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40 Creative Tissue Paper Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Creative Ways to Use Tissue Paper

Although there are some crafts in which tissue paper and crepe paper can be interchanged, more of the crafts distinctly take one or the other. In this article all the craft ideas shown are for tissue paper.

The tutorial for making the beautiful golf ball tissue paper flower shown above is found here.


1. Flying Fish

Japanese celebrate children's day by making and displaying flying fish. Find out more about this celebration by doing a Google search. Very interesting and fun. To make these tissue paper flying fish, go to SQUIRRELLY MINDS for the instructions.


2. Ranunculus Crown

You'll find the tutorial for making these beautiful ranunculus flowers on the BRIT+CO site. Not only do you get the instructions for making the flowers, you also will find out how to use them making a bouquet, the crown and how to wire them onto a string of party lights.


3. Pom Poms

Imagine all the ways you could use pom poms in decorating for parties. They are perfect for bridal and baby showers, birthday parties and for all holidays. The tutorial for making pom poms is found at two twenty one.


4. Stained Glass Suncatcher

I absolutely love this tissue paper art. You'll find the instructions for this art project at By Amber's Hands.


5. Decoupage Candle Holders

Decoupage is so easy, and there are so many different colors and prints on tissue paper, that making beautiful candle holders is a cinch. Check out the tutorial at Mom Unleashed to see how to make candle holders like the ones shown here.


6. Poppy Bouquet

When I saw this poppy bouquet the first thing that came to mind was decorating for a bridal shower. These poppies are so elegant grouped in a bouquet. Find the tutorial for making these poppies by going to the LIA GRIFFITH site.


7. Heart Suncatchers

Not only will the kids enjoy cutting the tissue paper into squares, they also will love Mod Podging them on clear sheet protectors. See all the directions for this project at Fireflies + Mud Pies.

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8. Cherry Blossom Branch

So simple and so beautiful. Make this cherry blossom branch art to give as a gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day. Pink Stripey Socks is the site to go to for the instructions for this art project.


9. Faux Stained Glass

One of the great reasons for making crafts using tissue paper is that there are so many colors and prints to chose from. Every project looks special and different. To make these faux stained glass votives, go to the mom spark site for the instructions.


10. Balloon Bowls

In a way this tissue paper craft is also a paper mache project. The tissue paper gives these bowls a bright and beautiful look that will please anyone who makes them. The simple to follow directions for making these bowls is found at meri cherry.

11. Cutie Patootie Owls


12. Tri Panel Silhouette Art

To make the tri panel silhouette art shown here, go to Kids & Glitter for the instructions. You'll find more tissue paper painting projects there.


13. Tissue Paper Painting Art

Here is another tissue paper painted project that your art class, or anyone, will find fun to do. The instructions for this project is found at KinderArt. If you have never done tissue paper painting, be sure to give it a try. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. You must use the bleeding tissue paper for painting. You'll find the bleeding tissue paper in the craft areas of stores.


14. Sunflower Art

This is another tissue paper technique that I think is so attractive. It's easy enough for even the littlest kids can do it. To make the sunflower project shown here, go to sheknows for the directions.


15. Mini Flowers

These flowers are easy to make and super beautiful. You'll find the tutorial at Elise Engh Studios .


16. Coat Hanger Valentine Heart

Notice that these Valentine heart suncatchers use a coat hanger to shape them. Anyone can make them once the coat hanger is shaped as a heart. Find the instructions for making this coat hanger Valentine heart at the imagination tree .


17. Flower Rings

What little girl wouldn't love to make these little tissue paper and chenille strip flower rings? So easy to make and perfect for a birthday party or slumber party activity. Go to Living Locurto to find the instructions for this project.


18. Paper Pumpkin

Well, even I could get into making a Halloween pumpkin if this is the way we're to do it. I like the idea that it's simple to make and will keep for a long time. is the place to find the instructions for this tissue paper pumpkin project.


19. Princess Crown

You'll go to little page turners to see how the flowers were made and how they were attached to the crown.


