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Chalkboard Art - Best Tricks and Tips For Beginners

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Learn the techniques of chalkboard art

Learn the techniques of chalkboard art

You love chalkboard but not comfortable with Art on the board? Chalkboard art or lettering isnt at all difficult, but you need to learn it. Well, it is all about a few steps and you will master the art. Remember that you have the talent and skill – you just need a bit of dedication and love for it. Be patient and you will master the skill in a few steps.

Here are some quick tips for beginners who are just starting with their Art. Hope you find your way to success soon.

Sketch The Design

First, start with sketching the design which is of prime importance for any art work. You can draw on a small piece of paper, which might seem simpler at first. You can then switch over to your chalkboard. Your main purpose is to have a rough sketch first.

Spacing Tactics

When you are using chalkboard, spacing is vital. Your sketch shouldn’t like messy. You can use a measuring tape to ensure that your words are all filled up and well space. Use a good chalk penswhich will not smudge and give clear impressions so that your drawing looks neat and clean. You will need a measuring tape especially when you need to center something, especially in case of those who have symmetrical issues. No one likes words running up or down a hill. It is important to keep it in level.

Chalk Pens used for Art

Chalk Pens used for Art

Use Free Fronts

I have seen many people using best chalkboard markers, best designs and with excellent creativity but somehow things fail to draw attention. What happens in such a case? The font might be a problem. Check what font you are using. You can also download some fonts and try them out. You can preview also, to check how good they are and if they are helping your design. These fonts are usually free to use, so not much to worry about additional costs being incurred.

Add Interesting Images

You plan to add a smart or cute picture to the clipboard but clueless how to find one? You can use Google Clip art images for the purpose. You have plenty of choices as there are several images to select from. Pick the image you like and use and use your special liquid chalk for designing purpose. Do not forget to add a nice caption. Images always add a new dimension to any Art work, so do not forget to use the right image.

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Beautiful Marker pen painting

Beautiful Marker pen painting

Clean Up Any Mistakes

Do not hesitate to clean up any mess or anything which you do not like in your Art. Keep your cleaning material close by. Erase your mistakes. If you are using good quality chalk markers, erasing will not be a problem. There is no harm in erasing anything which is not good. Remember not to use paper towels when erasing because you will have lots of fuzzies all around. Once you clean up your mistakes, you can start all over again – have something fresh and better.

Have Fun

Remember, there is no right and wrong when you are sketching. So just enjoy and have fun. You will simply love what your happy mind creates.

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