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Creative Play Clay

1 cup ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda OPTIONAL: food coloring/poster paints
1/2 cup ARGO corn starch shellac,clear nail polish
2/3 cup warm water

1. Mix Baking Soda and cornstrarch in saucepan
2. Add water and stir untill smooth
3.Place over medium heat and bring to a boil
stirring constantly,untill mix looks like mashed potatoes.
4.Remove from heat-pour onto mixing board to cool.
5. when clay is cool enough to handle knead (mix throughly)
6.For color - knead coloring into clay untill well blended
or paint finish uncolored objects with poster paints.
7. When pieces are completly dry, brush with shellac or clear nail polish.
shellac is optional for figures colored with food coloring.

Makes about 1 1/2 cups. Double the recipe for large groups or large objects

Use this clay with a rolling pin,cookie cutters or a knife, you can roll and cut clay
to make holiday ornaments,mobiles. or three -dimensional projects
This mixture can be molded into almost anything. Use your imagination to
create flowers,hearts,birds, leaves, beads ect.

Larger objects will take longer to dry.

Store in Plastic Zip lock bags or Airtight container



will keep for several weeks



IN2Deep (author) from USA on January 22, 2011:

Sure that would be nice then I can share the 'how to' with others

Pamela Bogwald from Oak Ridge, NJ on January 22, 2011:

What about that clay you made out of shredded paper. I still wear that necklace you carved. The wizard with the hat. As a matter of fact just had it on yesterday. You really have a gift carving out of clay, carving in general. Remember that rock you carved with the jewels for the eyes. I love that too so much. He has been on my window sill for years just staring at me and me staring back. Do you want me to take a pic and upload and send to you?

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