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Backyard Animals and Nature Coloring Books Free Coloring Pages

I was born and raised in a beautiful wilderness area with lush forests and enjoy living here presently.

Bear Cub In The Back Yard

BackYard Animals and Nature Coloring Books and Free Coloring Pages

BackYard Animals and Nature Coloring Books and Free Coloring Pages

Nature Coloring Books for Kids and Adults

There are many animals that live in or visit backyards. Backyard Nature Coloring Books have coloring pages that are inspired by nature. My backyard and garden are a place for amazing animal friends, and trees for some to live in, with gardens and flowers, and the forest all around.

It is neat that we can create our own decorative pictures from nature's awesome scenes. The back yard coloring books have beautiful mammals, baby birds in the nest, deer, chipmunks, squirrels, bunnies and many favorite trees and flowers in full bloom in gardens. There are detailed line drawings in these coloring pages of animals and nature!

I have featured the best nature coloring books for children, that are some of the top rated activity books for adults and seniors. Color therapy is a relaxing way to pass some time with my elderly mother doing something creative.

It is always so much fun to color with children who are learning about the animals and nature that are around us. Kids are fun to color with because they do not need to color within the lines with their crayons or colored pencils. Children can be so creative with color while they work off some stress and begin to relax while doing a fun activity.

Enjoy the photos of some of the wild animals that visit the back year.

Backyard Nature and Animals Activity Book

I Loved Discovering Nature In the Backyard As A Child

When I was growing up, a walk in the woods was just a step away from our backyard, so there was plenty of wildlife to discover and enjoy and we never knew what would be coming through our yard next. Maybe that is why I love the Backyard Nature Coloring Book so much. It reminds me of creatures I truly love.

Since I returned home to care for my Mom, I have been rediscovering what a joy it is to be able to be in the yard with the visiting critters of the forest.

In Full Bloom: A Close-Up Coloring Book

I Love Coloring Deer Pages

The Whitetail Deer has a thick tail that is white on the underside, they use it as a flag to warn other deer when they sense danger. We had deer coming into the backyard all the time.

Did you know that the Whitetail is the largest deer in North America? Whitetails like to live in open bushy areas, in forests, and swamps. They like to browse about in nature as they eat twigs, herbs, grass, shrubs, acorns, and fungi. These beautiful animals will also eat plants in orchards, vegetable gardens, farm fields, and even the flowers in yards near peoples' yards.

Deer are creatures of habit and will return once they find a food source. They can actually do some damage to plants and trees on properties when finding food is tough pickings during snow covered months or like the easy picking of flower gardens and vegetable gardens as their buffet. Many people supply hay for deer to eat in winter.

Deer are animals of habit and will return once they find a food source in someone's backyard.

Woodland Wild Animals Stained Glass Coloring Book

Doe and Two Fawns Coloring Pages

Doe and Fawn Coloring Page

Doe and Fawn Coloring Page

Animals AZ

I Love Friendly Little Animals

Chipmunks are so cute, and they will warm up to humans like little critter friends sometimes do. They seem to be busy eating or gathering scraps of food to haul to their homes or storage areas all year. You can color pictures of these animals and nature in your own backyard.

Free Coloring Pages

State Birds and Flowers Coloring Book is a great book for all ages, its educational and is a high-quality coloring book with identifying captions. Yes, birds are wild animals too. It is one of my favorite coloring books in my collection! It's a treasure!

I love the drawings in the coloring book with all the state birds and flowers, and the USA national bird, the Bald Eagle and flower, the Rose.

They are royalty free coloring pages and can be found on Friends Across America.

Best Owl Coloring Page

Owl Coloring Page

Owl Coloring Page

Audubon's Birds of America

Smokey Bear Coloring Page

Sign: Smokey Bear Coloring Page

Sign: Smokey Bear Coloring Page

My Hero is Smokey Bear

I grew up in the country and learned a lot of tips about fire safety from watching Smokey Bear on television. I took a photo of a sign and made it into a Smokey Bear free coloring page.

