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Creating Crepe Paper Flowers

Paper crafting has been my passion since I was a child. I love sharing paper projects, ideas, and products. Get more from your paper.

Get started creating crepe paper flowers with this complete tutoorial

Get started creating crepe paper flowers with this complete tutoorial

Types Of Crepe Paper Used For Flowers

The results of the crepe paper flowers that will make are dependent on the quality of the paper that you use. There are differences in crepe paper on where it was manufactured.

Have you ever wondered what crepe paper is? Crepe paper is actually layers of tissue paper glued together and then creased. Those creases are the vertical lines that you see. The vertical lines are called the grain.

The weight or the grain of the paper determines the amount of stretch the paper has. The ability to stretch is what enables us to mold and curve the paper into petals that have lovely dimensions and shapes.

So for example a 60 gsm paper would have the ability to stretch 140%. A crepe paper that has a weight of 140 gsm could stretch 180%. 180 gsm could stretch 260%. The heavier or higher the gsm, the more stretch the paper would have.

Crepe paper comes in different weights, The weight is measured in grains. But you will want to choose a paper that works well in your crafting of flowers. So do not get crazy about the numbers on the package.

Italian Crepe Paper

This paper is also referred to as florist crepe paper. It is usually packaged as a large roll. The different grains include 60gsm, 100gsm, 140gsm, 160gsm and 180gsm options (gsm = grams per square meter). This paper has thick, rough very visible creases. It is a strong paper that will hold its shape. This type of paper also has a wide variety of colors.

  • Heavyweight at 180gsm. is durable and difficult to tear
  • Water-resistant at 140 gsm will not bleed if it gets wet.
  • Mid-weight at 90gsm a good compromise
  • Lightweight at 60 and 40 gsm. is thin and delicate

Doublette Crepe Paper

Doublette crepe paper is smoother and softer than the Italian version. It gives more delicate and realistic blooms. The paper is more prone to tearing and does not hold the petal shape as well. This paper has a color variation on each of the two sides. This paper also comes in smaller packages.

Stilcarta Crepe Paper

This crepe paper is somewhere between the Italian and the Doublette. It has a rough surface and the creases are visible However the paper will tear easier than the Italian version.

German Crepe Paper

Has a wide range of colors and is considered of good quality.

  • Heavy crepe paper is 160gsm. It is a bit stiffer than the Italian at 160gsm.
  • Doiublette or Gloria at 90gsm has different colors on each side with a smooth texture.
  • Extra Fine at 60gsm.

Chinese Crepe Paper

Chinese crepe paper is more reasonable in price but you may sacrifice consistency between rolls. The same color and quality between rolls may vary. However, because of the price, you will not be out much. Would be a choice possibly for beginners.

  • Extra heavyweight at 180 gsm. Colors more muted than the Italian version.
  • Heavy at 100 gsm ( may also be called a premium) Slightly more delicate but retains its strength.
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American Crepe Paper

Dennison was the first major manufacturer to make crepe paper in America. It comes in 134 colors and 28 printed patterns.

  • 32 gsm is considered very delicate paper

Mexican Crepe Paper

Mexican crepe paper is another affordable option. It comes is a collection of bright colors. This crepe is a little thinner than other crepes at the same gsm.

  • 90 gsm is thinner than the Italian equivalent
  • 70 gsm
  • Tissue paper crepe is great to make pompoms

Six Must Have Tools To Make Crepe Paper Flowers

There are only a few tools that you will need to create crepe paper flowers. You may have many of them in your craft space already

  1. A good pair of scissors- a good sharp pair of scissors is essential when you are cutting crepe paper. That way you will avoid getting tears and splits in your paper. The nonstick scissor is the best choice if you need to get a pair.
  2. Micro-tip scissors-these scissors are extremely sharp. They are handy especially when you are fringing. They also come in nonstick versions.
  3. Curling tool- you hold this tool and use it to curl your flower petals. That makes all your flowers more realistic.
  4. Needle-nose plier/wire cutter- You can find this as separate items or as ado it both tools. You will need this to cut and bend the floral wire
  5. Pinking shear-need a good sewing grade of these to create edges on some of your flowers where fraying might be a problem
  6. Low-temperature hot glue gun-you need a good glue gun to glue petals and leaves together. Try to find a glue gun with a fine point so that you get the precision placement of the glue.
  7. Tacky glue-used in places where you may want immediate tacky glue without messing with the glue gun.
  8. Floral tape is used to cover the wires on the stems of your flowers and plants. Use a florist-grade floral tape rather than a craft-grade floral tape for better results.
  9. Floral wire-there are different floral wires (also called stem wires) to chose from. Your best choice is those covered with paper. Have a few different choices of wires in your stash. Heavier flowers will require a heavier gauge wire while lighter flowers only need a lighter gauge wire.

