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Crocheting to the Next Stage: 5 Projects for Beginners to use Granny Squares

Numerous projects can be found here!

Numerous projects can be found here!

Granny Squares are not meant for grandmas only!

When you first heard of the term "Granny Squares", you might think of the grandma in Tom and Jerry, who knits and takes care of the Tweety bird? Remember her? Anyway, granny squares should never be limited to women of that age. Open your mind and broaden your horizon, let's see what else you can do with granny squares that you have mastered so far.

I always love the idea of simple granny squares. They are easy to make and you can have different colors for them all. However, how can you make a project out of these squares?

Making a blanket is a huge project and it can take a while for you to see the result. A daunting project for a beginner will tone down the motivation and in the end, you will feel that the project is endless. Let us be more realistic of our capability as beginners in crocheting. What else can you do with your squares?

Project One: The Prideful Coasters

Personally, I love colors and I make coasters from wide range of colors. In fact, I make sets of them and store them for events. The colors that I have are useful whenever I have a theme for my parties and to suit the decoration that I use at a particular moment.

Coasters bring you pride when you tell someone that you made them. It will be one of the topics discussed and instantly will make you proud of your useful creation. I receive a lot of compliments from my guests when I serve them along with the coasters. You see, a simple granny square is not that difficult to make. Plus, you don't have to spend more than $15 just to get a set. Make yourself one now!

Granny Square Hemp Coasters

Granny Square Hemp Coasters

Tell us:

Project Two: The Purposeful Dishcloth

Are you envious of your friends who have a glamorous kitchen and has a taste in decoration? One hint: color coordination! Yes. If you are aware of how you can upgrade your style, it's through a good homemaking skill.

My preference for my dishcloth is always of a good material - and also with matching colors. Cotton is my favorite since they work well with absorbing water. However, sometimes cotton can be a little bit costly. You can get your skein from a mix of acrylic and cotton since they are cheaper.

Design your dishcloth to be slightly bigger, perhaps more than 10 rounds and you will be happy to use them in the kitchen!

Tutorial on Dishcloth

Tutorial on Dishcloth

Project Three: A Bag With an Attitude

A bag does not have to be a huge tote to store everything. It can be a pouch or a make up bag. A small bag can be made by stitching two granny squares to become a coin purse. Combine four and you get your pencil case or brush case.

The point is, start small.

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Here is a link to a pinterest board that collect crocheted bags from granny squares. Start your own pin board too to show your completed and ongoing projects!

Project Four: Eccentric Throw Pillow Covers

Can you imagine your couch with tasteful throw pillows? The colors just blend and become the center of the design.

The best thing about throw pillows is they are square in shape! That's it, you can either combine the small squares and turn them in to patches of squares or enlarge your granny squares to become the size of your throw pillow. There are endless possibilities to make you pillow cover.

Browse through the net for some ideas and you can simply see that you can make one for yourself too. Why not make some as christmas gift to friends and family?

To motivate you with the squares

To motivate you with the squares

Project Five: Exotic Slippers

You didn't think of making slippers out of purely squares? Let me tell you a big surprise. I found this blog that gives you the chance of making your own slippers from just 12 squares! Yes... a pair of slippers from 12 granny squares.

There is a place, somewhere on the globe, where people design these slippers. It looks very exotic, but you can make them easily and won't take longer than a day to finish them! As beginners, I think it's a great accomplishment when you can wear something you make.

How to make you own granny squares slippers

How to make you own granny squares slippers

Don't Give Up!

The best way for you to keep on working with your yarns is to be realistic with your projects. Do not be too ambitious until you're confident with your skills. Focus on achievable ideas and craft items before moving on with something bigger and more time consuming.


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