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Easy Knitting Patterns - Scarves

easy knitted scarf pattern

easy knitted scarf pattern

Beginners' Scarf Knitting Patterns

Knitted scarves make nice, easy projects for absolute beginners, even for children. The simplest projects involve nothing more than casting on the required number of stitches, straight knitting, then binding (or casting) off. You don’t need to worry about shaping or counting rows. Just keep going until the scarf is long enough. If you are just starting out though, it would be a good idea to regularly count the stitches on your needle when you reach the end of a row, to make sure you haven’t lost any or added any.

Scarves are also a great project for practicing different stitches and patterns. You can also use up leftover yarn by making a stripy scarf.

This page includes pattern for a scarf which can be worn by children, adults, or even teddy bears. There are also links to other scarf patterns I have found on the net.

Fluffy Knitted Scarf


  • 3 x 50g balls of a fluffy novelty yarn to match the beanie (such as eyelash)*
  • 2 Knitting needles US8 (UK6, 5mm)

*Note: fluffy yarn can be a bit tricky to work with, especially if you are just learning to knit. If you drop any stitches they can be hard to pick back up with this type of yarn. The pattern will work just as well with ordinary yarn. It just won't be as fluffy.


  • Cast on 21 st (or more for a wider scarf)
  • Knit until long enough (3 50g balls makes about 4 ½ feet (144cm) length, depending on the yarn used)
  • Bind off / Cast off
  • If fringe is wanted for this width you need 7 x 16" (40cm) of yarn. Double it and crochet each piece on, beginning with one on either side, then one in the the centre and then 2 lots each between the side and centre.(7). Cut the loops. Each one makes 4 strands.

Try out this project in blue eyelash yarn - available from Amazon

More Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns

The free patterns for the scarves on the right are available from this knitting pattern website.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures then look at the name under the picture of the knitted scarf you'd like to see the pattern for (eg "Textured Blocks Scarf"), and type it in the in the search box (top right of the page) once you get to the website.

You will need to sign up (free) and give your email address to this site to be able to download their patterns.


Still more easy knitting scarf patterns

On this page, you'll find several easy scarf patterns, including:

  • Easy scarf in garter stitch
  • Beginner Scarf
  • Condo Stitch Scarf - a lovely scarf which uses different sized needle to achieve a lacy look
  • Hooded Scarf
  • Easy Scarf For Beginners - this one involves a couple more techniques (YO and k2tog)
  • Faux Fur Martha Stewart Scarf

Basic scarf pattern

A unique combined scarf / fingerless mittens

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