What Glue Gun Works Best On Crepe Paper

Basic Steps To Making Crepe Paper Flowers

There are just a few steps to consider when making crepe paper flowers. In its most simple form, here are the steps to consider:

  1. Cut the paper petals from the crepe paper. You can free-hand cut them, or use a template to cut them evenly. There are lots of free templates available on the internet. In your browser, request the template for a specific flower, or " just free crepe paper flower templates."
  2. Glue the petals together and allow them time to dry.
  3. Shape the flower. Glue the first and last petals together and allow them to dry.
  4. Make the stamens. Wrap a wire with the color choice of the same crepe paper or contrasting color. Then wrap the stem with green crepe paper to create the stem.
  5. Insert the stamen in the flower. Wrap the flower and the stamen with floral tape to complete the flower.

Tips For Making Crepe Paper Flowers

There are several things that you need to understand before you begin creating your crepe paper flowers. These tips will help you get the best start to make crepe paper flowers successfully from the start.

  1. Using the right crepe paper is important! If you use lightweight crepe paper, you may find that it does not hold up as you put together your flowers. Use the best weight that your budget will allow. Consider the stretch of the crepe paper when you are selecting your crepe paper. You need at least 150-180gram or higher to get the stretch that you need.
  2. Choose the right pattern. Not all patterns will work well for crepe paper. The grain of the crepe paper is important. If you cut the petal against the grain, it will become limp as a flower. Because of this, it is important to understand which way the grain goes on the pattern. Once you find a pattern that will work with the crepe paper, print the pattern on sturdy cardstock. That way the pattern will be easy to use,.
  3. Cut multiple layers of petals all at once. Save yourself time and effort by cutting multiple layers of petals. Just layer the crepe paper in stacks and cut them with a good pair of sharp scissors. Non-stick scissors will give you the cleanest cut.
  4. Use an angle cut. If you need to have a " V" cut in the grain of your crepe paper to mirror the texture of a leaf or a flower paper, line your paper up diagonally along the grain of the paper.
  5. If you are using an electronic cutting machine, make sure that the blade is sharp and that you are using the right setting for your machine for crepe paper. A dragging blade will rip your crepe paper.
  6. Stretching your crepe paper will give the most realistic look to your flowers. Use a special tool to make them. Make sure to stretch the paper in the same direction as the grain. You can use a dowel, skewer, or any other hard round surface.

Add Glitter To Your Crepe Paper Flowers

A little glitter adds a bit of bling to your crepe paper flowers.

A little glitter adds a bit of bling to your crepe paper flowers.

Cutting Crepe Paper With An Electronic Cutting Machine

You want to use an electronic cutting machine like the Cricut Maker if you plan to cut crepe paper flower petals. The point here is that you need a machine that does not have any drag on the blade. You need a machine that cuts cleanly every time.

Always make sure to lift any crepe paper petals or leaves off the mat carefully, so that the petals do not rip !

Cutting Crepe Paper On A Cricut Maker

The Cricut Maker has the tools to make cutting crepe paper easier than ever before. There are two tools that make cutting crepe paper very successful. The right blade to use for these kinds of projects is either the Wavy Edge Tool or the Rotary Blade. The Rotary tool comes with the purchase of the Maker. The Wavy Edge tools are a separate purchase. These are the only tools in the Cricut line that will cut crepe paper. And they are exclusive to the Maker.

You will also want to use the fabric mat for cutting crepe paper. First, make sure when you lay your crepe paper on your mat that the ridges are running parallel, vertically to the height of your design

You will also need to burnish the paper onto the mat. Burnish is a fancy word for the rub, Gently rub the paper onto the mat, going in the same grain that the paper is. You can use a scraper or an old gift card or a credit card, but remember to be gentle. This will help the paper to stick to the fabric mat so that you get a better cut.

