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How To Make Your Own Soap

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Scented Soaps


How Homemade Soap is Made

Is this your first time making homemade soaps? Did you know that you can easily make homemade soap at home, and it requires only a few materials, things you can find it at any art's and craft store, or stores that carry soap making products, although it takes a little time to make, it has some complicity, because it involves chemistry.

You may want to consider taking a soap making class to get up close, and hands on experience with professional instructors, who can show you how. There are stores like Michael's Arts and crafts, Joann fabrics, or whatever craft store that you may have in your state, they might offer soap making classes and they'll will be glad to teach you, hands on experience is better than reading on how to make soap.

So You Decided to Take On Soap Making

When making soap for the first time, one important thing you have to remember is to have a little patience, your confidence will grow as you practice more and more you'll get better and better at how to correctly make soap in class.

Or maybe you don’t want it to go out to take classes you rather learn in the comfort of your own home, or it's not in your budget to take paid classes, your can still learn how it's done, or you can also consider going to the library, or getting on youtube and learning how to do it.

So in your spare time you can practice making soap and before you know it you'll be a pro, and making a profitable business if you choose to, and with so many exciting ideas you can come up with.

How To Make Soap

Soap making courses are given by different companies, with experienced instructors trained in the craft of understanding processing and teaching you the techniques in soap making, when you have learnt everything it takes to make your own soap, you will be able to enlighten family and friends with what you have learned, everything from the cold process, hot process, molding, and purification, making your own soap can make you feel real proud of your accomplishment.

So enjoy the video on How to make soap from scratch- Cold Process

You Are Learning To Make Soap

Is This Your Passion

If making soap is your passion you'll do well, learning and understanding how to make it. Your teachers, will enjoy teaching you, and making sure that you understand what they have learned. And you will love the sense of accomplishment of creating your own soaps and will boost your confidence to a new level so happy soap making.

3 Different Ways To Soap Making

  1. Cold process soap: It is made by combining fatty acids and sodium hydroxide (lye) together they form a chemical reaction called saponifaction, when the oils and lye are mixed together to become soap, you can use almost any type of oil from beef tallow, olive oil, or hemp oil shea and cocoa butter or coconut oil, which has an excellent lathering property or a combination of different oils to make it very moisturizing. the process require the use of safety equipment, goggles and gloves, be sure that you research before you attempt to make soap using lye in the cold process.
  2. The hot process:You start by adding lye to the water and not adding water to the lye which can be dangerous, and cause an explosion, the lye is then added to the heated fat the process for this is that it's heated throughout the entire stirring process, also oatmeal lemon or orange peel or dye is stirred evenly before being poured into what ever mold you choose.
  3. The melt and pour soap: kits has lye already in it so you don’t have to add it, you can add dyes, fragrant, and other natural, or lemon or orange the same way you did the hot or cold process.

Why are so many people making their own soap the natural way?

Why not! It’s a great inexpensive way to make an all natural product that does not contain that cheap petroleum-based ingredients that big manufacturers are using such as mineral oil, animal fats like lard, tallowate, sulfate and synthetic detergents that can be harmful on sensitive skin, we can decide what goes in our soap products making it safe to use. Soap making is very popular to many people, who enjoys making soap and those who are making a business of it by selling their soaps for profit, you can be as creative as you want to be, also making soaps for special occasions, and for people with skin problems or different skin types, making your own soap you know that their getting the better ingredients in the finished product.


Mary on July 31, 2020:

You can get lye at ACE or True Value Hardware stores...

Agustina Garza Arellano from Fresno California, USA on October 23, 2018:

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nice work

christine on April 24, 2018:

can you tell me where to buy the little boxes that you have your soaps in please?

Jada on December 15, 2017:

I can't find the lye anywhere

Staci Griffith on March 21, 2016:

I'm looking for recipes for olive oil soap suspension. Any thoughts on where to look?

Jeannette on August 17, 2015:

I was wondering about the Lye, I don't know if Lye for drains and Lye for soap making is the same. So many people use Lye just for soap making not for drains, so I just ordered Lye for soap making as I don't want anything to happen to anyone that uses my soap. All the videos I have viewed they all bought Lye for soap making, not drain Lye. Like I said I really don't know if they are the same or not but I don't want to chance it. You have beautiful soups and would like to try it but use Lye for soap. Have a wonderful day ☺️

hubsoap on March 28, 2015:

Very nice is almost there with practices a lots of it

Julia on December 23, 2014:

i would like to make soap but can you write out the instructions

MSGolden51 (author) on November 27, 2014:

Your welcome hope you enjoyed

teresa on November 23, 2014:

Thank you for sharing !

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on August 28, 2013:

Useful info. Thanks for sharing.

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