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How to Decorate Children's Socks With Beads, Buttons and Bows

Beads, Buttons and Bows

Decorating children's socks is a unique way to almost be wearing jewelry.

The beads can be sewed on and the variety of beads and designs is unlimited.

Creating the child's name with alphabet beads makes a special pair of socks that the child may want to wear every day. It would be a good idea to make several pair.


You will need plastic beads, which can be pony beads, tri-beads or any other plastic beads you may have.

Sewing thread and a hand sewing needle are needed.

Make sure the needle is thin enough to fit through the holes in the beads.

Fishing line can be threaded onto the needle and used instead of the cotton thread. It’s a lot sturdier and you won’t have to worry about it breaking.

Decorating Socks

Adding Names with Alphabet Beads

Adding Names with Alphabet Beads

To create the child’s name in alphabet beads you can place the beads straight up and down on the front of the sock or sew them around the top. Make sure you place them where they won’t be inside the child’s shoe. This could be very uncomfortable.
Crete bead patterns with a variety of colors and sizes. Animal beads, sports beads and beads that represent the wearers favorite hobby can be used.
About Threads

About Threads

You can use regular sewing thread, fishing line or invisible plastic or nylon thread.

The fishing line and invisible thread may leave short pieces of thread that can be irritating. If you heat the end knot just slightly this will seal the thread and eliminate the stubby piece sticking out.

Use a match or lighter to just barely touch the knot.

Beading Instructions

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Insert the threaded needle on the inside of the sock and bring it to the outside where you want the first bead.

Place the bead or button you want to use on the needle.

Insert the needle into the sock as close as you can to the opposite side of the bead.

Push the needle through to the back and then bring it back through to the front at the spot where you want the next bead to go.

If you are adding buttons or charms use two or three stitches in each one.

Other Ideas

For the holidays; sew on a ribbon bow with long ends and attach bells, charms or other small ornaments to the loose ends of the ribbon.

Bells, Easter egg buttons or charms, flag buttons on white socks with a blue ribbon are just a few of the ways socks can be decorated.

On some socks that are loosely woven you can thread a ribbon around the top edge by attaching a short threaded needle to the end of the ribbon and weaving it in and out around the top in even spaces.

Attach charms and beads to the ribbon loops.

Laundering Beaded Socks

Socks should be turned wrong side out for laundering.

Any charms or buttons that are attached with lobster claw clasps should be removed.

Regular bleach should not be used on socks that have the colored ribbon woven in.

Make it a one on one time with the child or do it as a family group activity. Maybe even Grandma would want a pair of fancy socks. She’ll wear anything the grand kids make.

Have fun decorating the socks. Let the child help in choosing all the materials, socks, buttons and charms.


Fiddleman on October 14, 2010:

Some really neat ideas. Thank you for sharing, great hub.

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