Another trick to getting a clean cut is to always set the pressure to more. When you are setting up the cut in your custom choices, the default setting will come up. Just click on the more setting and you will be good to go.

Using higher quality crepe paper is another trick that will help you get better cuts.

Cutting Crepe Paper On A Silhouette Cameo

The first thing to know about cutting crepe paper on the Silhouette is that you will need to use the Cameo 4 which has the rotary blade. The sec9nd thing to know is that in order to cut crepe paper flowers, you will need to have to have the Designer Edition upgrade or higher in the Silhouette software. In order to cut crepe paper flowers, you will need to import SVG files ( think of them like templates). You need the upgraded software in order to do this.

Another consideration, though not difficult to overcome is that there is not a crepe paper preset setting. That just means that you need to add a custom setting to your list.

You will want to run the grain of the crepe paper up and down on the mat. You can use a brayer to make sure that the crepe paper adheres to the mat. If you do not adhere it well, the paper will just bounce around and possibly rip or tear. Make sure to use a mat that is fairly sticky.

Crepe Paper Flower Ideas

Make sure to use good quality crepe paper in your flowers. You will find that you get a better quality flower  with better quality crepe paper

Make sure to use good quality crepe paper in your flowers. You will find that you get a better quality flower with better quality crepe paper

Adding Color And Detail To Crepe Paper Flowers

Adding color and detail to your crepe paper flowers takes them to a whole new level. When you take your design a step farther, you would almost have to touch them to see if they are real. There are some products that you can use to get that authenticity in your designs. You may have some of them in your stash already,

  • Pan Pastels-You can use these to add soft color to your petals and leaves with this medium. They are soft dry colors that can be applied with a sponge or a paintbrush. Use an acrylic sealer as these colors tend to shed.
  • Alcohol Markers-These is fun to use to add detail to stamens or little dots. You could also use a water-based marker. Experiment to see what you like to use.
  • Acrylic Paint-Often is used to add a bit of color at the end of the stamens.
  • Distress Inks-Add shading to all your petals starting from the bottom center to the center. You can use a soft brush or an ink dauber to apply these inks.

Shaping Your Petals

Crepe paper has a more realistic look than paper when it comes to shaping petals. That is because the paper stretches and molds easier than paper.

Want to shape your petals? Here is how:

  1. Hold the petal between thumbs and index fingers, gently press your thumbs away from each other cupping the petal. The goal is to shape the middle of the petal – not to stretch the edges.
  2. The second option is to use a scraper tool to curl the edges by pressing the tip of the petals around the scraper tool while combing it from the center to the edge of the petal.

Spring Flower Branches

Create lovely spring flower branches with crepe paper streamers

Create lovely spring flower branches with crepe paper streamers

Tips For Creating Crepe Paper Flowers

There are a few things to remember as you begin your journey creating crepe paper flowers.

  1. Less Is More-Unlike cardstock and other papers, crepe paper petals expand as you form them, They actually grow in size. So you will use less crepe paper than you would regular paper. The flowers tend to be larger, so you can use less of them in your bouquets and projects.
  2. Follow Directions- This is especially important if you are a beginner. But it is equally important as you grow in your talents. The size of the paper and petals, how to lay the grain, how to form the petals, and how to attach them are all equally important. Following pattern and tutorial directions will give you more success and less wasted time and supplies.
  3. You Need To Use Quality Crepe Paper- Better crepe paper will guarantee more life-like flowers and ,more successful projects

Crepe Paper Magnolias

Easy to make and so pretty. This tutorial includes a template

Easy to make and so pretty. This tutorial includes a template

Creating Stamens For Your Crepe Paper Flowers

Stamens (flower centers) are really the base for all of your crepe paper flowers. An 18 gauge wire is about the right size for your stamens and stems. Start with a 12-inch piece for a bouquet and a 6-inch piece for a boutonniere. Always wrap your wire pieces with floral tape before getting started.

