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Awesome Street Paintings Of Kurt Wenner

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Kurt Wenner was using a born in Ann Arbor in Michigan, USA. He attended both Rhode Island School of Design and Art Center College of Design. He was employed by NASA as an advanced scientific space illustrator, creating conceptual paintings of future space projects and extra-terrestrial landscapes according to the latest scientific information provided by the Voyager spacecraft. He is an artist best known for his street painting and chalk murals projection called anamorphosis. These 3D chalk drawings on pavement have been featured in many newspapers and on several television shows. In anamorphic art, paintings are meant to “deceive the eye”. A painting may look ordinary from one angle, but view it with a curved lens and it becomes 3-dimensional.

The Artist

Kurt Wenner at work

Kurt Wenner at work

It may interest you to know that Kurt is the artist who first developed the technique of illusionistic street painting in the early 1980s in Europe. His early work and development of this street painting technique was documented by National Geographic in a documentary film “Masterpieces in Chalk.” He has taught a few artists and has had many others try to imitate the technique, which he considers a compliment.

The Gear of war 1

Kurt Wenner attracted attention at the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) as he created a street painting, by hand, with chalk.

Kurt Wenner attracted attention at the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) as he created a street painting, by hand, with chalk.

Gear Of war 2

The motive was inspired from the action game, Gears of war, depicting locust and other Gears of War monsters coming up from a hole in the floor.

The motive was inspired from the action game, Gears of war, depicting locust and other Gears of War monsters coming up from a hole in the floor.

Gear Of War 3

The mural is 15x15 feet. The image is lightly sketched on the surface, but most of the work will be done on site in front of the public.

The mural is 15x15 feet. The image is lightly sketched on the surface, but most of the work will be done on site in front of the public.

Sidewalk Art

Sidewalk Art

When working on a project, Wenner usually spends five or six hours each day on the floor, an unusual skill in and of itself. He said there is no exercise that can prepare a body for the time he spends on the floor. When he stands up for breaks, it takes him a while to get moving normally again.

When he first began street painting his creations were temporary. They lasted as long as the elements and traffic would allow. Like the painting he created for Gears of War, most of his recently commissioned creations are painted on canvas which is ideal for pastels because it isn’t affected by humidity, which can ruin works created with chalk.


In 1987, Masterpieces in Chalk the National Geographic documentary featuring Wenner's work in Europe, won first place in the fine arts division at the New York Film festival. In 1991, Swiss-German Television created a 45-minute documentary on his work in Italy, which aired in Switzerland and Germany. His work has also been seen world-wide on Televisa, the international Spanish broadcast station.

Wenner was asked to create a print ad for Absolut Vodka as part of its prestigious artist ad series. The ad, known as Absolut Wenner, began appearing in magazines in September 1996. Absolut Vodka also filmed the creation of Wenner's art for a television commercial.

More than 3,000 square feet of Wenner’s oil paintings, decorative plaster, and architectural details can be seen throughout the residence known as Villa Zeffiro (modeled after Palladio’s Villa Barbaro near Venice, Italy).


In 1991, the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., honored him with a one-man show at the Center. He has also been awarded the Golden Bacchus from Barolo, the Golden Giotto from Milan, as well as several other awards.






When Pope John Paul II arrived in Mantua, Italy, Wenner was commissioned to create an original composition for a 15’ x 75’ street painting based on the Last Judgment. Under Wenner’s direction, thirty of Europe’s best street painters worked 10 days to create the work. The Pope signed the mural, officially recognizing street painting as an official form of Sacred Art.

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His illusionistic paintings are increasingly popular with corporate clients and advertising agencies. His images have been used in print ads, television spots, and point of sale displays. Corporate clients have included: Absolut Vodka, Amp’d Mobile, BMW, Cadillac, Champion Sportswear (Italy), Dunkin’ Brands, Hampton Inn, Knorr Soups (Canada), Kraft Good Seasons, Lexus, Lincoln, Lucky Strike Racing (Formula 1), Microsoft, Party, Schick, Toyota, and the Washington Lottery.