20. Butterflies

There are a few different tissue paper butterfly projects on the internet, but this one is one of my favorites. It's easy to do and imagine how different each will look by just using different colors of tissue paper together. Find the instructions at Country Hill Cottage.

21. Tissue Paper Rosette Fans


22. Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

I think I would make this Christmas tree by cutting a nice large tree shape out of a cardboard box so it would be nice and strong. Then add the tissue paper balls like the directions say at


23. Tissue Paper Suncatchers

You'll have to go to the WAITING ON THE BLUE LINE site to see how to make these beautiful and unique suncatchers. I'm very impressed with the cutouts and how they are achieved.



24. Flower Art

A mom or day would love to receive a card or picture made by their child featuring a nice flower like the one shown here. To make this at home, or as a classroom project, go to mess for less for the instructions.


25. Mother's Day Bouquet

One of the really nice things about using tissue paper is that it is an inexpensive supply to buy for art and craft projects. The instructions for making these outstanding tissue paper flowers is found at MyKidCraft.


26. Turkey Plate

I called this a turkey plate because the turkey is actually made on a paper plate. This is a nice Thanksgiving activity to do with the kids. Maybe even an activity to do on Thanksgiving day. Go to learn create love to see what you need and how to make this turkey plate.


27. Ballerinas

I wonder how these tissue paper dolls would work as puppets for a puppet show. I'm sure most kids would be able to figure that out in a snap. To make the dolls, go to Fab Art DIY for the tutorial.

28. Scalloped Tissue Paper Lanterns


29. Mod Podge Easter Eggs

This has to be one of the easiest ways to decorate Easter eggs. Imagine a glass bowl filled with these eggs as a table centerpiece for Easter. Creative Connections for Kids is the place to go for the instructions to mod podge eggs.


30. Corsage

This pictures shows a whole bunch of the corsages grouped together, but imagine just one and you can see how nice it would be to wear. To make a tissue paper corsage, go to PBS parents for the instructions.


31. Perfectly Poppies

Now these are like the poppies on my Grandma's poppy plant, that I remember. They were also bright orange with dark centers. I love these!! To make poppies like these, go to Always Andri for the tutorial.


32. Plum Blossom Branch

The tissue paper blossoms for this project are actually glued on a real branch. Plan on placing the branch in a tall vase to make the branch look like it is a real cutting from a fruit tree. See how to make the blossoms and how to attach them to the branch by going to the petit bout de chou site.


33. Fairy Lights

Make and hang a string of these fairy light in a little girl's or a baby's room. Come to think of it, I think even a teenage girl would like this look. Find out how easy it is to put the flowers on string lights by going to RED TED ART .


34. Wreath

How simple this wreath is to make, and imagine how it would be appropriate for any season or holiday by just changing the color. Instructions for making this wreath can be found at a blissful nest .


35. Simple Rose

A rose by any other name....... If you want to make this rose smell like one, be sure to add a bit of oil scent. Of course, I think roses are so beautiful that they don't need to include a scent. To make roses like these shown, go to Happy Hooligans for the directions.

36. Sweetie Tweetie Bird


37. Roses Pinata

When you want to make a pinata like this roses one, go to KATE LANDERS EVENTS for the tutorial.


38. Tissue Monsters

If you are looking to decorate for a kids party, consider making monsters. They are inexpensive to make and easy to do. You'll find the instructions at Persia Lou.


39. Snail's Pace

Here is a nice, easy activity for little kids that will keep them busy and entertained for quite some time. They'll love the colors and they'll love gluing. Go to the NO time for FLASHCARDS site for the instructions to make this snail.


40. Tissue Paper Lantern

Make this very attractive lantern by following the directions given at TD365.

© 2015 Loraine Brummer

What is your favorite tissue paper craft? or leave a comment.

Susan Hazelton from Summerfield, Florida on December 05, 2018:

I love the Decoupage Candle holders - what a great idea for a gift. Yet another fabulous hub.

RTalloni on February 26, 2016:

A fun list of projects. The roses piñata is my favorite.

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