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Easy to Crochet Warm Slippers Pattern

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Quick and Easy Crochet Slippers

Make a Pair of Slippers - Crochet

This easy crochet pattern is really fast and simple to crochet. All you need is some yarn, a crochet hook and a little time.

The pattern is created by crocheting a rectangle approximately 9" to 10" wide and using a tapestry needle to sew up the ends. It's connected by sewing up the toe end and heel when completed crocheting.

The pattern can easily be modified for a variety of sizes from adults to kids. Choose your favorite yarn and begin crocheting the pattern today.

Note in the photo we used Bernat Softee Chunky yarn (approximately 2 - 3.5 oz. skeins) and a size H Crochet hook. Like in most crochet patterns modifications are made when sizing for the feet you are making the slippers for.

Bernat Softee Yarn

Chunky Yarn

Suggested Materials for Crochet Slippers

Before you begin your crochet project be sure to purchase enough yarn to complete it. Check your crochet hooks and scissors and be sure to get a good tote or yarn holder to keep your project in and be able to carry it with you from room to room or to appointments or work.


Qty of (2) 3.5 Oz Bernat Softee Yarn in Color of your choice


Chunky yarn or use two strands of yarn held together.

Size H Crochet Hook

Tapestry Needle to sew ends together

A good pair of clean scissors to cut your yarn.

The pattern is 1 row = 1 inch

Be sure to purchase a good quality yarn that will wear well for slippers and can be wash easily especially if you have pets or kids you may be washing them more often.

Crochet the slippers for yourself or to give as gifts. These work up quickly and make a present that most people will enjoy receiving.

Crochet Pattern for Slippers

The easy crochet slippers pattern can be made with or without cuffs depending on how you prefer to crochet them.

The pattern is a basic rectangle that is crocheted into a pair of slippers with cuffs. The pattern can be worked with a thick chunky yarn or with a worsted weight yarn and holding 2 strands together. The pattern listed below is for a women’s size 7-9 approximately but it can be adjusted by varying the stitches and the rows in the rectangle.

Note: Like any slipper or shoe the toe is at one end and the heel is at the other end of the slipper. Pull the toe together tightly in order to gather a toe and stitch or crochet a seam in the heal leaving enough yarn for your foot to go in.

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If you prefer to print the pattern you can find it for free here on my blog with print friendly instructions.


Crochet a rectangle and sew together

Sew the rectangle together wrong side out to assemble the slipper.

Sew the rectangle together wrong side out to assemble the slipper.

What is you favorite crochet pattern?

Easy to Crochet Slippers Pattern

Note: This pattern is from my blog

Materials: (2) 3.5 oz Skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky yarn or two strands of any regular worsted weight yarn held together throughout the pattern.Size: H (5.00 mm) Crochet Hook for Women's size1 Row = 1 inch

Pattern Instructions:Chain 25 for Women's Medium Slipper (For kids slippers or smaller slippers reduce to 20 or less and for men slippers or larger increase to 30 or more depending on the foot size)

Row 1: DC in 1st chain from hook and in each chain across, ch 1 and turn.

Row 2: DC in dc across the row, ch 1 turn.

Row 3-14 (this row is the width of the slippers and can be adjusted according to a foot size):Repeat row 2, do not cut yarn yet - Rectangle is made Complete the back of the slipper by folding the slipper in half and SC the slipper to make the back of the slipper as shown in photo

Next: Once you have crocheted the back of the slipper closed finish off and cut yarn...

Next: Crochet the top of the slipper closed and making a cuff around the top of the slipper...With the slipper wrong side out go to top of slipper and insert your hook in the edge with a slip stitch...

Next Round - *1 SC in next ch, skip 1 stitch, repeat until end of row chain 1 turn...Now you will be crocheting the slipper closed on top and the cuff around the top of the slipper

Next Round - Holding the slipper closed on top sc approximately 10 sc stitches on top to close the slipper (just be sure that your foot hole is not too small or too large to slip your foot into).

Next Round: Without cutting the yarn yet turn the slipper right side out to crochet around the cuff edge... Chain 1 to turn and start cuff

Row 1: DC in first chain stitch and all the way around, ch 1 turn

Row 2: DC in first DC and all the way around Finish off with slip stitch in beginning of row 2. Cut yarn...

How to Crochet

Sew up Ends and Add a Cuff to the Slippers

When you are done sewing up your rectangle be sure to pull together and the toe end to make sure it looks like the top of the foot and sew up the heel and as an end. There are pictures on my blog that will walk you through the method of making the slippers.

You can add a cuff or modify the slippers to how you like them when completing. You can also modify them by making them in more than one color.

In order to pull the toe end together, pull the yarn tightly and gather it together and stitch it or crochet together. Sometimes it's best to have a model foot in order to shape it correctly as you go.

Crochet Slippers for the Family

Crochet Slipper Patterns

There are a variety of slippers patterns to crochet available online and in books both for free and to purchase.

When choosing a slipper pattern make sure to select one that you feel you can use over and over again for gifts or that you like the look of. Some of the best patterns include slippers to make for the entire family. This way you can crochet a pair of slippers for men, kids and women.

Everyone will enjoy a warm cozy and comfortable pair of slippers to wear all year long. You can even make pairs with soles on them

A Pair of Warm Cozy Slippers


Add Some Soles to Slippers

If you want to add some felt or soles to your slippers it can easily be done by purchasing felt or existing soles and cutting them to the size of a shoe. You can also crochet a pair of soles for your slippers to make them last and wear longer.

Take a look at the video below for how to make a pair of soles for slippers...

Crochet Slipper Soles

Soles to Use for Slippers

Ask Questions Watch Videos

Like any crochet project you may have questions or get frustrated when working on an item you just can't get right. There are many forums, Facebook pages, and video instructions that can be helpful to get it just right.

There are also several free sites that help out with crochet projects and instructions and provide video instructions and more. Like any craft that you enjoy be sure to bookmark your favorite websites and continue to grow and learn with you craft no matter how long you have been crocheting.


Keep learning and enjoying crochet!

Keep learning and enjoying crochet!

Find your next crochet project

Sometimes it can be daunting to figure out what to crochet next. Keep a list or bookmark your pages on what projects you want to make. Use social media sites such as Pinterest to keep track of projects and patterns you love and want to make.

If you run out of ideas or people to crochet for there are always projects and patterns to crochet for charities or craft fairs.

Crochet Patterns We Love

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