Ausseye on June 17, 2012:

Wow !!! THe universe has three dimensions now I know why!!!Da Ausseye

Eric Gossler on January 08, 2012:

I was linked to this page while researching the work of Julian Beever. Incredible work. But, is there any place for instruction on creating this art? All links I've found point to pictures from the proper perspective — and not necessarily a "bird-eye" view or explanation of the process. Thanks.

Claudia Tello from Mexico on December 17, 2011:

Waw!!! I am speechless...... I will place a back link to this hub from my Street Art: Mexico City’s Urban Furniture. on December 12, 2011:

this is such cool piccs

Matthew James Reyes on November 29, 2011:

NiCe Painting Guys.!! :) More Power!! AWESOME! :)

carriethomson from United Kingdom on November 11, 2011:

WOW some of there look so realistis and the art in itself is so awesome!!


Sanjay on November 05, 2011:

Trully awesome!!!!!

Cassandra Fun Tze Lai from Klang on October 05, 2011:

Great arts work from great artist.

mari on September 12, 2011:

Does he sell any art on paper?

pandu on August 25, 2011:

nice paintings

PeggyW on February 24, 2011:

really well done

pennyofheaven from New Zealand on December 05, 2010:

Wow breathtaking! Thanks so much for an excellent hub!

auggie on October 13, 2010:

those are some awesome pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

caite on March 16, 2010:

awesome drawings

blabak on December 16, 2009:

yeay... this is awesome....

Vanessa on November 25, 2009:

OMG Best Paintings EVER!!! I don't get how you can do it. HA HA. I sure do wish that I could do that. WOW!!! AMAZING!!! Keep it up!Pr

kate on November 25, 2009:

Hi i am kate and i think your perspective drawings are amazing and so inspiring i am a young artist and i would love to learn some tips from my favorite artist in the entire world! I AM UR NUMBER 1# FAN!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS AND U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jimmy (fake name) on November 24, 2009:

this is Jimmy (fake name) You are still amazing

Jimmy on November 24, 2009:

These are the most amazing drawings ever known to man. That is my opinion. You have also inspired me two start drawing prespective street art. Your biggest fan

maritimer from canada on October 29, 2009:

I would love to see him work someday. I've watched a pastel mural artist work before - truly amazing.

whitneywrites on September 16, 2009:

Gahh I love to see artists embracing their talents! this guy is amazing. I've seen a lot of his work (not in person) but photographs and such and it's completely unbelievable. Great Blog!

smellypunks on August 09, 2009:

I love this art, have yet to see any in real life but one day.

Thien Nhan on July 27, 2009:

Vietnamese Fine Art

poopgirl! on June 17, 2009:

awesome dude!

karyssa on June 14, 2009:


chandanakumarct from Bangalore on June 14, 2009:

Excellent Stuff. Very Nice Street Paintings..

wennerman on April 26, 2009:

your painting looks like shit

blogman54 on April 26, 2009:

your drawings are wack.I can draw better than you and im only eleven.angels in a pool,stuped not telling you my name because I know you.gears of war.bad idea for a drawing.Im just telling you the truth.blogman54

mayur on March 29, 2009:

can any1 help me out that how can i make such illusionistic paintings at home or can i study them

wenner nanguse hernandez on March 28, 2009:

hola yo me llamo wenner y me fasina lo k ases me gustia comoserte y podes ayudarte el lo k ases tu eres mi heroe yo vivi en mexico(chapas,reforma) y correo es y espero k algun dia me responda o me mandes algo por decir adios y tus artes son lo maximooo!!!!!