Button Stamen ( Used For Daises)

Cut an 11 inch long by 2-inch wide piece of crepe paper. Place a thumb-sized piece of cotton ball in the center of the paper. Push the end of the wire into the cotton ball. Wrap the paper around the cotton ball. Twist the ends around the wire and secure them with floral tape.

Bud Stamen (Used For Roses)

Cut a three-inch square piece of crepe paper. Fold it into a triangle. Bring the far tips into the center bottom point, overlapping slightly. Hold the tips together and twist them. Secure the tips to the end of the wire with floral tape.

Pistil (Used For Lillies)

Cut a 1/2 inch wide by a 6-inch long piece of off-white crepe paper. Twist it tightly between your fingers. Tie a knot at one end. Cut a3 -1/8 inch wide by 4inch long strips of heavy red crepe paper. Bend each piece at one end. Attach all the strips, off wite in the center to the end of the wire with floral tape.


Cut a 6-by-2-inch strip of crepe paper; fold every 1/2 inch. Cut petals as shown. Wrap-around end of the wire. Secure with floral tape.

Triple Button

Cut three 1-inch squares of crepe paper; make three wads of cotton the size of a pinky nail. Attach to wire as for #1. Place buttons together, heads staggered; tape together with floral tape.

Fringe (Used For Tulip, Spider Mum, and Dahlias)

Cut a 6-by-2-inch piece of crepe paper. Make cuts into one long side, about every 1/8 inch, to create a fringe. Roll the paper tightly around the end of the wire. Secure with floral tape.

Round Centers

You can use a hard foam ball. Before you cover the spheres we attach the stem by poking a hole in the center of the ball with stem wire and bending it back to double the wire. Then we hot glue it back into the hole with a hot glue gun.To cover the balls, cut an oval of crepe paper 3xs wider than the ball. Wrap and glue the long ends under the ball’s head and onto the wire, then gently stretch the crepe to form around the ball. Gather the crepe at the base and twist the ends around the wire with your fingers into a spiral and hot glue it in place.

How To Make Leaves For Crepe Paper Flowers

Fringe Scissors Make The Process Easier

Creating centers and fringed crepe paper flowers is a lot easier when you used fringed scissors

Creating centers and fringed crepe paper flowers is a lot easier when you used fringed scissors

Create Crepe Paper Flowers With Watercolors

You can use white crepe paper and watercolors to create amazing crepe paper flowers. This technique is so easy that beginners can create flowers immediately.


  • White crepe paper
  • Watercolor paints ( or food coloring)
  • Paintbrush
  • Inexpensive flower bunch from the dollar store
  • Spray bottle filled with some water
  • Small round microwaveable bowl or teacup
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Florist tape
  1. Cut crepe paper into petal shapes
  2. Turn the bowl upside down and mold the petal over the top of the bowl.
  3. Spray the water on the-the petal will curl around the bowl or cup naturally. You do not need a lot of water. Just a gentle spray.
  4. Shape the paper around the bowl or cup gently.
  5. Apply the desired color to the petal. The color will run down the petal. Continue to add color as desired...using lighter colors as you go.
  6. Set the bowl or cup into the microwave.
  7. Set timer for 30 seconds
  8. The paper should dry. Add 5 seconds to the microwave if it does not try on the first try.
  9. Once dried, remove the petal from the bowl or cup gently. It should now have a nice concave shape.
  10. Remove the petals from the inexpensive flower bush, leaving the plastic core on the stem
  11. Scrunch some of your watercolored petals and glue to the plastic core of the stems
  12. Glue petals one at a time around the core
  13. Once you have finished, wrap some floral tape around the base of the flower and onto the stem.


  • If you do not have any inexpensive flower bush, you can use floral wire. Use a 17 gauge wire at about 12 inches. Form a ball with the prepainted petals. Just attach the ball to the wire with the hot glue gun.
  • You can do several petals at once if you use teacups

Crepe Paper Flowers

Create paper poppies. Tutorial includes template

Create paper poppies. Tutorial includes template

Floral Wire For Stems

Making Crepe Paper Flowers In Bulk

There are times when you need a large number of paper flowers for a wedding, shower, birthday, or other celebration. While it might seem like a daunting task, here are a few tips to help you get your projects done with the least amount of angst.

