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Cricut Typography Hack

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New to Cricut Design Space? Here are some hints and tips I've learned and want to share to make your experience easier, fun and productive!

Words on Design Space

If you're not planning on curving your text and would essentially to do a quick and simple text design then here is a quick and easy way to get perfect spacing and joining of letters.


Step 1

Open up word and find the font you want and have the size at least 48 to make it easier to see.


Step 2

Make sure you press enter couple of times to get rid of the input curser and use the snipping tool (for Windows search in your start) or screen shot.


Step 3

Quick and easy way to remove background is to upload it to and download the new image.

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Step 4

Upload the removed background image to Design Space.

Ta da quick and easy!


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