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Best out of waste - How to make a beautiful mural using waste material


Mural on wooden ply using all waste material


Best out of waste - How i made this beautiful wall mural using waste material

This is wonderful piece of art and in first look does not look like something which is made up of waste material only. Yes you heard it right and that is why it falls under the category of best out of waste idea. I love making things using waste materials lying in the house like newspapers, magazines, cardboards etc. These three items you can easily find in your home and few other things like bottle caps, ice creams sticks can be collected slowly or can buy also if you are in a hurry to make mural like this one.

I found this painting on internet done on canvas i believe but don't remember the artist. Still searching for it again and i will upload the painting with the artist name once i get the success on google search.

This is my first trial on murals so wanted it to be absolutely inexpensive. The best way to do this is by collecting and using stuff avaible easily at home.

Snaps of material used



Newspaper bamboo sticks just like straws

Newspaper bamboo sticks just like straws

Ice cream sticks - Popscicle

Ice cream sticks - Popscicle

Materials Used

1. Wooden plyboard of 3' *4' is used here for the base,

2. Big bottle of fevicol,

3. Good quality scissors that can cut icecream sticks.

4.Some old newspapers, popsicle sticks, straws, cardboards pieces.

5. Lastly i have used only acrylic paints with a brush.

6. This is not required but for long life you can use a varnish for the last coat. It will give a glossy look and increase the value of the mural plus it will become long lasting. Since we have used stuff which can easily be destroyed with water so acrylic paints and varnish are the savers here.

To make the bamboo sticks using newspapers just cut small square pieces of newspaper and from one corner roll it and glue it at the end. You can make endless pieces like this and these can be used in many other craft activities.

Popsicle sticks can be cut in shape to fit kn the area properly and same goes with straws and newspaper sticks.

Applied on ply using fevicol


Steps to make the mural on ply

As i made this mural some 6 months back and had no idea that i will make a hub on this so few of the raw stages snaps are not available. Hope the write up will be helpful and enough. Will keep snaps next time when i do this again.

Two things you have to prepare before are the newspaper sticks and cardboard pieces, for which make lot of those sticks ready. For the cardboard take any old shoe box or cartons or even pizza box will do and remove one layer to reveal the wavy pitch.

To start with first keep the board where you can work freely specially if you are doing it at home. Since it is a big mural and will take time to complete so this is necessary.

Now draw the picture on the board, i have done this using charcoal but anything can be used as far as you can see what you have drawn.

Now do little planning as to where you want to put what, like it is best to do huts with the cardboard and long trees with newspaper sticks. Note that these sticks of newspaper are usually thin on the sides and thick in the middle so best for the trees because we can taper it on the top to create a shape.

Once all the things are planned start pasting the material on the areas and use a scissor wherever necessary, like you will need to cut the ice cream sticks to create a shape.

You can paste in a zig zag manner also to create an effect.

Now once all the pasting is complete leave it to dry and check that nothing falls when you flip the mural.

After this apply acrylic paints using a flat brush and can do some shading if want otherwise without shading also it will look nice. Coloring is the easiest work on this mural.

The sun as you can see here is made up of colored pastel sheets in yellow and orange. I have used quilling technique to make the sun which is also easy to do. So no need to color the sun.

All done...now wait till the color dries and this does not take time because acrylics dries up very fast. Once this is over apply a single coat of varnish but that is optional.

Final touch for shine and durability

As mentioned above in the material section you can apply a single coat of varnish for shiny result and durability. Though this is optional because some people don't like the smell of varnish and sometimes even acrylic paints when applied with very less amount of water gives a very good and long lasting result.