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Easter Craft Ideas for Kids and Adults: Projects with Buttons

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Homemade Easter napkin rings with painted wooden buttons.

Homemade Easter napkin rings with painted wooden buttons.

What crafts can you make for Easter with buttons?

Just a Few Possibilities

Greeting Cards

Styrofoam Eggs

Framed Egg Table and Wall Decor



This Easter consider including buttons in your holiday crafts. Whether you're making Styrofoam eggs, greeting cards, décor, or other Easter items, you can find a way to use a few buttons to add dimension to your designs. I have included links for lots of tutorials as well as photos of Easter button color palettes for inspiration. Happy Easter and happy crafting!


There is no end to the possible combinations for buttons, including color combinations, that you can use for your Easter projects. Here are just a few ideas to consider.

  • Keep it classic. There is nothing wrong with putting together a classic Easter color palette with lots of pastels and other spring shades. I like to brighten my palette with some white, but this is completely optional.
  • Keep it bright. If you aren't into pastels, consider bright shades that you can use to keep your crafts cheery and in the spirit of spring.
  • Look for shaped buttons in Easter colors. I sell button magnets at craft fairs and my magnets with shape buttons are almost always the most popular ones. You can pick up small packs at most craft stores. The best resource I've found for bulk sets is Oriental Trading.
  • Mix regular sized buttons with tiny buttons. One of the best methods for creating visual interest with your button designs is to use buttons in different sizes. These tiny buttons are readily available in lots of different colors at most craft and sewing stores.
  • Throw some wooden and/or metal buttons into the mix. Another easy method for creating visual interest in button crafts is to mix up the mediums. I don't have a single resource for wooden or metal buttons, but I find vintage lots on a fairly regular basis.

Spring Treat Pink Bunny Easter Greeting Card | Mindbitesdotcom

Greeting Cards

  • Chicks and birds. One of my all-time favorite button designs for greeting cards is to use the buttons as chick or bird bodies. It is adorable for many different occasions, but any time during the spring, including Easter and Mother's Day, is perfect. Even if you aren't a gifted artist, you can finish off the chicks or birds with simple legs and beaks.
  • Bunnies. Buttons also make perfect bodies for bunnies, and it isn't tough to finish off the design with cardstock shapes and/or simple drawings.
  • Flowers. Flowers are another classic theme for virtually any type of spring card, including Easter. This concept is pretty self-explanatory, and there are lots of examples of it online. I linked one idea, but feel free to search Google or Pinterest for further inspiration.
  • Embellishment. If you don't want to use your buttons as part of a specific kind of picture, there are numerous possibilities for using them as embellishment. I have included one link as an example, but you don't need to feel limited to this idea. Consider using them as borders, corner accents, and much more.

Are you looking for more Easter greeting card ideas? Check this out!


Tip: You can pick up Styrofoam shapes at any big box craft store.

Styrofoam Eggs

If you've made any kind of Styrofoam craft, this concept is pretty self-explanatory. Both of the tutorial that I've linked on the right have beautiful photo examples. Personally I like to attach buttons to Styrofoam with pins because it's effective and not messy. However, you can opt for tacky glue for younger children. Hot glue works well, too.


Framed Egg Table and Wall Décor

  • Egg décor. One of the most popular Easter wall décor options is a button egg. You can make an egg in any size to fit the frame of your choosing. Keep your egg plain or add text or other pictures to your design. Check out a framed egg on burlap and a large hanging egg on canvas.
  • Mixed media button hanging. Lynn presents several different ideas for pairing buttons with a bird applique, including one Easter specific design. She doesn't display this as a framed piece, but it would be easy enough to make it into one.
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The tutorial that I found for an egg t-shirt is for a kids shirt, but of course you can alter the measurements for any kind of garment. This would be a very cute idea for a onesie.

How to make An Easy Easter Shirt

Buttons add a dimensional element to this simple cross.

Buttons add a dimensional element to this simple cross.


Make an original cross for Easter with button embellishments. I got the inspiration for this from a simple Popsicle stick cross. This is an ideal craft for younger children. Is anyone else familiar with egg carton crosses? They are also relatively simple for kids to put together and can be decorated with buttons. Additionally, around Easter, you may be able to find blank crosses from Christian resources for kids to decorate.


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