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Crochet Baby Bibs with Free Patterns

I've been crocheting since I was a little girl. Since then I've designed for magazines and offer free patterns at my site.

Find the Heirloom Baby Bib listed below.

Find the Heirloom Baby Bib listed below.

Baby bibs make great shower gifts and new moms appreciate getting them. Find some free crochet bib pattern below. You can save money if you crochet your own for your child too. The bibs are easy and quick to crochet and they take very little yarn.

I can crochet one in an evening with no problem. The more detailed ones may take a little longer.

The Best Yarn to Use

I like to use crochet cotton yarn. The cotton is more absorbent than other yarns and is machine washable. My favorite product is Lily Sugar 'n Cream. It is easy to find and offers a wide array of colors and variegated patterns. Bernat offers a nice cotton yarn as do many other companies.

Several of these patterns use regular acyrlic worsted weight yarn. That is fine too, if baby doesn't get the bib too wet.

This bib snaps to the side, so you don't need to lift baby's head when snapping. See the side snap baby pattern below.

This bib snaps to the side, so you don't need to lift baby's head when snapping. See the side snap baby pattern below.

Design Your Own Baby Bib

If you'd like to design your own bib, it is simple. You just need to know how to do increases and decreases. Use a sewing pattern or an actual bib and just follow the shape. This is what I did for my free pattern for the side snap baby bib.

Free Crochet Baby Bib Patterns

Here you'll find a list of free patterns that you can use. Just click on blue highlighted names of the patterns and it will take you to the page.

Alice Pinafore Bib

The Alice Pinafore Bib is a little longer than most bibs, but not as long as a pinafore. You'll need to scroll down the page a little ways to find the photo and pattern. Sizes are included to fit size newborn to 24 months. Sports weight yarn is used and a size J crochet hook.

This is another version of the Side Snap Baby Bib.

This is another version of the Side Snap Baby Bib.

Barb's Side Snap Bib

At Barb's Crochet Pattern you can find a free pattern for,a Side Snap Baby Bib. An applique could be added or a ruffle around the edge if you'd like something more than the basic bib. This bib was created with 4-ply cotton yarn and a size H hook. It snaps on the side of the shoulder.

Biker Bib

These bibs are for those that enjoy motorcycles. Biker Bibs are offered as a free download at You need to be a member to get the free patterns, but membership is free. They offer so many free patterns it is unbelievable.

Cotton Bib

Peanutz Mom's Pattern Place offers a Cotton Bib pattern that has back ties. The bib is a medium size and about seven inches across. This is another easy bib pattern.

If You Need Cotton Yarn to crochet your Bib, Amazon has a selection of colors. Cotton works best for crocheting a bib since it is more absorbent than acrylics.

Easy Baby Bib

Easy Baby Bib is created with appliques to go on the front. First she offers the bib pattern and at the bottom of the pattern she gives the links to the appliques. You can make a bib and then add a cupcake, car or a snowman. 4-ply worsted weight yarn and a size H hook are used in the projects.

How to Crochet a Baby Bib

Heirloom Pattern for the Bib at the Top

This bib is a real beauty. Here is the link Free Baby Crochet -

Heirloom Pattern

Megan Mills offers an Heirloom pattern. The photo is shown at the top of the page. This one is a beauty. The bib is lighter weight, since she used size 10 DMC Cebelia thread. It would be nice when you dress baby in his/her Sunday best. As a Christening bib, it would be a nice addition to protect the other Christening clothing.

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One Skein Bib

The One Skein Baby Bib is offered by The Gimpy Hooker site. The bib was created to fit a newborn. It uses just one skein of yarn and has a pretty flower applique.

Round Bib

Round Baby Bib is offered as a free Ravelry download. The bib is worked in one piece and the straps can be adjusted to fit the baby. Cotton linen yarn was used. The pattern is offered by Sonea Delvon Designs.

