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Art Gifts Ideas: Chinese, Indian, Latin, African American

Art Gift Finder, Artistic Gifts Ideas

All of us have sent gifts to someone. A gift communicates nice gestures to the recipient. These gestures can be fondness, warm wishes, appreciation, gratitude, or encouragement. Sometimes, a small keepsake can mean more than an expensive present. Art is becoming a popular gift choice.

Here is my best gift finder. It is a guide on where to buy arts for presents. The listed websites have quality products made be artists, artisans or crafters. In the past, I only browse ebay for ideas. Now I visit online art shops.

Art gifts shopping......

Chinese Calligraphy Art Gifts

Chinese calligraphy and ancient symbols have captured our minds for a long time. features a select of contemporary Chinese paintings. Its signature product is Customized Art. This includes Chinese quotes, Chinese zodiac, and name translation. These petite paintings are the perfect fusion of East and West. Chinese characters, proverbs and cultural motifs are evident in these elegant artworks. They offer personalized gift ideas in Chinese calligraphy.

Good: detailed product description, great calligraphy writing.

Chinese Calligraphy Art Gifts

Chinese Art Gifts Ideas

Asian Art, Chinese Calligraphy

chinese art gifts

Indian Arts Gift Ideas

Indian arts have magnetized us. Their thoughtful legends invoke our sense of spirituality, unearthly existence and enlightenment. provides an exhaustive array of traditional Indian arts, crafts and textiles. Unique gifts include Madhubani folk art, Thangkas, and Batiks. As I browse their gallery, it feels like I am walking through an imperial palace in India where aristocrats mingle. Hindu deities and Sikh culture grace these merchandise. Try these unusual gifts for him or for her.

Good: good product description, great Indian art gallery, free shipping.

Indian Art Gifts Ideas

Indian Art Gifts Ideas

Latin American Arts, Gifts

If you enjoy sandy beaches, fresh pina coladas, and Latin rhythms, you will like Discover the richness and beauty of Latin American arts. These include hand-carved Oaxacan figures, masks, intricate bird carvings, or fashionable accessories. These tribal creations are wonderful for people who like exotic cultures. Whether you are looking for unusual birthday gifts, or anniversary gifts, they are here.

Good: corporate gift ideas, employee recognition gifts.

Ideas for and crafts

Latin American Arts, Artistic Gifts

Latin American Art Gifts Ideas

African American Arts, Gift Ideas

The rise of Obama to become the first African American President in the US has sparked a global interest in African arts and heritage. is great for people looking for Black art, prints, collectibles, gifts, figurines and creative gifts. Their products have themes that relate to African Americans. They are intriguing, faithfully telling the stories of the early opineers. Souvenirs of Obama and other black celebrities abound in their African art gallery.

Good: Gbaby tapestry gifts, easy navigation, novelty gifts.

Top gift ideas........arts and crafts

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African American Art & Gifts

African American Art Gifts

Avant Garde Art Gifts Ideas

Avant Garde Art Gifts

DNA is often linked to stuffs like CSI and genetics. However, did you know that DNA can also be art? This company uses your genetic codes to create a piece of art. This is really avant garde. Their flagship is the DNA portrait. You send a sample of your DNA to them. Based on your choice of colors and frames, they produce a customized art for you. They guarantee that your genetic information is kept confidential so no need to worry about privacy (or identity theft I think). These DNA portraits are truly unusual gift ideas. Get one for your birthday present.

Good: ideal for modern deco, cool gifts.

Modern Art Gifts Ideas

With the growing trend in minimalism and simplicity, city dwellers opt for abstract art. This is very evident in home and office décor. In fact, people like to buy modern art for their loved ones. They believe that contemporary art make great romantic gifts. and showcase contemporary style and abstract paintings. Both sites provide good gift guide. While I am no art expert, I notice that modern art shows little tangible forms. It is marked by the artist’s subjective perception. I like modern art for its bold expressions. Abstract art inspires our imagination and progress.

Good: great online art galleries, original gifts, home décor ideas, art trends.

Avant Garde Art Gifts

Modern Art Gifts, Artistic Creation

Gifts from Art Shops

Art shops are online retailers. They sell art products of various styles and genres. These online galleries have an awesome selection of art. showcases artistic décor for homes and businesses. This includes prints, posters, fine art reproductions, photography and more. features artworks by international artists. These range from ceramics, paintings, to glass and more. They offer free shipping within North America. Its informative video guides you how to select art. Art shops provide creative gift ideas. Today, it is so easy to purchase art online.

Art Shops

Art Market

Gifts from Arts Market

Arts market brings sellers and buyers together. They are the internet shopping malls. This is where I hunt for special gifts. They are gift finders for comparing prices, styles, options, and trends. is a high-end virtual emporium. It sells antiques, collectibles, fine art and jewelry. They offer unique gift ideas including artistic products and vintage items. and are international bazaars. They have a full repertoire of fun artsy gifts. These include crafts, arts, and many hand made products (Yes, nothing made by machine). They offer many holiday gifts. Handmade gifts are ideal for wedding, graduation, Christmas, and even retirement.

Art Shopping, Original Gifts on Internet

The internet is great for discovering unusual gifts. Art is a superior present for many people. It appeals to our senses, igniting thought and emotion gently. Try online art shopping. You will love it. The possibility is endless. Virtual art stores provide exotic products from around the world.

Go Shopping for Art Now!


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