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College Gift Baskets

Greetings! I'm a 3rd-grade teacher who loves life and sharing some tips and resources with whoever listens!

Are you having trouble finding the perfect graduation gift for the new college student? College Gift Baskets can be not only inexpensive but very useful for the new college student. Making the baskets yourself personalizes the gift basket even more. Here are a few gift basket ideas:

1. Personal Hygiene Gift Basket

You can include:

*Body Wash


*Wash Clothes or Bath Sponge

*2 or 3 Towels

*Shower Shoes

*Disinfectant Spray




*Laundry Bag

*Disinfectant Wipes

*Clorox-clean up Spray

You can either put this in a regular basket or a shower caddy and place a clear gift bag wrap over the gift basket and tie it off with curly ribbon.

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2. Food Supply and Eating Utensils

You can place these items in a basket or a dishpan, wrap with gift basket bags, and tie off with curly ribbon.

*Forks/ Spoons

*Plastic bowls/ plastic plates

*coffee mug/ coffee/ creamer

*Favorite snack foods

*Dish detergent/ Dishcloth/ dish brush

*paper towels

*ziploc bags

3. Decoration Supplies

*College Keychains

*College Decals

*picture frames

*Hooks with adhesive

*Clothes hangers

*Foldable Storage bins

*Alarm clock

You can put these items in baskets, foldable storage bins, or small buckets. You can also personalize the storage bins or buckets with your college students initials or favorite colors.

4. School Supplies



*Pens/ Pencils


*Sticky Notes

*Permanent Markers


*Gift Card

These are just a few suggestions. Keep in mind you can add whatever you like to your college gift baskets. Personalize it for your college student. Have fun with it and do it with love. This is a new experience for the college freshman and this way they can take a little bit of home with them.

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