Snowman Bib

The HGTV sites offers a free Snowman Bib. The bib is crocheted with Red Heart Classic yarn which is a worsted weight yarn. The bib features a cute snowman face across the front. This would make a nice one to wear over the Christmas season or all winter long.

Teddy Bear Motif Bib

The Teddy Bear Motif Bib does have ties, but it could be easily converted to a bib with snaps. Just make the ties shorter and sew snaps on when you are finished. It is offered as a free pattern at the Coffee and Vanilla site. The design features a cute little teddy bear motif in the corner to crochet.

Two Toned Baby Bib

The Two Toned Bib can be found at Rhelena's Crochet n' Crafts site. The pattern uses Bernat Handicrafter yarn and a size H hook. It is offered in two different sizes.

If you enjoyed this listing, you might also enjoy making a matching hat or bonnet.


Barbara Badder (author) from USA on August 31, 2014:

Marie, I hope you are able to crochet one. Some of these are quick projects. Thanks for looking.

C_MarieWeber from Wichita on August 31, 2014:

This is great! Although I've crocheted most of my life, I never even thought to crochet bibs for my little ones. I guess I can get started on bibs for the grandbabies, though. ;)

Barbara Badder (author) from USA on August 22, 2014:

R Talloni, I'm happy you'll enjoy them. Thanks for reading.

RTalloni on August 22, 2014:

Am looking forward to checking each of these links out--thanks for putting this together for us!

Barbara Badder (author) from USA on August 22, 2014:

Citrangada Sharan, Thanks for looking. I hope you find time to crochet a few.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on August 22, 2014:

Beautiful and such a cute design for baby bibs!

I loved your crochet patterns. Thanks for sharing your ideas! Voted up!

Barbara Badder (author) from USA on August 06, 2014:


Ana Maria Orantes from Miami Florida on August 06, 2014:

It is true. I am delite to read your words.

Barbara Badder (author) from USA on August 06, 2014:

erorantes, Thanks for commenting. I'm happy ti find a fellow crocheter.

Ana Maria Orantes from Miami Florida on August 06, 2014:

Hello miss Barbara. It is an excellent idea writing about crochet baby bibs. It fun to do things for babies. Imagen having a baby and nothing else to do. Crochet is the greatest thing to do. I love crochet. Thank you for a creative and beautiful hub.

Barbara Badder (author) from USA on June 17, 2014:

LadyFiddler, Thank you. I hope you have time to crochet some.

Joanna Chandler from On Planet Earth on June 17, 2014:

Barbra this is so beautiful i love the bibs , looks professional especially the first one its nice for offering up a child etc.

Thanks for sharing Babs!

Barbara Badder (author) from USA on May 25, 2014:

aviannovice, Crochet is easy. Just watch a Youtube video and you'd be surprised. Thanks for commenting.

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on May 25, 2014:

These are really very pretty. Makes we wish that I could crochet for some easy gifts.

Barbara Badder (author) from USA on May 20, 2014:

Writer Fox, Thanks for viewing the hub and voting it up. Yes, they do make great gifts, because moms need lots of them.

Writer Fox from the wadi near the little river on May 20, 2014:

What a great idea for gifts to make. Moms never have too many baby bibs! Voted up!

Barbara Badder (author) from USA on May 13, 2014:

teaches12345, Thanks for looking. I need to get busy and crochet these myself.

Dianna Mendez on May 13, 2014:

You always have the most interesting crochet ideas. I love the biker bib suggestions -- that would be so cute!

Barbara Badder (author) from USA on May 02, 2014:

purl3agony, Crochet is easy to learn. There are a lot of good videos on Youtube to teach you. Too bad that you don't live close and I would. I've been teaching my niece. Thanks for saving to Pinterest.

Donna Herron from USA on May 02, 2014:

These bibs are adorable. I particularly love the heirloom bib at the top of your hub. I'm a big knitter, but I have wanted to learn to crochet for quite some time. These patterns might just be the incentive I need :) Saving to Pinterest! Thanks for sharing!!

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