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Art Of Screens


"Art is an evolution of techniques and materials from past and we cannot stop learning." ~ Robert Warren

Either we talk about humans or the world in which they live, everything seems to be affected by evolution. It can be seen in every aspect of life, Either it is about day-to-day life, human needs, and behavior, or it is about art, literature, and culture. Evolution is one of the ruling factors in everything.
It can also be seen in the field of art. Every type of art with time and age kept changing its shape and form, and also with time many different kinds of art came into being. In this age of screens, like many other things, art has also evolved, and also many different kinds of new art have come into being. Today we will be discussing some of the art forms that evolved, and we will also be looking at some of the new art forms that were made possible due to screens.


A very obvious but true. Films are obviously a product of the era of screens. Before that, this art was present in the form of theatre and plays. But, in the era of screens, this art evolved into motion pictures. Which was in black and white, but, by the time and development in technology we got colored films. The black and white can be now seen if it is aesthetically implied.


Animation is an exclusive art of screens. It is created in screens and is viewed on screens. Besides this, it is very much similar to films and movies as it is also motion pictures. The only reason it is being discussed in a separate heading is that it is an art that has its invention and evolution exclusive to screens. Although, it has its roots in drawing, sketching, and films. But still, it is an individual art form.


Sculpturing is one of the oldest art forms. It was there even in the days of philosophers, prophets, and mythologies. The art of sculpturing was and is still famous for giving tribute to famous, renowned, and respectable people. In the era of screens, this art has also developed. There are software that are developed for sculpturing. It has all of the tools already installed in it and it is the modern form of sculpturing. Although, sculpturing with hands and clay is still common and there are a lot of sculpture artists who are doing it with hands and clay.

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The way animation is related to the films but is an exclusive art of screens. In the same way, 3D modeling is similar to sculpturing and also very near to sculpturing on screens, But, it is still different from it in its own way. 3D modeling is an art used to model objects, with their proper shape, size, and texture. This art is most widely used in games, visuals, and animation.


The way comedy and music can calm down and freshen our mind the ASMR do to us. Although comedy and music have many different factors other than calming down our minds, still it is one of the factors. The ASMR uses triggers and stimulation that generate a tingly feeling in our bodies. It may go from our head to toe, which ultimately relaxes and clams down our minds and bodies. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. As its name suggests that these feelings and sensations are autonomous so it is absolutely true that one could also feel the ASMR before the era of screens. So, the question arises, how does it qualify to be the art of screens?
The ASMR was not discovered at that time and also there was no concept of intentional ASMR. The video format created a possibility of intentional ASMR. The ASMR is also an exclusive art of screens.


There may have been a lot of art forms that are not part of the world and there are a lot of art forms that are part of today’s world but were not even possible in the old days. Every era has its norms, traditions, and art forms. Even the art forms which still exist do not exist in their initial forms, they have also evolved.

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