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Fat Quarter Quilt Using Free Easy Patterns

This quilt was made using a variety of Fat Quarters

This quilt was made using a variety of Fat Quarters

Using Fat Quarters

A fat quarter is not what it sounds like. A fat quarter is not a quarter yard of fabric.

A fat quarter is a pre-cut piece of fabric that has been cut to measure 18" x 22".

Whereas a quarter yard of fabric would measure 9" x 36" or 44" depending on the width of fabric on the bolt.

The fabric used for a fat quarter is usually cut from cotton, flannel, velvet, and sometimes silk.

Fat quarters are usually used for patchwork quilts, Scrappy quilts, applique, crazy quilts and various craft projects .

A fat quarter gives you the ability to cut a larger piece of fabric than you would be able to with a quarter yard of fabric. For instance you need to cut a piece of fabric for your quilt that measures 10" x 10 " would not be able to get that cut from a quarter yard of fabric...but you can cut it from a fat quarter.

Fat quarters can be cut from your own stash . most fabric stores or quilt shops offer pre~cut fat quarters. You can purchase a single fat quarter or a bundle of assorted fat quarters.

An Assortment Of Fat Quarters


There are many quilt patterns that are fat quarter friendly. They are very popular with quilters due to the fact that they are affordable and you can choose from many varieties of color and pattern without having to buy more fabric than is necessary.

Fat quarters are easy to organize, because they take up less space, and are affordable you are better able to build your stash.

Because of the small size it easy easier to cut your quilt pieces out on a medium size cutting mat. Therefore taking up less space when you are ready to cut in your sewing/cutting area.

It is fun to swap fat quarters with friends. From one yard of fabric you would be able to cut four fat quarters.

Fat quarters can be cut from your own stash .

To get four fat quarters from one yard, you would cut along the fold line, you would then have two pieces of fabric. Cut each of the two pieces of fabric in half width wise and you now have four perfectly cut fat quarters.

Value Quilt

A Value Quilt Tutorial

Value Quilt Tutorial

Value quilts are some of the first quilts that she ever made. Most of us that are addicted to fabric will find this style of quilt a great display tool for your fabric stash. Baby quilts, wall hangings, bed quilts, or a favorite throw or blankie to cuddle up in on the couch.

Fresh lemons Quilt

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Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt Pattern

Quilt Patterns

Lemon Squares Quilt Pattern

The lemon Squares Quilt Pattern is a squares-in-squares quilt that is made out of only 6 types of blocks.

Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt

This colorful jigsaw puzzle quilt is assembled with the traditional "H" quilt block. Puzzle-pieces emerge when adjacent quilt blocks are rotated -- the little squares along the design's midpoint become the tabs that "lock" each piece together.

A fun quilt to make using and assortment of colorful fat quarters and or using up some scrap pieces.

Fat Quarter18" x 22". 

Fat Eighth

11" x 18"


Sweet 16

9" x 11"


Charm Pack

generally 5" or 6" squares

sold as an assorted pack of squares

Jelly Rolls

2 1/2" x 44"

Sold as assorted packs of strips rolled together

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Silhouette Cameo

Did you know that you can use a Cricut Machine or a Silhouette Cameo to cut fabric pieces?

This is so easy and fun to do..Who would have thought that quilting would be anymore fun than it already is

The Fabrics Tutorial


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