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Crochet Filet And More For Your Kitchen Free Patterns

Accessory Jar

Wide Mouth Jar Lid Cover

Wide Mouth Jar Lid Cover

Kitchen Beauties

There are so many cute and practical items that can be created for the kitchen.

Crochet a fancy kitchen set. You can make an apron, a towel and a dishcloth all to match your kitchen décor.

I love this sweet Wide mouth jar cover.

It would be pretty covering your favorite jar of jelly or jam. O fill the mason jar with candies or dried fruit.

The free pattern from Crochet N More can be found here: Wide Mouth Jar Lid Cover

Finding the inspiration to kick-start your spring cleaning can be a challenge, so here you will find some really sweet free patterns to inspire you.

Have Fun !

I hope you enjoy these patterns as much as I do.

Crochet Fruit

Crochet Apple

Crochet Apple

Looking Fruity

Who could resist these beauties...They look good enough to eat..

You will want make lots of these.. They would make great gifts for any and all on your list, Male or Female .

For Birthdays, Mother's Day, for filling an Easter Basket . Maybe for a church bazaar or a craft fair.Hostess gifts, the ideas are endless. Or to fill a decorative fruit bowl on your table or counter top.

The Free pattern from garnsstudio:

Be sure to check out the other free patterns they offer as well

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Crochet A Basket

Chunky Basket

Chunky Basket

Crochet a Chunky Basket

This Chunky basket can be made up in your favorite colors or to match your décor and be used in any room of the house.

It can be used as a bread basket , or any thng for that matter...Apples, Bananas or a basket to store odds and ends in your kitchen.

In the bedroom, the bathroom or anywhere to house a variety of items.

Try your hand at crocheting this Chunky Basket from Hand Made in a year

Starburst Dish Cloth

Starburst Dishcloth

Starburst Dishcloth

Dish Cloths

We all need them..Dishcloths that is..Not only for washing dishes and wiping up tables counters tops and stoves...crocheted dishcloths are just too cute..Yep we need them just cause they are cute...

Everyone loves a little Starburst in their life so why not have some fun in the kitchen with this little STARBURST DISHCLOTH free from Blooming Patterns? It's an intermediate crochet pattern that uses single and double crochet stitches. Use worsted weight cotton yarn to complete this crochet pattern. It's a great gift idea for the chef in your life.

Cleaning up has never been so much fun!

Be sure to make a couple for yourself as well. This truly is an elegant crochet dishcloth pattern. This is a fairly easy crochet pattern to make.

This dishcloth can be given as a wedding gift or even a baby shower gift .

Beautiful Pot Holder

Rose Ripple pot Holder

Rose Ripple pot Holder

Beautiful Pot Holder

I love these potholders...A great idea for the kitchen retro look.

Delights-Gems: Rose Ripple Potholder Pattern

The center resembles a wide rose in full bloom (or could be a carnation, marigold, peony, chrysanthemum). In any color you choose.

Fat Free Just Desserts

Bake Me a Cake a Cupcake that is

Bake Me a Cake a Cupcake that is

Doughnut Ornaments

Doughnut Ornaments

Cake Anyone?

Bake Me a Cake as fast as you can

Every kitchen must have food...and if it must then , why not these beautiful zero calorie cupcakes..

Aha at last a diet that really works!

Or perhaps some beautiful doughnuts. This doughnut is actually a Christmas Ornament...But why not make a plateful? The free downloadable pattern is from Redheart yarns. Doughnut Ornament

Window Treatment

Dappled Lace Café Curtain Pattern

Dappled Lace Café Curtain Pattern

Window Treatments And Placemats

Pattern instructions in free download from Knitpiks:

Dappled Lace Cafe Curtain download

This lacy cafe style curtain allows you to enjoy the beauty of daylight and still maintain your privacy.

A slightly loosened gauge gives the lace an airy quality, while the smooth cotton blend yarn knits into a crisp and attractive fabric.

This would be pretty with a valence as well. Or to place over an open cabinet.

For Your Table

Oval Place mat and Coaster

Oval Place mat and Coaster

Placemat and Coaster Set

How about crocheting a set of these pretties in your favorite color.

Oval Placemat and Coaster Set.

These would be beautiful on any table. Depending on the color of your choice. .

The color choices could make the difference from the elegance in your dining room to the wash and wear everyday table setting..the color options are limitless.

Colorful Flower Coasters

Flower Coasters

Flower Coasters


Coaster and Noteholders

These beautiful Flower Coasters are great for holding your drinks, no matter what you're drinking. If you have a nice wooden or glass table you won't want ring marks, which is where these crocheted coasters come into play.

Crochet this darling HEART POCKET NOTE HOLDER to leave love notes for those who matter to you. This is a practical way to keep organized with the added bonus that it is a fun and charming design. Handmade gifts are as great to give as they are to receive, and this is a quick and easy project that will have you repeatedly making it for special friends and loved ones of all ages.

Design by Terry Day

Crochet By Chart

Hummingbird Chart

Hummingbird Chart

Free Charts for Crochet Fillet

If you love Crochet Fillet then you will Love the free charts that are available for down load at Crochet pattern central

So many patterns to choose from

Spiral Scrubbie Tutorial (Dishcloth Washcloth Tribble Tawashi Scrubby)

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