tips For The Foil Quill With Silhouette

Using The Quill Tool With The Silhouette

  1. Remember, the Silhouette machine uses the "A" adapter. Slide the adapter onto the pen and screw tightly.
  2. Place the quill into the tool carriage in your Silhouette machine ( All Cameos, Portraits, and Curios only)
  3. Place the metal shield under the tip of the Foil Quill to protect the surface of your cutting machine.
  4. Plug the Foil Quill into an outlet power source ( a power strip, outlet, phone charger, ect. Do not plug into the USB port on the side of the Cameo. The power supply is meant to heat the Foil Quill pen. The Silhouette was never meant to handle that kind of use.
  5. Allow the tool to heat up for 5 minutes.
  6. Place your materials on the Silhouette cutting mat. Apply the foil over your material. Make sure to tape the foil down washi tape, The foil needs to be secured and taut over the material.
  7. No matter which material you use you want both the tool and the action to be "Sketch" rather than cut. However, in order to select 'sketch' as the action in the Send panel you'll need to pick a "sketchable" material (picking vinyl, for example won't even give you the option to pick sketch).

Material Settings For Foil Quill With Silhouette


  • Material-chipboard
  • Action-Sketch
  • Tool-Sketch Pen
  • Speed-7
  • Force -22
  • Pass-1

Faux Leather

  • Material list-Chipboard
  • Action-Sketch
  • Tool-Sketch Pen
  • Speed-5
  • Force-20
  • Pass-1


  • Material list-Patterned paper medium 65 lb
  • Action-Sketch
  • Tool-Sketch Pen
  • Speed-4
  • Force-25
  • Pass-1

Silhouette Foil Quill Tips

  • If you want to use the Foil Quill Thumb drives with the Silhouette programs, you will need the Silhouette Studio Designer Series or higher. The reason is that the Foil Quill Thumb drives contain SVG files that cannot be imported with the Free Silhouette program.
  • When foiling on paper, place a piece of chipboard under the cardstock as a"shim" to increase the thickness and add pressure under the area where the foil will be applied

Silhouette Foil Quill Projects

Thumb Drives For The Foil Quill

You can purchase special images that are perfect for Foil Quill projects

You can purchase special images that are perfect for Foil Quill projects

Using The Foil Quill With The Cricut

Foil Quill setup is easy with the Cricut

Foil Quill setup is easy with the Cricut

Using The Foil Quill With Cricut Cutting Machines

The Foil Quill is so easy to use with the Cricut machine. In just a few easy steps, you will have a lovely design.

  1. Select the "C" adapter to use with your Cricut
  2. Pop the pen adapter out of your Cricut. Reach underneath the pen holder and press up firmly but gently. The adapter will pop up. Then you can pull it out,
  3. Put the foil quill pen into the "C" adapter. Insert the pen and adapter into the holder. Then close the clamp.
  4. Plug in your foil quill. Remember, the cord is not very long, so you will have to have an extension cord or a battery pack to plug into. You can plug it into a port on your laptop or your computer, Or use a battery pack. A phone charger should work too, You need to remember that the foil quill will move across your project so you need clearance.
  5. Slide the protective plate underneath the foil quill pen tip. The red light on the foil quill pen will light up. That means it is heating.
  6. Allow 5 minutes for the foil quill pen to warm up.
  7. Log into Cricut Design Space and chose your design
  8. Click on your image so that is selected. Click on the linetype box on the top of the toolbar. Change your linetype from cut to draw. This is a super important step ! (where ever you see a blackline, that is where you will get the foil)
  9. Next to the linetype box is is a color box. You can select the color of the foil if you would like to see how your finished project will look.
  10. Size your design to the size that you would like.
  11. Next, click the make it button. This is the green button on the upper right hand side of your screen.
  12. Position your project where you would like it on the mat. Make sure that you have a 1" margin on all sides of the project.
  13. Click continue.
  14. Select your machine from the drop down menu
  15. Lay the material you are using on a mat ( either a standard green Cricut mat or the Foil Quill magnetic mat.
  16. Cut your foil to size.
  17. Lay your foil over the project with the shiny side up.
  18. Tape it on all four sides so that it is snug and taut over the project. Use the foil quill tape or washi tape.
  19. Remove the metal heat plate from under the foil quill pen
  20. Load your mat into the machine.
  21. Start Your machine

If you are cutting your material using your Cricut, pause your machine after it’s done foiling and remove the foil before it starts cutting. If you are not cutting your material, remove your cutting mat from the machine, remove the tape and peel back your foil to reveal your design.

Foil Quilling With A Cricut

Tips For Use Of The Foil Quill With Cricut

  • Use the Foil Quill magnetic mat
  • You can use a phone charger instead of a USB port as your power source
  • Move the star wheels-Make sure that the star wheels are not right on top of the foil. It may leave marks on the project or rip the foil
  • Let the foil pen cool-If the pen gets too hot, it may rip the foil
  • The size of the image must be at least one inch smaller than the size of the foil. This will allow the washi tape that holds the foil to the mat to be used. Reduce the size of the image when necessary
  • If the foil pen is ripping the foil, rub the pen tip on paper to remove any debris.
  • Some foil colors may take longer to transfer. If the transfer is not complete, et the speed of your cutting machine lower and try a second pass
  • When doing straight lines, you may need to lower the speed of your cutting machine or do a second pass to get complete transfer

Foil Quill Resources

Best Foil Quill Tips

  • Remember to have a USB extension cable if your electronic cutting machine is more than 2 feet away from your USB power source. You can power it from a USB port on your computer. Do not use your cutting machine USB port to heat up your Foil Quill pen. It os not meant to do that.
  • Never touch the tip of the pen when it is heated. You can get burnt. The colored housing will get warm, but it is not as hot as the tip.
  • When taping the foil to your cardstock or other material, tape it as taut as you can. Taping it loosely will cause a bad foiling effext.

Final Thoughts On The Foil Quill

I purchased a kit on Amazon that came complete with the Foil Quill pens, the magnetic mat, and some foil. I think it was an investment that was well worth it. The tool gives you a lot of options when it comes to creating custom cards, scrapbook pages and journals. Plus it of fun to work with. I enjoy the process.

The foil goes a long way. What I like most about this product is that I did not have to purchase a laminator and /or a special printer. No special platforms or dies, no other machines added to my craft space.

So for me, this was an easy decision. I hope that this information will help you decide if this tool is right for you. Happy Crafting !

© 2020 Linda F Correa

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Linda F Correa (author) from Spring Hill Florida on November 19, 2020:

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