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32 Unique and Colorful Murals in the Houston Heights: See Photos and Videos

I live in Houston and have worked as a nurse. I have a lifelong passion for traveling, nature, and photography (preferably all together!).

Collage showing some of the murals in the Houston Heights

Collage showing some of the murals in the Houston Heights

Murals in the Houston Heights

The Houston Heights is a historic community near downtown Houston. An eclectic mixture of people lives there. Along with grand old Victorian houses are unique businesses, charming park spaces, and many painted murals adding to the neighborhood's color and vibe. I will show you 32 of them in this article.

1. Greetings From Houston by Daniel Anguilu

Local graffiti artist Daniel Anguilu has incorporated all kinds of iconic imagery in this mural. From an oil derrick to a rocket ship…that and more is on view. I particularly like the friendly-looking saguaro cactus plant waving a Texas flag. Saguaros do not grow in Texas, but artists get to use their imaginations and have leeway where art is concerned.

Location of this mural: 3601 White Oak Drive, Houston, Texas 77007.

I AM LOVE Mural by Ruben Rojas in the Houston Heights

I AM LOVE Mural by Ruben Rojas in the Houston Heights

2. It's All About Love

Ruben Rojas truly believes in spreading the ideas of love, gratitude, respect, forgiveness, empowerment, and more. His giant-sized murals grace city walls in many places across the U.S.A. as well as outside our beautiful country.

All one needs to do is go to his website. That is where you will see his murals’ titles to see the words he expresses in colorful paint on buildings. They include some of the following:

  • Always Believe Something Wonderful is About to Happen
  • You Are Beautiful!
  • Begin With Gratitude
  • You Belong Here
  • Just Do Good
  • Be Humble
  • Leave Nothing But Footprints

Beautify Earth

Ruben Rojas, along with Evan Meyer, started the nonprofit organization called One of the goals of this organization and movement is the following: “Putting an end to neglected walls by empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility and instilling community pride.”


Everyone needs encouragement at times, and positivity can be contagious and have a ripple effect. Ruben Rojas has spread his gift of healing to those incarcerated in a California state prison setting. Click on the video below to learn more.

3. Who is Beans Barton?

J. Harding & Co. is a promotional product manufacturer and distributor and has been in existence since 1978 at 424 W 19th Street, Houston, Texas 77008. Describing Beans Barton, who did this artful wall, can probably be better done by showing his and his Bi-Peds band some videos.

Local Houston resident and artist Dale “Beans” Barton was born in Ohio but has lived here ever since the age of eight. Poetry interested him, and he studied at the University of Houston. He was also obviously interested in art and music and enjoyed a wacky sense of showmanship and humor.

He and his Bi-Peds Band have developed a genuine cult following of people who appreciate comedy while listening to rock and roll theater. Theater takes place with crazy costumes and antics on stage where audience participation is welcome. It is an integral part of the act and fun for those who expect the unexpected.

Beans Barton has also created some art cars which are on view in the following video along with others of his functional creations.

Ever since 1992, at every performance of the Bi-Ped band, Beans Barton creates a painting in front of the entire audience while some of the other performers are playing. These pieces of art are auctioned off, bringing in whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay. All of the proceeds benefit the Houston Food Bank.


4. You Are My Sunshine

The location of this mural is 249 W. 19th Street, Suite C, Houston, Texas 77008. It embellishes an exterior wall of a stylish kid's and mom's resale shop by the name of Thread's in the heart of the Houston Heights.

I Love You Wall

I Love You Wall

5. I Love You Wall by Shelby Nicole

350 West 19th Street, Houston, Texas 77008 is the location of another mural that is love-themed. The Houston artist, Shelbi Nicole, painted the words of love using languages in French, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, as well as English.

On December 31st of 2016, after the painting was complete, this site on the east side parking lot of Harold's Restaurant, Tap Room and Terrace became the wedding proposal spot for a young couple. Josh Atkinson's fiance loved seeing all of the many murals in Houston. He decided to have one painted for her. I wonder how many other proposals have taken place in front of this same wall?

6. Heroes of Houston Wall

Shell oil volunteers were out in force, helping people recover from Hurricane Harvey when it hit Houston. This painted mural is at the other end of the same wall as the I Love You Wall.

Shell Oil (#makethefuture) also posted the following on this wall:

"Thank you to the ordinary people who did extraordinary things when Hurricane Harvey hit our city.

Including the volunteers at:

  • Baker Ripley
  • Houston Food Bank
  • YMCA of Greater Houston
  • Mormon Helping Hands
  • Shell Oil Company."

The artist Victor "Marka27" Quiñonez painted the following six people chosen to be honored for their deeds by Shell Oil: Joy McCormack, Michael Barton, Mark E. Steiner, Enrique and Julia Uresti, and Tom Ashworth.

7. Financial Abuse is Easy to Hide

The photos above show a fascinating mural with octopus limbs, wings, and flowers. Ana Marietta created it. The message above the image is hard to see, which is a part of this serious message: "Financial abuse is easy to hide."

