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Crochet Man's Zippered Phone Purse Free Pattern


Table of Contents:

  • Link to Wicker Stitch Pattern
  • Required Skill
  • Measurements
  • Materials and Tools
  • Notes
  • Abbreviation
  • Written Pattern
  • Chart Pattern
  • How to Apply the Zipper
  • Changing Colors (Video)

My to-do list includes a purse for my netbook's mouse. I crocheted one in chocolate and mocha crochet cotton with a zipper for closure. My mouse fits nicely in it. Then it happened again.

Just like in Donna's Phone Cozy #3, my husband saw what I have crocheted and said, "This one has a zipper. Can I have it?" What's a wife to do?

I'm not sure if he could appreciate the wicker-basket effect of the stitch pattern I used. It's not so pronounced with the thinness of crochet cotton. My intention in using this stitch pattern is to practice it in preparation for the Plarn Wicker Baskets I was going to make.

I discovered this simple stitch pattern from this pin board. The use of hdc's crocheted between the posts of previous hdc's is so clever! When used with thick yarns, the wicker-basket effect is more visible.

When used with thin yarns like crochet cotton, the result is masculine enough for my husband to beg for this purse! The virile effect is reinforced when crocheted in neutral colors like browns, grays, and even blues.

Luscious browns... Love it!

Luscious browns... Love it!

Materials and Tools:

  • Mercerized crochet cotton
  • #7 (1.65 mm) steel hook
  • 5-in zipper (or longer)
  • Sewing pins, needle and thread

Required Skill:

  • Working on both sides of the chain
  • Working in rows back and forth
  • Crocheting hdc's between posts
  • Crocheting sl st's
  • Applying a zipper
  • Optional: Changing colors (see video below)


Length: 5 in

Width: 3.5 in

Gauge: 8 stiches and 7 rows per in


This stitch pattern can maintain the original length of the foundation chain (based on my experience).

But it's always a good idea to crochet a swatch first if you plan to modify the pattern.


  • Ch - chain
  • Hdc - half-double crochet
  • Sk - skip
  • Sl st - slip stitch
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Written Pattern:

Foundation Chain: Ch 27 (or any number of chains).

Round 1: Hdc on the 3rd ch from hook, 23 hdc, 2 hdc on the remaining ch, (begin work on the other side of the chain) 24 hdc, sl st to turning ch, ch2, TURN.

Stitch count: 50 hdc + (ch-2 equivalent to an hdc) = 51 hdc

Note: Anchor the stitches of Round 2 in between the posts of the stitches from the previous round.

Round 2: 50 hdc, sl st to turning ch, ch 2, TURN.

Stitch count: 50 hdc + (ch-2 equivalent to an hdc) = 51 hdc

Repeat Rounds 2 23 times in chocolate brown, 10 times in mocha brown.

Finishing Round 1: Sc on each hdc, sl st to 1st sc, TURN.

Finishing Round 2: Sl st ALL sc's of previous round to achieve a finished look for the phone cozy. Break off and weave in ends.

The following chart pattern is NOT an actual representation of the written pattern.

It only serves as an illustration of the written pattern. However, it can also serve as a formula/recipe should you want to modify this pattern into something else.

Applying Zippers:

Most of us (crocheters) are afraid of applying zippers to our crocheted creations. For a very long time, I avoided zippers as much as I could.

But then, time will come for each of us to face our fear of the zipper. Thank God Carrie Wolf made a very helpful tutorial on how to line and attach zippers to crocheted pieces.

Check it out and you won't be so scared of the zipper (or the lining) anymore.

Link to Carrie Wolf's Zipper and Lining Tutorial

Changing Colors (Video)

One of the things that I found to be difficult in crochet was changing colors. It took me a long time to discover on my own the proper technique. There was no YouTube then.

Luckily for you, there's a video for almost everything now. This video (floating right) is what I'd call a perfect video tutorial. The images are vibrant and steady, the audio is clear, the editing is unblemished, and the person demonstrating really knows what he's doing.

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