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Bullion-Rimmed Flower Crochet Earrings Pattern

Bullion-Rimmed Flower Drop Earrings

Bullion-Rimmed Flower Drop Earrings

  • How to Crochet BULLION Stitch
    Why can't you do the bullion stitch? Because there are hidden instructions you don't know. It's here. (THIS IS A VIDEO TUTORIAL.)

One day I surfed Etsy for crocheted bracelet but found a beautiful silver bracelet that sparked an idea in my head! I thought, I can express this pattern in crochet! The Bullion-Rimmed Flower motif was born. (The bracelet was more refined and detailed, a limitation of crocheting small motifs).

This is another quick to make crochet earrings perfect for beautiful left-over yarn. And if you are not familiar with the bullion stitch yet, this is the best place to start.

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What You Need

  • small amount of yarn ( I used plarn* derived from the plastic bag in the photo)
  • 1 pair fish hooks
  • crochet hook suitable for yarn
  • pliers for joining the fish hook and motif
  • tapestry needle for weaving ends

*Plarn - yarn derived from plastic bags. Click here to learn the methods of making plarn.

Skill Level: Intermediate

This project requires chains, slip stitches and bullion stitches.

The first two (ch and sl st) are considered beginner skills but the bullion stitch is a bit intricate to make. If this is your first time to try the bullion stitch, I got you covered. I've included a detailed instruction with pictures to get you through.

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Bullion stitches are usually done vertically but in this project it is anchored horizontally.

Crochet Instructions

Ch 3, sl st to form ring. (Ch 4, sl st to ring)5x.

Sl st in ch-4 sp, TURN, (ch 5, sl st in next ch-4 sp) 5x.

Sl st in ch-5 sp, ch 1 (ch 5, sl st in next ch-5 sp) 5x.

Sl st in ch-5 sp, (1 bullion st* anchored in same ch-5 sp, sl st in same ch-5 sp, 1 bullion st anchored in next ch-5 sp, sl st in same ch-5 sp) 5x.

Break off. Hide ends inside bullion sts.

* Bullion stitch is explained through the photos below.


Comments Make ME HAPPY

PWalker281 on August 29, 2011:

Love your use of the bullion stitch in these cute earrings. I use it a lot in my freeform crochet projects. Rated up and useful!

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