Liv on December 18, 2008:

Hey guys i ♥♥♥ this kind of art my fav artist is julian beever he does this stuff too if u like this than you would love him its amasing u can evn see a video of him doing one its so cool!

po po on October 01, 2008:

this is awaome

matt on September 10, 2008:

dude ur freaking awesome

joblot from Ringwood on July 26, 2008:

I saw one of these chaps in the paper a year or so ago and they'd taken a photo from the other end to show how it had been done. Some of the pictures take up an incredible amount of room to get the perspectives to work!

It's one of those wonderful things that really takes your breath away - I'd love to see one in real life...

eswar from India on June 28, 2008:

The same pictures i saw it earlier with one of my friends blog, (thiru) but any how they are amazing and deadly, thanks a lot for refreshing my thoughts.

Wordsongs on May 28, 2008:

you rock....

Chackappan K. Varghese on May 22, 2008:

very beautiful artwork

sergio on April 24, 2008:

un payaso y con perdón por los payasos

Kitty on April 18, 2008:

Awesome! I luv these drawings! This dude is a genius!

jon conrad on March 25, 2008:

I went to school and studied life drawing with Kurt at Art center college of design.

He is the real deal!!! There are no tricks here he has the math gene and the art gene. He is a great talent and as a fellow artist and person a kind and generous man. When we were botth broke as students he once gave me his car when mine died. (It was given to him by painter Harry Carmean a mentor of ours and a friend) and a very early influence on kurts work.

bob the awesome on February 11, 2008:

this guy is awesome

like bob

amanda on January 28, 2008:

Man this guy is flipping awesome at street painting i mean you really might think that there is actually a hole in the ground. and the paintings are so realistic that my brother would have nightmares

a-g-d on January 08, 2008:

two words. abbsolute awe.

there is another srteeet painter who is also very good. his arent like these, they are funny and interesting, though. i think his name is Julian Beever

exinco from Malaysia on December 15, 2007:

i think he should nominate for great people

rodrigo massot on December 02, 2007:

simply amazing

marlo kotre on November 19, 2007:

great work

ibitomi on November 08, 2007:

The work of ART seen of Kurt is not just a Masterpiece....they are KINGLY....this is pure TALENT at work at it's BEST.Which he could come and display part of his work in africa.....although our streets are not that good for such display of artistry.Keep it UP kurt.

Ashok Rajagopalan from Chennai on November 07, 2007:

Awesome is right!

Clive Hicklin on October 18, 2007:

would really like to learn 3d street art techniques,are there any tutorials anywhere?

jitendra on October 13, 2007:

i just love it , gr8 work and is almost like a deeam,

hats of to the artist,very unusual work

just amezing,incredeble,awasome,

SandyCarlson on October 08, 2007:

These are amazing. We just participated in a sidewalk chalk event in Waterbury, Connecticut, that attracted some talented locals. What a peaceful four hours! These are amazing pieces, and this site is a treasure trove. Thanks.

Dave McClure from Worcester, UK on August 23, 2007:

I admire his skill and technique, but he seems addicted to fantasy, unlike Julian Beever, whose work is much more subtle, IMHO

Terry on August 03, 2007:

That is simply amazing. It just captivates you looking at it on this site. I can only imagine what it would be like to see these up close. You could spend hours looking at these.

hubber from San Mateo on July 17, 2007:

What beautiful Art Work!

I'd love to see it in person!

Angela Harris from Around the USA on July 17, 2007:

He has to be Michelangelo reincarnated, don't you think? Absolutely amazing.

corey on July 12, 2007:


i have seen paintings like these in person, but not of as amazing as these

jstankevicz from Cave Creek on July 11, 2007:

Terrific! Though it's an entirely different result, the skill and patience invovled made me think of sand paintings. Another super Hub! Regards, Jack

Tony Sky from London UK on July 08, 2007:

I think everyones said what i wanted to say above!..

Zillur Rahman John on June 13, 2007:

All these street paintings are simply absolutly wonderful and uncommon artistic creation for the art loves, Still many creative artists are somehow unknown to the world community, all of them should be exposed to the international viewers or observers.

