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3 Incredible Craftable Gifts You Have to try Now!


What do you give the person who has everything?

When you buy something from a store, it's got to be the right thing or it's not quite as great. With a craft, most of the time, it doesn't matter what it is! People appreciate the thought and hard work put in to it. In this article, I will show you some inspiration for 5 great gifts to give your favorite person.

Tissue paper flower pens!

This craft was the quickest and easiest for me, it took about 10 minutes!

  1. Using tissue paper, cut out wide, short semi-circle shaped petals.
  2. Grab one petal and roll it tightly
  3. Add petals one at a time, wrapping them around the original roll, fluffing them as you go.
  4. You can secure these petals every couple you add using string, or glue them all one by one.
  5. Put them at the top of a pen or pencil and wrap tape around the base, securing it on to the writing utensil.

Everyone loves fluffy socks!

For this craft you will need:

  • Toilet paper tube
  • Pair of socks (preferably fluffy!)
  • Anything you want to decorate the tube with
  • (Optional) Googly eyes

Now, this craft is really simple, easy, and it barely requires instructions. Just create what you want! Happy crafting!

  1. Roll up the open side of your socks and leave the toes unrolled.
  2. Decorate your toilet paper tube! (I used googly eyes, a pom-pom, felt, and some paint to make mine look like a bunny)
  3. Now, fit the socks in to the top and let the toes flop over the sides of it. (Mine look like bunny ears!)
  4. Pair this gift with a favorite snack and a face mask, then you've got the perfect relaxation package!

Wrapping paper!

Wrapping paper is the first impression people will get when you hand them your gift! And I know everyone says don't judge a book by the cover but, be honest, who doesn't?

For this craft you will need:

  • Paper (this shouldn't be normal printing paper, try to find a large roll of paper or cut up a big paper bag)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paint (bright colors, make sure you have green too)

Now, this is another craft that is pretty unstructured but here is what I did:

  1. Cut your paper to the size of your gift the way that you would cut normal wrapping paper.
  2. Lay the paper out on a smooth surface and put a couple of colors on a flat or large paint palette (I just squeezed my paint onto a bit of newspaper)
  3. Cut the bubble wrap in to a bunch of different-sized circles (resist the urge to pop those bubbles!)
  4. Gently dip one of the circles in to a color (not green) and press it lightly onto the paper, the print should look almost like a flower with tons of circular petals!
  5. Continue this printing around the paper using as many of the colors as you can!
  6. Once you are happy with your flowers you can use a paintbrush and that green paint and draw some simple stems with just a quick, light stroke.

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