To this day, I still hope that one day, Smokey Bear will come walking out of the woods and give me a bear hug for being careful to be watchful when burning anything and for putting fires out. Its good to have water handy for fire safety.

Black Bear

Black Bear Coloring Page Free Coloring Page

Black Bear Coloring Page Free Coloring Page

Animal Games

I grew up in northern Minnesota and saw several bears in our back yard. One time my Mom was frying bacon for breakfast, and a bear came right up to the back door sniffing. My Dad was able to scare the bear away by yelling at it to get away.

It is smart to keep food and garbage safely put away, so that bears do not think they can get a free meal from you when they are hungry.

Squirrel Clip Art

Squirrel Clipart Coloring Page

Squirrel Clipart Coloring Page


Chipmunk Coloring Page

Chipmunk Coloring Page

Awesome Coloring Books

  • Birds of Prey Stained Glass Coloring Book
  • National Parks Coloring Book
  • Beautiful Country Scenes To Paint or Color
  • Alaskan Wildlife Coloring Book
  • Amazing Animals Coloring Book
  • Exploring Ecosystems! An Environmentally Friendly Coloring Book
  • A Wilderness Coloring Book

Bear Cubs Playing YouTube Video

A Cottontail In Backyard

Cottontail Rabbit

Cottontail Rabbit

Cute Bunny Rabbits

I have always loved seeing bunny rabbits in the yard since I can remember. We use to have pet rabbits and they were so much fun, and very soft to pet.

The Cottontail Coloring Page below is from the Public Domain of free coloring pages to use.

Hawk Line Drawing

Flying Hawk Line Drawing To Color

Flying Hawk Line Drawing To Color


National Geographic Animals and Nature Coloring Book Pages

On A Side Note

Color crayons, colored pencils and even paints are great tools to have when its a rainy day. We do not need a coloring book but all we do need is a plain sheet of paper to draw on and add some colors as we create something original and unique. That is what I did much of the time when I was a child because I liked drawing free hand.

When I got older I started using different paint mediums to color with, craypas, pastels and even charcoal. It is fun to experiment and learn to control colors, shading and shapes.

Free Wild Animals Coloring Pages

Are you a coloring artist?

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 22, 2017:

C E Clark, coloring is a fun and relaxing activity for all ages from seniors to toddlers. Say, I use to do free-hand paper cuttings of animals for my kids. I haven't done that for so long, I should see if I still have it. - Kudos!

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 22, 2017:

Sandy Mertens, its always good to see that you stopped by. Thank you once again for checking out the coloring books and free coloring pages.

C E Clark from North Texas on February 27, 2017:

Like Paula, I like to color too, and find it very relaxing. I also do papercutting, but neither as often as I'd like as time is short. The pictures here look great and would be fun for children too, to brighten a rainy dreary day.

Sandy Mertens from Frozen Tundra on February 20, 2017:

Been here before. Nice to revisit your coloring book article.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on October 24, 2016:

Peggy those are great ideas for using coloring pages for gift wrap or on top of presents. I love that...thank you for your creative suggestions. Hohoho!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 15, 2016:

Coming up to the holiday season ahead...people may wish to think of these coloring pages for gift giving. A child could actually color one and it would also make a beautiful wrapping for a gift as well...or decorating the top of a larger package. I love nature scenes such as this. Hope you are doing well!

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on August 20, 2016:

Hopefully, when the grandchildren visit again, we will have time to get some coloring done. I like to see how they are doing creatively. Thank you for coming by, Au fait. I am doing well, and hope you are too!

C E Clark from North Texas on August 11, 2016:

Even though there are only a few days left before school starts again, I thought I would revisit this great article and share it in hopes the children who "have nothing to do," will find this article entertaining and helpful in filling some of their time.

I must confess that coloring is very therapeutic and I was very tempted to print out and try the butterfly picture posted in this article. One can get much more creative as an adult and still not stay in the lines!

Hope all is well with you . . .

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on July 28, 2016:

Au fait, coloring is a great time passer for kids. I still love to color, especially with creative kids who don't have to stay within the lines.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on July 28, 2016:

Audrey, Thank you for coming by. Its always nice to get a visit from you. - Kudos!

