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Best Drone for Beginners


Flying Made Simple

The Phantom 3 Standard is a quad copter released by DJI in April 2015, and the name pretty much says it all: STANDARD. In my personal experience as an amateur this drone isn’t complicated to fly, it’s designed to be ready to go in no time! It’s the perfect tool for beginners that are new to the Drone World, it’s Family Friendly, The quality it delivers is perfect for the price! Price ranges from $300-$800 now days.

Photo I personally took

Photo I personally took

Personal Experience

Since this drone came out in 2015, the price has been decreasing, therefore making it perfect for the entry level drone pilot. Remember it’s STANDARD don’t try to fly it extremely high or super far, you might lose signal! Well at least in my experience. Also be aware where you fly it, the drone might not connect with the DJI GO APP in crowded areas like neighborhoods or areas with buildings and telephone wires. I suggest you fly in open areas to be more comfortable and to achieve the best quality of the WiFi connection. The quality is prefect for the price, I didn't expect high high HIGH quality pictures as I grew with my flying skills, but its perfect. I never flew a drone, The phantom 3 Standard assisted me with its GPS navigation allowing me to snap photos comfortably. However I did notice the drone isn't able to fly in certain areas. Also the drone once in a while looses signal and quickly returns, well at least that happens to me. I believe because of foolishly flying it too high! Be careful!

Intelligent Key Features

Automatic Take Off- Allows you to program the drone to take off automatically to hover waiting for you commands.

Automatic Landing- Allows you to land automatically when flying (Be careful with this one!)

Point of Interest- Allows you to lock the camera to a specific area and you have the ability to fly while the camera is locked to your Point Of Interest

Home Lock- Allows you to return to home (tracks the remote controller) automatically if you want it to.

Way Points- I never used this feature, but this allows you to set way points and the drone will follow the way point as you snap your shots or shoot videos

Follow Me- This feature allows you to have the drone follow you! Yes follow you, IF you're holding the remote control. The remote moves, the drone moves.

WARNING: All of these flight modes will be executed properly if you have a strong connection! If for some reason you have poor connection, your drone is going to glitch out and you don't ever want that. Don't worry, the drone will let you know if you can use the flight mode or not. That’s whats great about it! But annoying if it doesnt let you too. But hey, better safe than sorry.

Key Specs

Devices Compatible With: Android 4.1.2, IOS.8 or later

Max Distance, Speed: 1 mile, 16m/s

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Sensor Resolution: 12 megapixels

Video Quality: 2.7k video

Image Formats: DNG, JPEG

Battery/Capacity : Lithium Polymer Battery, 4480 mAh

Flight Time: Around 25 minutes

Product Content: Quad copter, Remote Control, 8 GB microSD card, Charger

App Needed To access Camera: DJI GO APP

Phantom 3 Standard Trailer

Oncs again, this drone is perfect for amateurs, stay safe, and have some fun with your new toy. Let me know on anything I missed about the Phantom 3 Standard

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Lizandro Castaneda (author) on April 22, 2020:

Amir, try the DJI website and look for Phantom 3 standard and see if they are still for sale. You can also try Amazon or ebay :).

Amir on April 22, 2020:

How can i buy. Here in Kuwait

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