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Best Jewelry Photography Tips

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7 Best Jewelry Photography Tips You Should Try

Jewelry photography tips

Jewelry photography tips

Jewelry photography is one of the toughest jobs. It is because most photographers have to struggle a lot with these small objects before taking that perfect shot.

It requires skills, precision, and practice to capture such subjects. But it isn’t as hard as it seems. Try these 5 best jewelry photography tips to capture stunning jewelry photos in every shot.

1. Clean Your Product

This is among the most essential jewelry photography tips. The first step to photographing stunning jewelry images is to keep them clean in the first place. These pieces are very small and have a lot of details. So, make sure that your earrings, rings, and other jewelry pieces are free from dust, scratches, and fingerprint smudges.

Clean your product using chemical solutions or cleaning sprays that are meant for jewelry cleaning. Keep a soft cotton cloth handy to wipe the jewelry throughout the photoshoot whenever required.

Clean your product

Clean your product

2. Use Supporting Props

The next best jewelry photography tip is to take the help of a few props to make your jewelry look better. You can use a plastic hand or half mannequin to display your jewelry products. The supporting props support the placement of small jewelry pieces like rings and earrings to give them more visibility.

You can use mannequin hands to display rings and bracelets. The mannequin head can be used to display earrings and necklaces. These supporting props are also useful in allowing the viewers to get a better idea of the size of the jewelry and determine what teh jewelry will look like in real life after wearing.

Jewelry props

Jewelry props

3. Use a Lightbox

A lightbox is the perfect photography and lighting equipment to photograph jewelry. This is one of the jewelry photography tips that’ll take you a long way.

As explained, the jewelry is a very small subject and it’s an art to take a picture of these subjects along with capturing all the details and also avoiding the reflections caused by the metal or gemstones. Therefore, using a lightbox for jewelry photography is perfect.

The lightbox is meant to capture images of such small subjects as jewelry, toys, and miniatures. It provides optimum space and lighting that is required to capture jewelry. Unlike large studio lighting equipment, the lightbox doe not causes overexposure, spilling, or bouncing of light. It provides evenly diffused light, bright enough to capture jewelry photos.

4. Keep the Background Clean

One of the most important elements of jewelry photography is the background. Since the jewelry products are very small, having anything in the background can be very distractive and take the focus away from the jewelry.

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Thus, following this jewelry photography tip is very important. Avoid using busy backgrounds and try using solid, light-colored backgrounds. The best background for jewelry photography is the white color. It offers a clean, consistent, and professional look to your jewelry images and puts the focus back on the image.

If you often take images with busy background or do not have any white background available to you, then you may remove the background during editing. Or, you may simply find a wall or a solid, clean area at your home to capture images with a clean background.

Clean background

Clean background

5. Remove Distractions

It is not professional to have too many things in a frame. If you’re capturing jewelry photos in your studio or using any setup, then make sure that there are no unwanted distractions like dust, scratches, reflections, stains in the background, uneven lighting, or unnecessary props. These things can highly add distractions and ruin your complete image.

Remove distractions

Remove distractions

6. Take Care of the Reflections

Reflections are very common when it comes to jewelry photography. One of the best jewelry photography tips to avoid reflections is this:

  • Do not use direct flash for jewelry photography
  • Use reflectors and bounce cards to balance the direction and impact of light
  • Use the light from the top with a diffuser for even lighting
  • Edit your image during post-production to remove any unavoidable reflections

Following these tips will help you get rid of any ugly reflections and provide you with a clean and professional-looking photo.

Avoid reflections

Avoid reflections

7. Capture Photos with Models

Another one of the best jewelry photography tips is to work with live models. When you photograph jewelry with models, it instantly adds a lively touch to the image.

Similar to using mannequins, it gives a clear idea of the jewelry size and how it will look after wearing. But, this idea is clearer and better conveyed to teh viewers. The image becomes more relatable, eye-catching, and unique.

Capture photos on models

Capture photos on models


It’s very important to capture jewelry photos in the best ways possible. The audience looking at your jewelry photos must be intrigued and get the right idea of what the subject looks like in the real life.

By following these jewelry photography tips, you’ll be able to capture the best photos possible and deliver what is expected from a professional photographer. Also, throughout the shoot, these tips will help you avoid common mistakes like the reflection from the metal or diamond or the blurring of images.

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