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Creating Simple Animated Art Using MS Paint

James is an independent writer and storyteller based out of India. He loves writing short stories and doodling.

Wanna Make Something Cool Like This?

Flashing shades

Flashing shades

Is it really possible to create something like this in MS Paint?

Yes, indeed!

And you can do spectacularly better than this quick doodle!

There are technical limitations to what you can (not) do in any given program. Creativity trumps the day though.

Sometimes it is kindled by inspiration and sometimes, sparked by sheer boredom.

Before jumping into the guide, let's learn a bit about Animation. I'll keep it brief. Promise!


An animation is basically two individual frame stitched together in succession, to give an illusion of movement.

Remember flip-books?

You drew images on every single page and when you flipped. . .Magic!

If you don't know what a Flip-book is, you can google it.

The technique here is rather simple. The process could be exhausting. But I promise you're gonna have fun. Ask your friends to join you as well for this fun project.

Okay, now let's dive right into MS Paint, shall we?

Tools Of The Trade

All you will need is

MS Paint program. You can find it in your school's computer with a Window's operating system. Ask your tutor to help you out with it.

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A wired Mouse that is connected to the computer.

And some imagination.

Our art project is divided into three phases.

Phase 1 - We make an art.

Phase 2 - We color our art.

Phase 3 - We bring our art to life.

Let's Doodle Something


Phase 1

In phase 1 you start with a basic character or any shape.

You can take references from your favorite artists.

You can copy an image from a book or comics.

You can also pause a movie and draw your favorite character from it.

Or just doodle whatever you feels like. You can make a Hen or a Pen or a Lion's Den. Who cares.

No one's judging you. Have fun.

Out of boredom I started to draw squiggly lines and ended up drawing the following character.


Phase 2

In phase 2 we will begin coloring a part of our character. Don't forget to save each successive drawing as a separate image.


Repeat Repeat Repeat

Repeat coloring or adding new features until you feel your masterpiece is ready for the final cut.

Save Save Save

Most important part of the process.

Save every single time you make changes - in a new file.

To do that you have to save every new edit with the Save As option in the MS Paint menu.

Save the images in the following format.

  • Image 1
  • Image 1 a
  • Image 1 b
  • Image color blue 1
  • Image color blue 2
  • Image color yellow 1
  • Image color yellow 2
  • Image final drawing

This is just an example. This way you won't jumble up your files. It will also help us in our final Phase 3

Phase 3

In the final Phase, we go online to find some free tools that can stitch our drawings into a GIF file.

There are many free online Images to GIF convertors. You can check them with the help of your teachers or parents.

Check for the site's reliability. Some free online tools comes with tonne's of malicious cookies and viruses even. Always have an Anti-Virus active in your computer or mobile devices.

I Don't Have MS Paint

Don't worry if you can't find MS Paint.

You can doodle in just about any program with a drawing feature.

You can try professional design programs like the Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral-Draw etc.

Or you can try freely available online drawing sites. Google for free online drawing sites. You will bump into so many of them. I will make a list of some cool sites in my next illustrated guide.

I Don't Know What To Draw

Don't worry. Here are ten doodle prompts for you.

You can doodle 'em in your sketchbook or old newspaper, before drawing in MS Paint.

  1. A Glass of Milk
  2. An Ice-cream cone
  3. A colorful Triangle
  4. A Box in a box in a box in a box in a box in a box. . .
  5. A funny Face (you can draw yourself)
  6. A Star-fish
  7. A Shelf of Books (you can keep some of the shelf empty)
  8. A colorful Snowman
  9. A Map
  10. A Pineapple

These are just prompts. You can come up with so many more ideas. Jot your ideas in a note-pad and try drawing them.

Try weird colors. Experiment with the brushes. Explore new tools. Unleash your creativity.


See ya'll in the next guide.

Until then

Keep imagining.

Keep experimenting.

Keep exploring.

Draw something new. Do something new. Do something exciting.

© 2021 James Paul


James Paul (author) from India on July 27, 2021:

Sure Puji. Have loadza fun doodling!

Puji hartono from Indonesia on July 26, 2021:

I will try sir

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