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American Girl Dolls and 18 Inch Doll Clothes Free Crochet Patterns

Doll clothes can be expensive to purchase. If you can crochet a granny square you can make a variety of doll clothes. You can make something special for your daughter or granddaughter’s doll. If you are not sure if your daughter or granddaughter will like the outfit your are crocheting for her remember many fashions for dolls and the accessories never go out of style: hats, blankets, purses, slipper, nightgowns, wedding gowns, jumpers, blouses, and more.

It also would be a great opportunity to teach your daughter or granddaughter to crochet by teaching her how to make clothes for her doll. Crocheting clothes for a doll is a fun way for a young girl to learn to crochet. She can make clothes for her doll and as gifts for her friends.

These crochet patterns are a fun and inexpensive way to create an attractive wardrobe for American girl or other 18 inch dolls. The American Girl Doll crochet outfits will fit most vintage 18-inch dolls also. Kit as well as Marie-Grace, Molly, Rebecca, Kaya, Julie, Josefina, Addy, Caroline and all the other American Girl dolls and 18 inch dolls will love these crochet creations.

Tips and Basic Crochet Stitches

When crocheting hold the tension steady to keep the stitches even as you crochet. As soon as you realize you have made a mistake remove the mistake. Leaving a mistake will make subsequent rows almost impossible to complete.

Basic Stitches
Instructions for Beginners to Learn the Basic Crochet Stitches
Tutorials with instructions and pictures for beginning crocheters on the most basic stitches a beginner will need to know.

Crochet Blanket Pattern

American Girl Doll Blanket
Free crochet pattern to make a cute blanket for your American Girl Doll.
This granny square throw pattern is a good project for someone just learning to crochet.

Free Crochet Top Patterns

Sleeveless Top Pattern
This free crochet pattern is an easy level project that requires only one stitch: single crochet. This page has crochet patterns for a stylish sleeveless top and a frilly poncho.

Lace Top
An intermediate level free crochet pattern for a lovely lace top. There iare also patterns for a lace skirt and lace hat. Create the whole outfit.


Cute pants free crochet pattern for American Girl Dolls.

Bunny Slippers

Bunny Slippers
An easy level free crochet pattern for super cute bunny slippers!


Free Crochet Nightgown Set

Nightgown Set
A free crochet pattern for a nightgown and slippers. There is another pattern on the page of a Christmas version of the nightgown, cap, and slippers. An adorable doll nightgown set that would make a wonderful gift for a special young girl.


Western Outfit

Western Outfit
A free crochet pattern of a western outfit: hat, vest, and backpack. Skill level easy.


Skating ensemble

Skating Outfit
A free crochet pattern for a skating outfit. You could purchase doll ice skates for this outfit or follow the free pattern and make crochet ice skates (intermediate level).

Free crochet accessories to add to the ice skating outfit:
Ear-warmer headband (easy level)
This slips onto the doll with no ties to worry about. Depending on the rows this can be made an ear-warmer or a headband.
Hat and Muff Set


A free crochet Doll Hat (medium difficulty) pattern that would look good with many different outfits.

Doll Christmas Hat free crochet pattern for wintertime wear.

Red Outfit

Sweetheart Set Free Crochet Pattern
A skirt, necklace, and hat for Valentine's Day.


Costume Time

Fun & Funky Witch Costume
Advanced level free crochet pattern of a dress, hat, and purse for dress-up.



Dress and Vest
Long sleeve dress and vest for cold weather wear free crochet pattern.

Thread Party Dress (advanced)
A summer time party dress and shoes free crochet pattern.

A cute jumper free crochet pattern.

Fresh As A Daisy Outfit
A summer dress with hat and purse free crochet pattern.

Wedding Dress
An elegant Wedding Dress free crochet pattern. You can add to the outfit with small flowers, ribbons, or bows.

Mix & Match and Hand Laundry

By mixing and matching the outfits and accessories you can create many different outfits.

Hand-washing is usually the best way to launder crocheted doll outfits. A little soap (hand soap or dish soap) in the sink, swishing around, rinse well and lay flat to dry. Lay the crocheted clothes flat to dry as putting them in a drier could cause the clothes to lose their shape, shrink, or fall apart.
Have fun!

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