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Cross Stitch Finishing Ideas


Though sometimes thought of as an outdated art form, cross stitching has never been so popular. Every day, new cross stitch designers are popping up from all over the world, and each designer takes on a special individuality and charm. From classic to modern, there is something for everyone and what’s even better is that each pattern can be completely customized (substituting colors, adding text, adjusting stitch counts, etc.) to fit your needs, whatever they may be. And unlike yesteryear where most finished projects were simply framed and hung over the fireplace, nowadays, there are many, many options available for showcasing your precious stitches.

Social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and needlecraft specific blogs are great sources of inspiration when looking for ways to finish your cross stitched pieces of art.

Below are just a few ideas to get you started:


Typically, when you think of finished cross stitch projects, you envision them in frames. However, that doesn't mean they have to always be in basic frames with glass. Framing cross stitch projects without glass is another option. This method also gives you a lot more creative freedom as you can add coordinating fabrics, ric rac trims, beads and more! You can also dress up basic frames to give them a little more pop.


Wall Hangings

Finishing your cross stitched projects into wall hangings is another unique way to display your work without using the traditional framing method. Cross stitch wall hangings can be basic or "fancy" (fabric and ric rac) and can be displayed mounted onto decorative boards or plaques, wood signs, or just as basic signs hanging from twist cord.



Cross stitch baskets are really cute ways to display your finishes. You can make them theme or season-specific and jazz them up with some holiday picks, or mount the stitched pieces to coordinating fabric for some pop.



Cross stitched pieces finished as decorative box tops have endless possibilities for home decor options as there are thousands of varieties of decorative boxes available for purchase. Cross stitched pieces can be added to the top of the decorative box of your choice and jazzed up according to the theme or design.



Ornaments are great ways to finish your quick stitches and they don't always have to be Christmas-specific. You can finish nearly any small project into an ornament, and there are MANY different types of ornaments to finish them into.



Bookmarks are fun projects because you can finish them in literally just a few hours due to the small amount of stitches it takes to compete one.

There are thousands of patterns available small enough to work perfectly for this finishing technique, and many publications for bookmark-specific patterns are available at retail stores.

Stitched Bookmarks

Stitched Bookmarks

Greeting Cards

Cross-stitched greeting cards are becoming ever so popular, especially with the recent paper-crafting boom in the industry. There are many books available with patterns dedicated to making your own greeting cards, and they require few supplies, and more importantly, less time. And because your stitching will become the focal point of your handmade card, you don't even need to be an expert paper-crafter to become handmade card maker in no time at all!


Gift Tags

Along with greeting cards, gift tags are the perfect quick-and-easy project. In fact, many cross stitch greeting card books contain smaller versions made especially for gift tags, further coordinating your ensemble.



Clocks are a really unique idea for cross stitching projects. The background can be stitched in any theme or design you would like and set into a frame. Clock parts, available at most craft stores, can be set inside your finished product.


Stitched buttons are a great idea for finishing if you have limited time because they only require 1” or less of stitching in order to be assembled. Cover buttons are readily available at most needlecraft shops, or online, and are usually inexpensive.



Stitched magnets are finished exactly the same way as stitched buttons. However, ¾” magnets are necessary and will need to be glued to the back of your button. Mini motifs and patterns are readily available and can be mixed and matched to complete some really great coordinating magnet sets.


Hand Towels

Dish towels with cross stitch fabric (usually Aida cloth) center are available at most craft stores and allow you to add a small design of your choice. They are one of the fastest, simplest cross stitch projects you can complete



Clear, acrylic coasters are available at most craft stores and will allow you to slip in a piece of finished project in between the front and back.


More Ideas...


Scissor fobs


Notebook or scrapbook covers

Door signs


Candle wrappers

Jar wrappers

Tooth fairy pillow

Oven mitts


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Nico from Ottawa, ON on May 07, 2015:

Wonderful ideas!

RTalloni on July 22, 2013:

These ideas could motivate me to do cross stitch again. Keeping these finishing options in mind for sure--thanks.