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Discover the Ideal Wall Art Buying Guide - Tips and Advice

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Long Life Wall Art

As a professional photographer I understand the importance of print quality!

Acquire information on print techniques, paper quality, composition, framing, hanging, and additional care that can keep your art looking fresh for 100 years!

Wall Art's Not Cheap

Let’s face it wall art isn’t cheap, ranging anywhere from a few bucks to over several thousand, but the idea behind this handy art work is it’s functionality and ease of installation. At my online Wall Art Gallery Arts Design Factory, I produce professional prints to ensure my customer receive the quality they deserve so I understand the importance of producing with the highest quality.

Combined with custom sizes you’ll always be able to find the perfect art work to hang on your interior walls, however there are a few things to bear in mind first.

Giclée (pronounced Zhee’clay) Printing means when you buy your poster it’s printed on acid-free paper, free from artificial brighteners often found on cheaper wallart posters. Acid free, archival paper yields true brilliant prints that can last over 100 years and are designed to brighten up any room, as well as giving you art that lasts.

Be wary of cheap wall art as it often uses digital printing, which is highly prone to damage from sunlight and humidity. In fact you may notice that your art is starting to fade even after a few weeks when printed with digital printing! Always choose Giclee wherever possible.

Paper Canvas Guide and Quality Essential for Wall Art

There are simple questions you’ll need to find answers to if you want the best print paper quality.

You may see the term Matte Paper, but what exactly is Matte Paper? Well this is paper covered with a thin layer of receptive glue; this enables the printers to apply every drop of ink from their inkjets, which creates an exceptionally professional finish to your wall art poster.

Another term to look for when buying wall art is the ISO brightness (also known as opacity). Top quality posters use higher than 100% for example 104%. This high range ISO means the paper reflects light better than usual giving your print a sharper intense colour. Also bear in mind paper-weight, yes true. Paper has a weight that determines the feel to the final wall art. Look for a balance between Premium and Heavyweight paper quality to give your wall art a rich luxurious feel.

As we spoke about Giclee printing earlier the key to buying art that lasts is to lookout for Archival Paper or Canvas – if it’s 100% cotton it is “Archival” which means it will last for 100 years give or take. If not it is highly likely it’s digitally printed, which isn’t so good.

Pro Tip:

Keep a collection of extra prints on hand to refresh your space for any season or occasion.

Composition and Wall Art Styles to Express your Needs

More of an aesthetic consideration, however choosing the right “style” of wall art promotes a long life time love. We all have our own favourite colours and viewpoints about the world, so what pleases some displeases others, but that’s Ok it’s what makes us human. Before spending any money on wall art you should make a note of styles of art that you like. A handy tip is to think about works you may already know and make a note of why they appeal to you.

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Art essentially involves a connection between the artist and the viewer (or indeed owner), wall art can evoke feelings, perhaps forgotten thoughts, or loves, perhaps even a famous place that you once visited as a tourist. So do you consider yourself a romanticist or a realist for example? What films do you enjoy watching multiple times? Does the Wall art you’re looking at speak to you? What does it say? It’s really about understanding what you want to feel when you look at art and that’s the key to acquiring art that lasts and in addition reproduces these emotions and feelings.

Why Print Vibrancy Matters

REMEMBER: sharp, high-quality images and super vibrant colours are the key essentials when choosing wall art. Of course the subject matter is important i.e. street photograph, abstract, mountain landscapes etc. but the importance of colour should not be underestimated or forgotten.

Framing and Hanging your Artwork

Depending on whether you opt for a pre-framed print on canvas or a frameless poster print you’ll need to protect your artwork. If you don’t have free frames free to mount your wall art you must purchase additional frames to protect your prints to prevent them from warping.

This warping or curling is due to inherent moisture present in the air. Ideally you’ll want your frames to have a glass cover, although there is a risk of using glass as it creates hazards for children and adults alike. A perfect solution’s to use a Perspex (Acrylic plexiglass) front cover to keep off moisture (and even bug droppings), in addition to protecting people and kids from falling broken glass.

Simple yet Elegant Wall Art Frames

To Summarise

A frame and cover will help your wall art stay in pristine shape and condition for many years to come. It will also shield your art from direct sunlight in addition to UV light giving you many years of pleasure whilst saving you from wasting your money.

Fun Paper Fact:

Did you know that if you fold a normal piece of paper 51 times it will be high enough to reach the Moon! Fold it 52 times and it will go back to Earth again! If you can fold it 102 times, well thats the size of the observable Universe!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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johndwilliams (author) from Essex England on March 09, 2021:

Thanks Ali - glad it helped - all the best!

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I am also looking for the wall art guidance , you guidance is valuable and i also noted done the core part of wall design, I also check the given link and design are pretty much good. Thank You ~ Ali Sami Farooq

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