The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse (@AllStatePurplePurse) has teamed up with tennis champion Serena Williams to educate the public about domestic abuse, and the financial abuse often used to hold victims captive.

This mural is at 331 West 19th Street in the Houston Heights. It is on the side of the building housing Dramatika Custom Framing.

8. Spectacle-Wearing People

Andy Rementer is the creative artist who did the custom mural on the side of the building for Warby Parker at 645 Heights Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77007. Warby Parker is in the retail business to supply people with many choices of frames for prescription as well as non-prescription glasses.

9. Ann Richards by Trà Slaughter

On Heights Boulevard @ White Oak is one of the many mini murals on traffic signal control boxes throughout the Houston metro area. This one features Ann Richards, who was the 45th Governor of Texas. The artist is Trà Slaughter.

10. Go West

948 Heights Boulevard in the 700 blocks of 10th Street is the location of this wall.


11. Colorful Wall

On West 19th Street, west of Durham Drive, high atop a commercial business is the location of this colorful painting in the Houston Heights. It looks like the work of the artist Wiley.

12. Astros Star

321 West 19th Street next to Manready Mercantile is this wall painted with the Astros Star. It is the site of many photoshoots.

13. Celebrating Music

The mini mural shown above is on a utility box at the corner of West 19th Street and Rutland Street, a half-block from the Astros Star. The artists are Ruben and Toya Levi. The love of music is on full display in this painting.

14. Sublime Heights

Two sides of the Sublime Heights business at 402 East 20th Street have painted walls. On one wall, the artist Jules Muck created her red-lipped piece with the hashtag: @MuckRock. The other side by artist David Flores (skeez181) celebrates the Astros baseball team players Dallas Keuchel, Jose Altuve, George Springer, and Carlos Correa. This business does upholstery, car audio, and more.


15. SCOTUS Justices

Jessica Hipolito is the artist who did the mini mural of the women Supreme Court Justices—Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Sandra Day O'Connor. Heights Boulevard at East 20th street is the location.

16. Traffic Light Mini Mural

Sergio Cornejo did this colorful mini mural on a traffic light box at West 19th Street and Yale in the Houston Heights.


17. Woman with Headdress

David Flores (skeez181) is the artist who created this Aztec-inspired art wall found at 3220 White Oak in the Heights.


18. Red Glasses

On a fence in the small parking lot of Black Swan Yoga at 3210 White Oak Drive, Houston, Texas 77007, is this mural with a woman peering over her red glasses.


19. Skate Shop

Next to the Black Swan Yoga on White Oak is another business. Above is a photo showing a portion of the mural.

20. Welcome to the Houston Heights

Nicky Davis is the artist who created this colorful wall at 1504 Yale Street, Houston, Texas 77008. It embellishes a building containing the Wandering Star Adventure Emporium, outdoor clothing and accessories boutique, and the new Blue Line Bike Lab retail space.

21. Blue Line Bike Lab

Two sides of the Blue Line Bike Lab former location at White Oak and Columbia Streets have murals. This building, which previously was the site of a grocery store, now sits empty.


22. Yellow Chick

This cute yellow chick peeking over a wavy patchwork of blue appears on White Oak Street at Harvard across from the Greetings from Houston mural.

23. Bergner & Johnson

On the side of this building at 519 Pecore Street is a long mural from front to back. Bergner & Johnson is an event designer and florist who creates unique atmospheres for large parties, galas, and intimate special events.

24. Dan Dollahon Mini Mural

This beautiful utility box painting at 11th Street and Margaux in the Houston Heights is by local artist Dan Dollahon. It blends well into the tree-lined Norhill Historic District, established in 1920.

25. Elephants

These artful elephants by Emily Ding are on the side of the Nia Moves Fitness Studio at 508 Pecore Street in the Houston Heights.

26. LOVE Mural

The location of St. Mark's United Methodist Church, and this mural with the word LOVE is at 600 Pecore St., Houston, Texas 77009.

Behind the garages where the Love mural is painted is the J.C. Iden Memorial Garden. J.C. Iden was a member at St. Mark's who was passionate about feeding hungry people, particularly children. This garden, which helps feed the hungry, is named in his honor.

The garden began as an Eagle Scout project in 2009. Meanwhile, it has been supported ever since by church members, Boy and Girl Scout troops, Urban Harvest, and even interested community members. According to their calculations, many tons of fruits and vegetables have been sent to the Heights Interfaith Ministries Food Pantry. Gardening is such a loving thing to do on church property.

27. 60-Foot Church Mural

The large mural above is by Veronica Cabrera, a self-taught artist who signs her work HTXronni3. This wall is in the parking lot of The Vineyard Church of Houston at 1035 East 11th Street, Houston, Texas 77009.

28. Hogg Middle School Mural

The address for this school is 1100 Merrill Street. These school grounds were embellished when it became one of the more than 200 schools that have become SPARK Parks throughout the metro area of Houston. During non-school hours, these parks are open for the use of the public. I like the birds, bees, butterflies, and flowers on this bright mural.

29. Hummingbirds

These whimsical hummingbirds are on the front facade of Andy's restaurant. The address is 1115 East 11th Street, across the street from Hogg Middle School.