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Creating Text Images Using Gimp and Microsoft Powerpoint 2007

What is Gimp and Why Use It?

Gimp is a free image editing software. I consider this image-editing program to be more user-friendly than Adobe Photoshop. It is small and doesn't require a lot of processing power. It is also easy to use so you don't need to be an expert designer to follow this tutorial.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 is mainly used here to achieve the mirror effect, the gradient tool, and outlining styles.These effects would require a considerable amount of time and expertise to be achieved using the Gimp software alone. I'm talking about being lazy. Aside from saving time, you can easily edit your text in the Powerpoint without affecting the effects your chose.

Gimp Logo

Gimp Logo

Tools Needed

  • Gimp software (download it from
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 (or higher)
  • Desired fonts (You can download fonts from for free)
  • Gimp brushes (There is a lot on the internet. Google it!)


The first part of this tutorial is fairly easy. We will be starting with Microsoft Powerpoint.

  • Open the Microsoft Powerpoint program.
  • On the menu bar, go to Insert --> WordArt --> and select the style you want your text to look like.
  • Type in the text you want and change the font according to your tastes. You may use any font but I suggest the fonts that looks clean.
  • Now edit the text according to your liking by filling it with the desired color. To do this go to Drawing Tools/Format --> Text Fill and fill the text with Gradient, Picture, Texture, or just a plain color. You can also change the Text Outline color and add some text effect.
  • Save your work if you want to keep the file for later use or in case you messed up your work in Gimp.
Here's what I did to mine.

Here's what I did to mine.

Now here comes the tricky part. We will now move to Gimp. Minimize your Powerpoint program. We will come back to it later. Here's how to move your work to Gimp.

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  • Open your installed Gimp software.
  • We will be creating a new canvass. To do so, go to File --> New
  • Decide on the width and height of your work or poster. You may change the measurement to inches or centimeter. This is handy if you want your work to be an accurate fit to your printed output. For the purpose of this, tutorial I used 600x400 pixels.
  • Now go back to your Powerpoint program. Copy your WordArt and paste it Gimp. To do so, you can click the WordArt and copy it using CTRL+C shortcut and paste it in Gimp using CTRL+V. You should now see your WordArt in your Gimp canvass.
  • Now we have to make the WordArt editable by making it into a Layer in Gimp. On the Layers, Channels, Paths... window. Right click on the Pasted Layer and select New Layer.
  • You may resize the text. You can do this by right clicking on the Pasted Layer and select Scale. A new window will appear. Adjust the text art accordingly.
Tools window is on the left. Layers, channels,... window is on the right.

Tools window is on the left. Layers, channels,... window is on the right.

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  • Now you can add enhancements or decorations to your text. In this tutorial, I did some effect and paints.
  • To add a glowing effect. Duplicate the Pasted Layer or the text image. You can do this by right clicking that layer and select Duplicate Layer.
  • Select the bottom layer then then go to Filters --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur. A new window will appear. Click OK.
  • Duplicate the blurred layer once again to achieve an emphatic glow effect.
  • Duplicate the first, untouched layer then select the Mode into Burn.
  • To add decorations. Here's what I did: create a New Layer. Right click on the Layers, Channels,... --> New Layer.
  • Select the Paintbrush Tool on the Tool window. Look for desired brushes and color. Apply as desired on the canvass.
  • You can play with the Mode tool in the Layers, Channels,... window. Be sure to paint on duplicate layers to achieve a desired effect.
  • Save your work into png, jpeg, or gif.
Here's the final work!

Here's the final work!

Another work on the same effect.

Another work on the same effect.

For Other Tutorials, Check This Video

© 2011 Red Fernan


Microsoft Powerpoint Free Download Fan on July 21, 2011:

This seems really interesting. The tutorial is very well-written, so I think that I will try to create text images. Thanks for a great help.

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