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on July 07, 2016:

I enjoy coloring books. I, like so many others, have used children's coloring books for years. How nice that adult coloring books are so popular. Thanks for this hub!

C E Clark from North Texas on May 18, 2016:

Back again to say that with school soon to be out for the summer, these coloring books would be a great way to keep the younger children occupied and happy. You have some wonderful photos and drawings.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on April 03, 2016:

Hi Sandy. I am a animals and nature lover...but most of all I love humanity. People can enjoy to beauty of creation but its the Creator, I thank for it all. - Kudos!

Sandy Mertens from Frozen Tundra on March 17, 2016:

One of my favorite coloring books as an adult had wild animals with nature.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 03, 2016:

Peggy, you are about me looking forward to spring. We still have cold temperatures and plenty of snow here, but its been a mild winter for a change. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy the outdoors with the kind of nice weather you are having in Texas. - Muah!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on February 10, 2016:

Hi Susie,

Hope you had a great holiday season with your family and friends. Perhaps some of them got coloring books and shiny new crayons as gifts? Sharing this once again as it is a fun activity and can also be so relaxing. You have provided some nice templates. Our winter is just about over. We have a week ahead predicted to be in the 70's for daily highs and 50's at night. I know you are probably looking forward to Spring.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on December 20, 2015:

Peggy, I remember getting coloring books and crayons for Christmas gifts as a child. And, I sure have given my share of these activity books to my kiddos and now my grandchildren. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you! - Cheers!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on December 13, 2015:

Hi Susie,

This is the perfect time of year to be sharing this hub of yours as many people are thinking of providing gifts to people at this time of year. Kids or adults who love to color would appreciate receiving these pages with perhaps some shiny new crayons or colored pencils. Merry Christmas to you! Enjoyed the photos you also provided in addition to those which could be colored.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on July 27, 2015:

Paula, I think I could get addicted to anything creative and fun. I know I have done more than my share of coloring as an adult and as a child.

Thank you for sharing , its good to see you. - Kudos!

Suzie from Carson City on July 23, 2015:

LOL...Au "stay in the lines?" You're so funny. You crack me up!! LOL!

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on July 23, 2015:

Suzanne, coloring is a great way to unwind and relax.

Very nice of you to stop bym thank you. - Kudos!

Suzie from Carson City on July 23, 2015:

colorfulone.....This is one Grandma who was thrilled to see these adult coloring books make the scene! Yes, I admit it. I love to color!

Now I don't have to cover for this by "coloring with my grandchildren," so I don't look like I'm living my 2nd childhood!

It's pretty bad when a 6 year old says, "GramDawg, I'm TIRED of coloring....can we do something else now??!!" LOL

I bought TWO adult coloring books. It's fun and relaxing. A nice break from my Cryptograms I'm addicted to!...UP+++Pinned.

Suzanne Day from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on July 21, 2015:

Adult colouring pages are all the rage right now - and what more relaxing way to enjoy it than to colour in pictures of animals and nature?

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on July 20, 2015:

Kristen, thank you for stopping by to check out my coloring books and coloring pages hub for kids and adults. - Kudos!

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on July 20, 2015:

I love doing pencil shading also, adevwriting.

Thanks for visiting!

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on July 16, 2015:

Susie, this is a great hub for all families with little kids or grandkids. Very useful for them to experience nature by coloring in the lines. Voted up!

Arun Dev from United Countries of the World on July 16, 2015:

Cool! Colouring is good but pencil shading is better for me!

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on July 03, 2015:

Oh, I am sure there much more toys for adults that we can relate well to from our childhoods. I appreciate your stopping by, thank you, Suzanne.

Suzanne Day from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on June 30, 2015:

This is great for adults. I've been seeing a proliferation of adult colouring books for awhile now, it is supposed to help foster creativity and relaxation. I wonder what other adult toys we can discover, based upon childhood?

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on June 10, 2015:

Patrica, that is a great idea and I do love putting puzzle together with my elderly Mom. Thank you for the suggestion. - Kudos!