Locutus on June 03, 2007:

Amazing. Just amazing. Great work!

FlashbyN on May 28, 2007:

I agree. It may be an old technique but it still looks pretty awesome. I'd love to see it in person.

Jacqueline_K on May 19, 2007:

Absolutely awesome. Quite frankly it doesn't matter to me how it's done - it is the effect of the image on the observer that matters. Excellent Hub!

Skippy on May 16, 2007:

Actually people, the effect you see is a very old perspective based technique prevalently employed by (for example)contemporary dutch schools circa 1400 - 1600 that is commonly referred to as "Forced Perspective."

To whit - if you stand at the threshold where the photograph is taken the forced perspective is engendered as "Real" because it matches the physical parameters that your brain uses ( through stereo vision) to gauge "Actual images" within the real world.

If you were to stand where there is normally a gathering of the public in the photgraph the image would actuall appear disjointed and "Skewed" to your perspective.

It has to do with vusual acuity (natural), depth of perspective and associative norms - without which we would all be continually falling on our asses !

The works of Escher ( to which Wenner gives an homage in these works ) are another example of these techniques ) are another example of this school.

just goes to show that Photoshop ( software borne upon these principles 0 is not the B - All and end - all !!!!

I'm a desugner so, believe me I know ! lols!



riley on May 15, 2007:

i recon thet looks so real i would think i could fall in

Tim on May 11, 2007:

Just incredible.

It always astounds me the mental processes of some - "it's a photo of something extremely beautiful - it must be fake". How cynical an age do we live in ?

Absolutely stunning works of art. Serious talent right there.

cassidy on May 10, 2007:

those are so awesome i wish i could do something like that you are so talented.

Fayme Zelena Harper from Lucerne Valley, CA on May 08, 2007:


The professional sidewalk artists I saw in San Luis Obispo, CA tape down a canvas, and they do their paintings on that. Then when the event is done, they untape it, roll it up and take it home.

All the rest of the sidewalk art is hosed off a few days later.

Paul on April 30, 2007:

Stunning. That is skill of a HIGH order.

Aphroditei on April 30, 2007:

I love his paintings. They are great. Here in the Philippines, street paintings have been so innovative. That simple murals are made pleasant to the eyes. Can I ask you something, is it washable? How did he preserve his paintings?

bluewings from Milkyway on April 30, 2007:

As a kid I read about a painter who could paint anything and they would come alive .Once he was being chased by his enemies .He painted an ocean between himself and them and they all drowned!

Great is a painter whose paintings talk to us .I think his paintings have more dimensions than three .They look like a movie to me that tells a story I want to hear.No wonder NASA picked him as one of their's.Thanks Sunseven!

Cory Zacharia from Miami Beach, Florida on April 28, 2007:

I love your sites. They are so beautiful to look at.

Fayme Zelena Harper from Lucerne Valley, CA on April 27, 2007:

Every year San Luis Obispo, CA has a street painting festival and I have seen with my own eyes works like this. If you want to make one, hire a massage therapist. I was very sore the next day and I only made a small one.

highperformance on April 26, 2007:

Wow! Truly a work of art!

Ben on April 26, 2007:

This is real, you can see not only from the amount the equipment is used and worn but how would they clear a spack and border it off? Thanks for the great work SunSeven and Kurt ;)

Christine on April 18, 2007:

Wow, this is more than amazing. I am speechless. Artists should get paid much more than they are.

Pitou Gland on April 16, 2007:

Actually Skepiccal, your right, not sure about these images, but a buddy of mine worked on photoshopping the ones with the guy posing in them for some soda ad. These look very similar to the ones my buddy did so I wouldn't be surprised if they were photoshopped too.

Real E. Skepical on April 16, 2007:

I still stay all "paintings" such as these are just PhotoShop tricks. I won't believe them until I see them IN PERSON with my OWN 4 EYES!

steve on April 02, 2007:

Just Amazing

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