  1. Organize your petals by size. As you cut and create a bulk amount of flowers petals, it is important to keep petals that are the same size together. After a while, they will all start looking alike. You can keep them in a large zip lock bag. Make a label to remind you what they are.
  2. Make a practice version of all the flowers that you are going to use. This is important especially if you have not made this type of flower before.
  3. Get a bone folder if you do not have one. This is going to make your craft hours a lot easier on your hand.
  4. Have enough craft mats on hand Get at least 5 mats for your electronic cutting machine. It will save you a lot of time.
  5. Have a decent glue gun. Those cheap versions never work right. They will only frustrate you. Make sure to have a sturdy stand to hold your gun.
  6. Have plenty of glue sticks. You are going to go through a lot of glue sticks. If you can, buy them in bulk. It is generally a lot cheaper.

Make Specific Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper Wisteria

Create delicate wisteria hanging for any special occassion

Create delicate wisteria hanging for any special occassion

Crepe paper templates make it easy to create flowers that look like they are real

Crepe paper templates make it easy to create flowers that look like they are real

Using Templates To Create Crepe Paper Flowers

Templates make it easy to cut crepe paper flowers by hand. You can find free crepe paper flower templates in just about any browser that you use. Type in " Free Crepe Paper Flower Templates". Then chose images. Click on the image that you want. It should then lead you to the tutorial or location where the template appears.

Another search option that you could use is "best printable crepe paper templates". This will lead you to a long list of templates that you can print on your printer

Finally, you can search for a particular type of flower in your search engine by typing in " free sunflower crepe paper template". Just substitute whatever flower you are interested in.

You can print the template on cardstock or light cardboard. Then trace it on your crepe paper and cut it out. Or you can eyeball the template and cut it out freehand. You have to have a good eye to get consistent petals.

Cutting Tips For Crepe Paper Flowers

You can cut crepe paper flowers with a rotary blade on an electronic cutting machine or you can cut them by hand with a sharp pair of detail scissors.

  • When cutting with scissors make sure to turn the template so the ridges of the grain.
  • When using a cutting machine place the grain going from top to bottom on your mat. I find that the fabric grip mat or the standard green mats work best with crepe paper.

Must Have Scissors For All Paper Crafters

More Colors Than You Can Imagine

Create these flowers in the colors of your choice to fit your decor

Create these flowers in the colors of your choice to fit your decor

All About Giant Crepe Paper Flowers

Giant crepe paper flowers have become popular for weddings. You can also use them as decor for showers and birthdays too.

Another idea where to use giant crepe paper flowers is in photoshoots. Great for engagements and baby shoots.

Use them as large bouquets and backdrops. Create large bouquets for entrances and in areas where you need some color.

Since there are dozens of colors available you can theme your colors any way that you would like to use. You can go with one color or multiple colors.

For these flowers, you will need sheets of crepe paper, rather than rolls. Figure on one whole sheet for each flower.

Giant Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper Flower Projects

Storing And Caring For Crepe Paper Flowers

Like a lot of other craft supplies, it is important to keep your crepe paper and crepe paper flowers away from direct sunlight. The sunlight will cause them to fade over time. Placing them in indirect light will help keep the blooms from fading.

You can also store them on foam blocks. This is a good way to keep them from getting crushed.

Crepe paper is made from layers of tissue paper. Make sure wherever you store them, they are in a dry place. Any moisture or humidity will cause them to "wilt" Avoid placing them in basements, attics, and garages.

These flowers can get dusty. A light blow of canned air will usually correct that issue.

You can also give your crepe paper flowers a good shake to get the dust off.

Add Some Tiny Crepe Paper Flowers To Party Favors

Add some tiny paper flowers to whatever party favors you are creating

Add some tiny paper flowers to whatever party favors you are creating

Final Thoughts On Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe paper flowers are an art form that anyone can make from beginner to advanced crafters. These are some of the most realistic artificial flowers that you can make. They can be used for seasonal and arrangements that can be customized to your decor.

Of course, they can also be used as centerpieces for special occasions, bouquets, and corsages.

It is a papercraft that you can learn with little or no frustration and expense. Give it a try and you may find a new skill or hobby to add to your talents.

© 2021 Linda F Correa

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