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Easy Knitting Patterns - Hats

easy knitted beanie

easy knitted beanie

Beginners' Hat Knitting Patterns

Hats and beanies make quick and easy knitting projects. Because they are small, they don't take too much yarn and they are relatively quick to make.

Because knitted items have "give" in them, even if you knit a bit tighter or a bit looser than normal, the hat should still fit.

I am featuring a beanie on this page which my mother made for my daughter when she was undergoing chemotherapy. This is a lovely warm, fluffy beanie for those who have lost their hair and a fun beanie for other people too.

You'll also find links to several more patterns which I have found on the net.


Fluffy Knitted Beanie


  • 3 x 50g balls of a fluffy novelty yarn (such as eyelash)*
  • 2 Knitting needles US8 (UK6, 5mm)
  • tapestry needle
  • large safety pins

* Note: this yarn can be a bit tricky to knit with because if you drop a stitch, it can be difficult to find again. You can also use ordinary yarn, but then the beanie won't be as fluffy.


  • Cast on 65 st. (or 72 st. for a large head) Leave the spare yarn hanging (about 6" (15cm) or so for sewing up with later, but being careful not to start knitting with it).
  • Knit about 70 rows, using up 2 balls.

Decrease for shaping beginning with 3rd ball yarn.

  • K1 (K 2 tog. K6) to end of row. (total 57 st).
  • K1 (K 2 tog. K5) to end. (total 49 st).
  • K4 (K 2 tog. K4) to end. (total 41 st).
  • K3 (K 2 tog. K3) to end. (total 33 st).
  • K2 (K 2 tog. K2) to end. (total 25 st).
  • K1 (K 2 tog. K1) to end. (total 17 st).
  • Knit 2 st together to end (total 9 st).

Sewing the hat

  • Cut the yarn leaving 12" (30cm) of yarn on the knitting and thread this onto a very large holed tapestry needle. Thread the yarn through the 9 st., 2 times beginning at the first st. and pulling it tight and off the needle.
  • Pin the 2 sides together with large safety pins, and sew them together evenly.
  • Sew up from the bottom as well with the left-over piece of yarn, finishing off both ends under the turn-over rim for neatness. This seam will be the centre back of the beanie, although it shouldn't show.

More Easy Knitted Hat Patterns

The free patterns for the hats in the pictures on the right are available to download from this knitting pattern website.

See bigger pictures of the hats available by clicking on the thumbnails. Look at the name under the picture of the knitted hat you'd like to see the pattern for (eg "Bubblegum Hat"), and type it in the in the search box at the top right of the page after you get to the website.

You will need to sign up (free) and give your email address to this site to be able to download their patterns.


Even More Easy Knitting Patterns for Hats

This website has several beanies suitable for the beginner knitter. Do a search on the page you open for:

  • Basic Adults Knitted Beanie
  • Basic Teens Knitted Beanie
  • Rolled Brim Hat - knit on circular needles; suitable for children or adults
  • Easy Baby Bear Beanie - cute baby beanie with ears
  • Basic Child’s Knitted Beanie
  • Helix Striped Cap - knit a stripy hat on circular needles

Roll-brim hat with illustrated instructions

Flat hat

Slouchy hat

How to knit on circular needles

Some of the patterns above call for you to knit with circular needles. Here is a short video showing how you do this.


Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on September 25, 2014:

Oh, I love the Fluffy Knitted Beanie! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern,

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