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My Tools for Jewelry Making

I loved earrings. The time when I have my ears pierced, I made it a habit to stick an earring in my ears. I especially like dangling earrings. For some time, I was curious about how to make earrings. I wanted to learn how to make my own. So I took a chance and bought a jewelry-making kit from the dollar store and took it home to try and make a set of earrings. The kit has wires, beads, hooks and instructions. I soon learn after reading the instructions that I needed some tools to make some earrings. I try to use my hands to do a very simple earring. I actually finished it but I learn that using my bare hands was not the best idea. Using my hands was a very timely and painful process to do, and I didn't get the polished look that I want.

A view of someone making jewelry

A view of someone making jewelry

So I went to a craft store and bought some tools and once I arrived home, I began to make the earrings. Here is the list of the basic tools that I have bought and began my jewelry-making journey.

Flat Nose Pliers: I have used Flat Nose Pliers to hold and straighten wires.

Round Nose Pliers: I have also used Round Nose Pliers to make bends and loops.

Bent Nose Pliers: I have used Bent Nose Pliers to open and close jump rings.

Wire Cutters: I have used Wire Cutters to cut wires. They are helpful to cut pins as well.

Micrometres: I have to be very honest. I didn't use this tool at all. I never measured anything with this tool, though I really should. I didn't even learn how to use it. Though I still have this handy tool just in case I actually learn how to use it.

Wires: I have used the wires that came with the jewelry-making kit that I bought. I bought more wires at the same dollar store separately. I soon realized that there are different sizes of wires that are used in jewelry making. At first, I took a very thin wire which would be great to create wire jewelry. I wanted to create an earring with thicker wires so I went back to the dollar store and search for wires that are a lot thicker.

Beads: I have gotten my beads from the kit that I got but I did buy some more beads at the dollar store for future projects.

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I have used my kitchen table to do some of the projects as well as used my computer desk. I have made some pieces on my couch. When it was dark out, I used my desk lamp to see. It would be best to actually use a desk and sit in a comfortable chair to make the jewelry pieces.

They were amazing and I like to look at the earrings and my hands were not in pain. My family was very kind to have me make some earrings for them and repair some of the ones that were broken. I loved making earrings.

Pink, white and clear earrings that I made

Pink, white and clear earrings that I made

There are other tools that people use to make jewelry such as the crimping tool and a bead stopper but I didn't buy any. I didn't use the crimping tool as I didn't need one for the jewelry-making kit that I have. One day, I would like to get one and create some more beautiful jewelry.

These tools can be found in a dollar stores, craft stores, online stores, and maybe yard sales for some of these basic tools and get started to create your masterpiece. There are some tools that are found in tool boxes, but it's best to get the tools that are used for jewelry making.

Keep in mind I have used these tools for costume jewelry. Silversmithing and goldsmithing, for example, require more specialized tools to get the task done.

Here is one of the many earrings that I made

Here is one of the many earrings that I made

Jewelry making is a good hobby to have as it helps you be more creative and helps you use your hands to make beautiful artwork that you or someone you know can wear. With the right tools, you can make not only earrings, but you can make necklaces, bracelets, rings ( on the fingers and on the toes), brooches and many more.

Though in the future, I may try to create other jewelry pieces myself, I will continue to work on making more earrings for me to wear.

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