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Common Types Of Art Paints

What is your project? Come with me and let us explore the different types of paint.

Are you an artsy person? Do you like arts and crafts? If this sounds like you then you probably dabble around with buying art supplies. There are so many different types of art supplies a person can buy. One of the most bought art supplies is paints. Depending on what you're trying to paint, you should know the differences within. Not all paints have the same quality. Below we have a guide for you that breaks down the diverse world of paints.

Acrylic is made from pigment that is put into acrylic polymer. Acrylic is favored because of its fast-drying ability, looks similar to watercolor and gouache and can be very pigmented. It is not toxic. It paints well on a lot of different mediums. Acrylic is a good choice for you if you are looking for paint for a craft or mixed media art project.
Something to note, if you have decided to use acrylic to paint a picture there are mediums available to blend and increase drying time.

Tempera is rather similar to acrylic. So, this is a good choice if you are looking for an alternative. Tempera also is fast drying like acrylic. It too is very pigmented in color.

Watercolor paintings are so beautiful. Watercolors are made from pigments that are water based. The quality of watercolors can be staining, transparent or opaque. It does take time for watercolors to dry.

Oil paints are traditional, hard-wearing, used for both interior and exterior works of art and are luminous in color. They are known for their slow dry time and their ability to be blended without having to worry about dry time. Oil paintings have been around for many centuries. Oils are easily found in art supply stores due to its popularity.

Gouache paint is a mix in between acrylic and watercolor. It is mainly used for traditional art. It has a centuries old history of creating beautiful opaque pieces of art. It is made with natural pigments, a binding agent and water. Consider gouache for comic art, illustrations and posters.

Being knowledgeable about paint is important when creating crafts and pieces of art. There are many different types to choose. From acrylic to watercolor and oil's, the world of this medium is with many choices. You have ample options. You can use paint on different mediums to create different artistic creations. Paint is an important art supply item to have. So, knowing what kind you need to buy is important. Make sure to select the best paint that will help you create a beautiful art project. Or just choose one and let your imagination take flight!

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