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Best Craft Apps for iPhone and iPad

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Each day, hundreds of applications for mobile devides, or "Apps," are popping up for download. These apps cover an extremely large range of topics, and target many different age groups, and yet, in reality, there aren't many apps for on the market for fans of arts and crafts. Below is a compliled list of some of the best apps currently available for crafters.


Price: Free

This app is perfect for all Michaels fans and avid crafters not only because it offers great project ideas, tips and tricks, but because it also lets you create shopping lists of the items you will need in order to create these projects.

Jo Pearson, consultant from Michaels, hosts daily inspiration videos that range from jewelry, to paper crafts, to weekend home decor projects.


Price: Free

If you are looking for an app that provides you with an entire database of craft projects based on skill and age level, this app is for you. There are so many craft projects available, you won't believe this app is free!

Not only fo you receive step-by-step instructions complete with detailed pictures, but you are also able to organize projects according to what you've completed, what you are currently working on, and what you plan to work on next.

It's worth noting that this app received 9 out of 10 stars by those who have downloaded it.


Price: Free

StitchMinder is the perfect app for knitters and crocheters simply because it does all of your counting for you. With just a simple tap of the screen, StitchMinder's customizable counters track rows completed, pattern rows, increase and decreases. For each area of the pattern, you are able to create a label so that you can keep track of different parts of the pattern so you can see what you've completed. The best part of this app is that your counter information is automatically stored so there is never a fear of having to start over.

Home Crafts

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Price: $.99

This app gives crafters access to many craft video tutorials for craft projects in all genres, skill levels and age groups. Videos are constantly being updated so you never run out of projects.

Etsy Addict

Price: $.99

Etsy is the best place to buy and sell handmade items, and now there's an app for Etsy addicts who are on the go!

This app allows you to search for available handmade items by seller, description or color, view seller feedback, and most importantly, gives shop owners access to their stores. This app is a must-have for all Etsy shop owners as you are able to see what is currently available in your inventory, leave feedback, and "heart" items and sellers.


Price: $2.99

Sketchbook is your on-the-go pocket sized sketch pad for capturing all of your creative ideas. With swipes and taps of your fingers, Sketchbook allows you to draw, erase, and paint with color, by choosing different brushes, opacities and layers. And though you are somewhat confined by the size of the screen, this app allows you to zoom in up to 2,500 percent so you are still able to get in all of your details. Need to print your sketch or see it in a larger view? Sketchbook allows you to save all of your work for transfer to your PC. This app comes in a free version, but I would highly recommend paying the $2.99.

CSS Daily from Clear and Simple Stamps

Price: $4.99

I just recently downloaded this app and though I was cautious because of the price, I'm glad I did. This app is perfect for paper crafters because it gives you a brand new project every single day, and each project comes with step-by-step, detailed instructions, and a complete materials list. My only recommendation for updates would be the ability to save projects - but it does give you moble access to projects that you can ultimately download from the CSS website.

Floss Checklist

Price $0.99

Cross-stitchers and needlecrafters will simply love this app because this app is a virtual checklist of all of DMC's floss colors. This app displays all of the colors along with their corresponding numbers and has a checkbox you can click on to keep inventory easily. No more guessing on colors or going through cases of floss, with this app you will know exactly what you have and what you will need at your next visit to your local craft store.

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