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on June 09, 2015:

I do so enjoy coloring. And as I came to this again I had an idea. Have some of the colored pages turned into puzzle and then I could enjoy them all over again by putting them together. There are a number of places on line where we can order puzzles using our own images.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Angels are on the way to you this evening ps

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on May 29, 2015:

Au fait, you sound like me. I like to color and do some shading too.

Its a great way to relax and a fun activity to do with kids of all age.

Thank you for visit. - Kudos!

C E Clark from North Texas on May 28, 2015:

You include some beautiful photos here. Coloring books are a fun way for children to learn about things. I still love to color every now and then. I do stay inside the lines, but I like to get creative and mix the colors and shade them, etc.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on April 08, 2015:

Peach, its okey if kids scribble, that's how they learn to color. They will get the hang of it. The many thing is they are having fun and working off some of the stress from the day. - Thank you!

peachy from Home Sweet Home on April 07, 2015:

my kids aren' good at coloring. They always scribble with color pencils instead of shading the picture. Thanks for your suggestion hub

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 30, 2015:

Audrey, I believe you are right about that. The backyard is an educational place of exploring and learning for many of us.

Nice to have you visit, thank you.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 30, 2015:

Shyron, it is fun to color at any age, so keep on having fun and collecting coloring books you enjoy. - Thank you for visitings - Kudos!

Audrey Howitt from California on March 30, 2015:

What a lovely hub! I think many of us first learn about nature in our backyards

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on March 30, 2015:

I love your beautiful coloring books. I have a collection my self, yes and I color people with crayons also.

Voted -up, UABI and shared.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 23, 2015:

Chitrangada, you sound like me going off about God's creation.

I am a nature lover and feeling blessed by so much around me.

Thank you!

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on March 23, 2015:

What beautiful pictures of animals in the backyard! The coloring pages are also so inviting, since I love coloring.

Nature is beautiful and its creatures are so wonderful. None can compare the artistic powers of The God--how he has created colorful flowers, green fields, rivers, mountains, birds, animals and so on.

Lovely hub, enjoyed going through, voted up!

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 22, 2015:

Peggy, thank you for stopping by my coloring books hub. I passionate about nature and animals, so this was a joy to create and will be in to update.

Much appreciated, and kudos to you!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 22, 2015:

Your photos are beautiful and the coloring pages you showed would definitely keep kids of all ages happy trying to create something beautiful. I think that most people appreciate nature.

Thanks for commenting on my forum question. It turned out to be malware which we had removed from our computer.

Up votes and sharing this!

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 20, 2015:

Sandy, thank you. Good to see old friends.

I'm working on another coloring books hub.

Sandy Mertens from Wisconsin, USA on March 19, 2015:

Love seeing the backyard animals and the coloring books too.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 18, 2015:

Pinoy, they are beautiful illustrated coloring books for all ages if you ask me. My grandchildren have enjoyed being creative with several of the activity books featured. - Thanks for visiting, it is good to see you again.

Shiela Gerona from Philippines on March 17, 2015:

I admire the beautiful images of those cute animals. My daughter would love to have a coloring book like this.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 17, 2015:

I live near the US side of the border of Canada, and share many of the same wild animals and birds with our neighboring country, literally some times.

Thanks, Mary!

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on March 16, 2015:

I miss wildlife when I am away from Canada. Your pictures warmed my heart.

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 16, 2015:

Oh yes, the critters are my wildlife adventure around here everyday.

Thanks for coming by, Jill.

Jill Spencer from United States on March 16, 2015:

You really have had animals in your backyard. Wow! You should do your own coloring book about the bear that came to breakfast!

Susie Lehto (author) from Minnesota on March 16, 2015:

PS, thank you for the sweet comment. I am a nature junkie through and though. Ya' cannot take the country out of this girl.


Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on March 16, 2015:

How precious...the kitty and the little fox wanted to go inside and warm their toesies.

I would love these coloring books...I am a nature loving junkie who loves to color. Thanks for sharing this.

Voting up++++ pinning and sharing

Angels are finding their way to you this evening ps

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